Will Arsenal really spend millions in January?

Arsenal were famously the only Premier League team not to buy an outfield player in the summer transfer window, despite fans clamouring for Arsene Wenger to buy some cover for the strike department as well as a new beast of a defensive midfielder as cover for Francis Coquelin.

But it seems Le Prof was surprised that the club as been hit by many long term injuries, although absolutely nobody else was, and he has finally agreed that we are “a little short”. Yet again the fans may say his is the understatement of the year and it would be hard to disagree but this is what Le Prof actually said yesterday: “We are open-minded. We are not the only ones who can decide about the speed of the transfers because we have to adapt to the availabilities and the speed of negotiations and the willingness of clubs to sell. We are open to do something because we are short.”

If Wenger can find suitable transfers in January, they are guaranteed to be MUCH more expensive than they would have been in the summer so it will be painful for Wenger to have to put his hands in the Arsenal coffers, but the fact is that if we are to sustain our title challenge we will need at least two reinforcements, and we will also have to pray that no more of our stars get injured over the festive period.

Can you see Wenger really spending fortunes in January? Or do you think Wenger is just stringing us along as usual?

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    1. Hahaha
      Time has taught us a lot of things,
      But we can never tell, what, it has taught Wenger!

      I doubt that Wenger will be spending 20-30 million on one player in January, but he could spend that total amount on bringing in 2 or 3 players…. We can only wait and see.

      Put it this way, if he doesn’t sign any player’s that could step straight into the first team then he is a complete #@#@!

  1. Arsenal have emerged as surprise contenders for Pep Guardiola with the Bayern Munich manager a firm admirer of both the club and Arsene Wenger’s philosophy.

    This is according to the Daily Mail, who claim Guardiola is ready to consider another season in Germany or even a 12-month sabbatical if it means landing the role of Wenger’s successor in 2017.

    So be warned Mr Wenger ?
    Do you want to spend the money and Enhance our chances of winning the Premier League this season?
    If not….. Step a side and let someone else have ago who does! ?

    1. @Fatboy Gooney
      CTFU…Peps wife wants to move to London. So, it looks more like he’ll land at Chelsea. Because 200mil ain’t enough for Pep to start a team. And ours is a long way from being ready made Champs like he’s used to…
      That being said, let’s see how good he really is, by making Champs on a shoe string budget.

      1. Why would he move to Chelsea when he said he wanted a club with history and tradition ? It’s either United or Arsenal and he’s known to be a fan of Wenger and our club’s philosophy. Really can’t understand why he would go to Chelsea if he decided to move to London.

  2. I think the time Has come to be a bit liberal with spending.

    We have a great chance to win the League. Chelsea are out of it. We, City, United and even Leicester could win it but there is NO overweight favourite. Most open competition ever.

    We have an excellent chance and spending between £25 to £100 million will be well worth it And will make us favourites

    We have lost Coquelin and Cazorla for a few months. Also, Flamini, Arteta, Rosicky, Sanogo May leave in the summer so if we can get top quality in January (I appreciate January is very difficult) it would be sensible.

    We can’t hope to win it next season. Tomorrow never comes. City, chelsea, united will buy big in summer. It will be tougher next season. We need to live for now and fight hard to win this season

  3. everybody wants wenger to buy in january but on top of all the other reasons to not buy in january(availability,price..)im not sure we should!what are the chances of the new players to hit the ground running and make an instant impact (they are humans and are going to need time to adapt to all the changes)with some luck we will have most of our injured players back by then all refreshed,rested yes i,ll say it like new signings:)in my opinion i think wenger should only go for a DM cover for le coq&should look at a loan signing wrapped up in the first few days of the window transfer having learnt from the kallstrom,s saga!!!

  4. It’s not impossible to get good players in January. We got Gabriel, Monreal, Walcott, Arshavin, Sol Campbell, Diaby, Vela, Reyes in January

    Also it doesn’t always have to be too expensive. Some players have affordable buy out clauses. Some players may push hard to leave, some teams may be desperate to sell.

    Also, paying a little more than valuation once in a while is not going to put us in bankruptcy. In fact it will be worth every penny if we win a Trophy. Once in a while it’s okay to take risks.

    Also, Wenger did not buy an outfielder this summer so he has an excuse to buy in January

    I am not saying buy in desperation. Only buy if available and if the price is reasonable for the quality. I know its a big “if” but not impossible

    If nobody is available then we may be able to get someone on loan. If not then we can stay with who we have but should still have open mind

  5. Here is the simple truth about January transfers. We cant buy all the big guns as UCL plays a big part in being cup tied. If a player has a clause for so much then winter or summer can be activated, up to the player then! If a club wants alot for a player mid season then thats the way it is. Honestly i would target players in the league who have proved they can play in the EPL. like Wanyama/Mahrez or go buy Carvalho would be prefect, he would come im sure of it – hes a fan. Carvalho has a buy out clause and isnt UCL tied. Think DM is all we will do and one of those two we are ready to go. Mahrez would be good but doubt he will leave leicester!

  6. **OT**
    Big Ups to Mathieu “FLAME” Flamini for being chosen in NME magazines 2015 people of the year…On the list of”inspiring modern day heroes”

  7. We are a bit short in the middle of the field at the moment. 3 players who can play CM are injured: Cazorla, Rosicky, Wilshere. If Ramsey gets injured we are relying on Arteta who is also quite susceptible to injuries himself. Loaning a decent CM wouldn’t be the worst idea. The second piece of business would definitely be a DM. Flamini is doing good but he tends to make too many mistakes to be a first team regular till Coq comes back.

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