Will Arsenal struggle for top four if Chelsea win?

I do not want to think too much about what a Chelsea win over Arsenal tomorrow would mean to Arsene Wenger and the players, but I think we have to. Of course we fans of Arsenal try to remain positive and upbeat ahead of a massive game like this, just as we want the players to, but we cannot ignore the realities of the current situation in the Premier League.

Reading an interview with the former Arsenal star and invincible Robert Pires reported in fourfourtwo today, I could not help but agree with the Frenchman’s pessimistic prediction about what a defeat at Stamford Bridge would mean to Arsenal.

Pires said, “It will be very difficult after the last game that we lost against Watford. It was terrible. We have another chance next Saturday. For me this is a big final for the Premier League. If Chelsea beat Arsenal I think the Premier League is done.

“Chelsea play very well, they are a very good team, very compact. They have the Italian philosophy, they play together.

“They are maybe stronger but we need to believe in this opportunity. I think this is the last opportunity.”

Not many people would argue about a Chelsea win spelling the end of our title challenge as it would put them 12 points ahead of us and get one of their potential stumbling blocks out of the way and give them a massive boost of confidence.

At the same time, I worry about the effect it could have on the Gunners. Would the likes of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez still put in the full effort knowing that the title was out of reach? Would the blow to our own morale have such an effect that Arsenal would then be really up against it in the fight for a top four spot?



  1. proffetic says:

    So fourth place is after all the holy grail? Even more important than being ahead of the Spuds! There is no talk of looking ahead to destroy Bayern or even putting Sutton to the sword. No, because our season is rapidly shrinking, as usual and Wenger will be regurgitating the annual list of excuses and worn out cliches. Still reminds me to get the fishing rods out and get down to the river bank. Oh,and read again that other piece of fiction from Mr. Crabtree. Tight lines!

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    It’s quite possible for Spurs to finish above us and for us to finish 5th

    Arsenal, Spurs, City, Liverpool are all fighting for 2,3,4

    United should finish 6th but they are only 5 points behind us, so they aren’t out of it either

    Bottom line : If we beat Chelsea there is a small chance to win the league. Any other result and we are out and fighting for top 4 once again.

  3. Tatek Girma says:

    Imagine how much our confidence could be boosted if we won the Watford game. Now we are going to face Chelsea being in a very difficult situation. Therefore, we need to raise our performance up for this game and change the current situation.

  4. marty53 says:

    Even if we win at Chelsea I think we’ll struggle to stay in the top 4 because we are prone to putting in performances like the Watford game. We had a good win and performance at Soton, confidence should have been sky high yet we still struggled in the next game to beat an average Watford side. Can you really see this team at the present going on a long winning run.

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