Will Arsenal rue missing out on new PSG star?

Julian Draxler will join Paris Saint-Germain when the winter transfer window opens next week, but should Arsenal have tried harder to sign the star?

The winger has been on our watch-list for some time now, with Arsene Wenger believed to be a keen admirer of the forward’s ability, and we could have had a strong chance of signing him this winter.

The German international made his intentions to leave Wolfsburg clear, and the club’s fans moved to boo and jeer him during recent appearances, forcing the club to follow through with intentions to let their star player leave the club.

The player confirmed earlier in the week that he was in talks with two clubs over a potential switch, refusing to name said clubs.

Draxler has since been confirmed as joining PSG in the upcoming window, and has been seen on social media holding his new kit, donning the number 23 shirt.


Since Alexis has been permanently switched to a centre-forward, our left-wing has been left weakened, and Draxler could most definitely have improved our attacking line.

Alex Iwobi and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have mostly shared the role left alongside Theo Walcott and Mesut Ozil, and neither are really impressing in the role. The Ox has done his best work (in my opinion) when filling in at right-back, but with Hector Bellerin back from injury, he has no chance of displacing the young Spaniard.

Draxler could of brought more pace and experience to our starting XI, and would have also been a huge boost in our bid to defeat Bayern Munich in the Champions League, with his former side having failed to qualify for the competition this term.

The reported fee is claimed to be around £38 Million, less than his supposed £50 Million price-tag from the summer, which I’m sure we could have stumped up without issue.

Should we have made more of an effort to win his signature? Will Arsenal be looking to add a winger to our ranks? Or will Arsenal look to sign anyone to our first-team?

Pat J

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  1. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Phew!……….”The DraX fiLes”….. Looks like we aren’t gonna see it’s season finale anytime soon!

  2. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Rue too, Rue to be, Rue to be a Gooner!
    There’s nothing new with a Rue or two at Arsenal, It’s in the blood.

  3. Simon_MrMac says:

    I think it’s a big miss- you never know but I think he would have been a perfect fit

    I suspect (and why wouldn’t it) the vagueness of Wengers contract was probably the biggest barrier to this happening

    Otherwise I think he may have chosen Arsenal over PSG

  4. Simon_MrMac says:

    Want to be one of the first to wish all my Gooner fans a extra special Xmas!

    I hope your presents are big, and your hangovers small!

    And pray for a great Gooner 2017!

  5. Mark_K says:

    No, Draxler is so overrated, his stats and end product this season have been terrible and to be honest, he’s not even at the level of Iwobi, Oxlade-Chamberlain or Walcott.

    We dodged that bullet, that keeps millions in the bank for us to (hopefully) sign a top quality player in the future.

  6. Break-on-through says:

    Possibly, but that league can be misleading. Look at their strength all over in every aspect compared to the competition. But that’s not to say that he wouldn’t have improved our wings. I’d like to say time will tell, but I’m sick of that phrase.

    This next game can’t come soon enough. It could become difficult for us, esp if they hold out for a lengthy spell. Some seem to think it should be a walk in the park, but can you imagine if we drop any points in this game. The fans are already close to melting point, some are probably there. That’s pressure, and with games comes strange calls, ricochet moments, you can never bank on it.

  7. samtz says:

    M – Mesut
    E – Elneny
    R – Ramsey
    R – Reine Adelaide
    Y – Yaya Sanogo
    C – Coquelin
    H – Hugo Keto
    R – Rob Holding
    I – Iwobi
    S – Santi
    T – Takuma
    M – Mertesacker
    A – Akpom
    S – Shkrodan Mustafi
    And- Hector
    A – Alexis
    P – Petr
    P – Perez
    Y – Yassin Fortune
    N – Nacho
    E – Emiliano
    W – Walcot
    Y – Yaya
    E – Eyoma
    A – Alex Ox
    R – Robinson Tyrell
    To all Gunners, Merry Christmas…

    1. Break-on-through says:

      That’s deadly mate. Very creative.
      Merry Christmas all.

  8. vinie2000 says:

    i’m one of those who really think to be a BIG CLUB you have to make an STATEMENT.marketing works one way and so does football. if you get a guy who ( forget about the stats this year ) I watch lot BUNDESLIGA nad Wolsbourg is not on the league of even WATFORD just to mention one so this guy at SHALKE WAS A MACHINE and with our luck of Wingers he would have been ideal. sometimes really annoys me people looking for current stats and still saying OX and Theo are better than anyone else we look at. GIVE ME A BREAK. Draxler would have been spot on in our current system and ozil would have got the best of him so Alexis and Santi with his incisive passes. we have waited 10 years plus for those very Loyal players to come up and delivered but nothing yet so why on earth DRAXLER with 23 years old and German international can not be added to the squad? there is lot potential to get fro players like him. in PSG he will fail and then everyone will come up with same old story I told you bla bla bla. show ALEXIS AND OZIL NO MORE LESS US we can compete to the highest level? If you spent those 35 millions in winter , we would not have to spend much in summer signings but making sure we can compete for the second part of the EPL and challenge Bayern in the UCL. I really hope someone comes start summer and bring us what we really need to be a winning team. new philosophy and new blood. MERRY XMAS FOR THE GOONERS GANG HERE.

    1. Mark_K says:

      Why ignore the FACT that Draxler has been p*ss poor this season? Draxler has been criticised a lot in the past for his attitude and work ethic.

      I think you’re clutching at straws if you believe he’d just slot in to the team, he’s not been able to consistently perform either for club or country and there’s zero evidence to suggest he’d be any more successful at Arsenal.

      Football Manager isn’t a guide to the real world.

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