Will Arsenal stick with defensive set up against a weakened Man United today?

So Arsene Wenger has been sticking to his new formation since Arsenal’s awful run of 5 defeats in 8 games and it seemed to have given the team some new confidence until last weeks devastating defeat to Tottenham, but it is highly likely that Wenger will continue with the same setup this afternoon.

In this fixture last season, the Gunners over-ran United with a scintillating attacking display to go 3-0 up before half-time, but Wenger was asked if our new formation seems to have weakened our attacking options. “Yes, you can say that [it means we aren’t as fluid in attack],” Wenger said on Arsenal.com. “But we conceded too many goals before and I tried to restore a bit of confidence and defensive solidity by having a bit more of a protective system.

“I feel as well that in the games where we played well, the system didn’t stop us from scoring or creating chances so it would be a bit too easy to put all the offensive inefficiency just on the system.

“We analyse a bit of everything [when judging how 3-4-3 is working]. It depends as well, it’s not especially the system that makes you defensive, it’s the number of players who have more offensive or defensive qualities that makes the system more or less offensive.

“Overall, I believe that you need longer experience in the system to judge completely [whether] it suits your players or your team, or not? One game is always difficult to change it all again.”

One player who seems to have benefitted from the new system is Petr Cech, who was truly world-class in last week’s game. “I feel that basically this system should help Petr Cech because he should get better protection,” the Boss continued. “I feel he is focused and sharp in recent games, so he is in a good period.

“He is a player who is very professional, very concentrated and it is true that at Tottenham he made some good saves.

“He is a positive character who wants to do well. He’s first in, last out [of training] – he’s this type of player. But when a player gets to have such a long career, it’s never a coincidence.

“The guys who come in when they are 20 years old and you have to tell them to be on time and after training he goes out quickly, you can forget about after 30. These type of players don’t last. So he has a real passion about the game.”

So does it look like Arsenal will be sitting back and be careful not to conceded today against today’s weakened United side? Or will he aim to go into blitz mode like last season?



  1. twig says:

    Yes. We tend to use the same style irrespective of the opposition

  2. Tony says:

    It’s not all about the boys playing more of a defensive game but playing it with passion,discipline and motivation,else this game could just end up a draw

  3. gotanidea says:

    You can be super defensive and put five or six players in front of the goalkeeper, the result would be similar as long as Arsenal are still using the same standard quality players.

    To be one of the top teams in Europe, Arsenal should start playing like them. This means stop playing direct balls (goal kicks and long ball crosses) to a tall target man (Giroud). They should have more guts to build the attack from the back, possess the ball longer and pass the ball better.

    We cannot win against top teams if we cannot dictate the game from the ball possession and if we cannot create chances from open play. “Parking the bus” tactic, penalties, set-pieces and luck can only work against pragmatic managers like Mourinho, Big Sam, Allardyce, Eddie Howe, etc.

  4. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Against a Weakened team? ?? yeah right, When we are by far the Weak – ass – team, the world has ever seen. ?
    We’re ?? and we know we are. As if we’re going to beat a unbeaten in 20 odd games Utd team with Bogie man Mo in charge. ??

  5. Javier says:

    Mediocrity will continue to be the norm with Wenger in charge.

  6. Goonerboy says:

    Don’t know why I keep believing that we will win this match, regardless of who United fields…
    I really fancy us for this one…#fingerscrossed…

    At the moment, Liverpool is drawing, if they finish like this and we win all our remaining games, are we gonna make the Top 4?????

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      And they missed a penalty lol The favours continue to Roll and as per usual, we fail to take control… Of them.

  7. Goonerboy says:

    Yes!!!!!! Forster is demon! I think we should snap him up! Top notch

  8. Break-on-through says:

    Tott knew how to get at us with this system, I thought it was bad judgement on Wenger’s part not to make a tweak or even to revert back to old system in that game. Oxlade got totally isolated out there and Tott went down our wings with way too much ease. Mour usually out does us in CM by numbers or by just sheer will.

    This system is supposed to be able to offer extra numbers to an area that might need it. Like if it’s players going down the wing Oxlade would have Gab to come out and we’d still have two CB’s behind, Oxlade would also have one of the two that play behind striker to track back and we’d still have a player behind our striker for quick counter. If it’s CM that needs the extra men we have the two behind the striker to help out, or one if needed. If they are not avail, we have the wing-back who can stand in, and he’d have a third CB covering for him if needed.

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