Wenger timidity behind Alexis Sanchez transfer to Juventus?

It could just be one of the many Arsenal transfer rumours we see all the time that claim one thing while actually holding less water than a sieve, but if not then Arsenal fans have cause to be very worried indeed and if the transfer of our Chile international striker Alexis Sanchez to the Italian champions Juventus really does happen this summer then all that anger towards Arsene Wenger and his transfer policy will soon rear it’s ugly head once more.

The story reported by Metro and coming from the Italian media is that Fernando Felicevich who is the agent of the Chilean striker has let it be known that his client wants a transfer away from north London this summer.

This has apparently alerted the people at Juventus and so the Turin club is set to offer a fairly paltry £25 million for one of the best players in the Premier League. While this transfer offer is very unlikely to be taken up by Arsenal, it is worrying if Alexis wants to leave, as we were hoping for him to sign an extension to the current contract which at the moment has just two years left to run.

If the reports are true then you have to ask the question about why the player wants to leave and the main reason I can see is that he is not convinced that Wenger and Arsenal share his ambition for trophy success. With the way that our transfer action is going so far compared to our Premier League rivals, could you really blame him?


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  1. hopefully alexis will hold wenger to ransom over spending money, he cannot be trusted to get what we need alone.
    ozil aswell…

    hopefully mourinho will take more shots at arsene,
    it must bother him that jose takes the piss out of him an always beats him on the pitch …

    seriously anything to push him to act.

    wr need another 3 players.

    winger striker and a defender

    1. Wenger should be going all in this transfer window,let’s say if Wolfsburg want £50m for Draxler then give them £50m he must not under bid putting in a £40m offer that he knows will be rejected outright!

  2. Juve is having a laugh. Alexis is going nowhere. So Pogba is worth four times what Alexis Sanchez is?! Pogba is a very good player – but also close to being the most overrated player around. He is venerated like some once in a lifetime football god. For £100M+ I would want more than 7/8 goals a season and at least some consistency. One of the most up and down, hit or miss players around.

    1. I think the only player worth that kind of money right now is Neymar. Top player still just 24 years old.

      1. Nope, the only players worth that much would be Suarez and Messi, Neymar is close o their level but no quite there yet, he shouldn’t be more than 70m. And before you mention Sterling, City shouldn’t have paid more than 25m for him.

    2. What I dont understand with this forum is that the same individuals who consistently slag wenger and the board for lacking ambitions are the same one’s to laugh and make fun at you when certain names are put forward as possible signiings.. saying thingss like we’re out of our depth and the possible target(s) is too good for us.. it’s like the manager is damn if he do and damn if he dont.. what do some of you guys really want if you’re really fans of arsenal and not trolls??????

      1. What are you on about?right now Wenger is set to hijack some deal for an unknown Lille “versatile” defender Sidibe and you think Arsenal has ambition?our club has zero ambition and there’s zero chance world class players like Lewandowski,Aubameyang would join us while Wenger,Gazidis and the current board are still in place!

    1. Couldn’t agree more! 25m for Sanchez is absolutely laughable, more so than our 40m+1 bid for Suarez. Journalists seem to have lost the plot, just as with the case of Ospina: 3m for a keeper who is almost at Cech’s level, but years younger?

      What are all the tabloid scribblers AND some club managers all over the globe smoking these days??

  3. question , this pogba 100 mill offer seems to have legs.

    they sell use it to offer 65 for alexis….stick or twist…dont forget – we have sanogo coming back….and we may get robson-kanu on a free…

  4. Funny how every time a player is set for a new contract it’s followed up by the agent saying the player wants out or other clubs are interested. I personally don’t see Alexis leaving, not in this window at least. If he does I would hate to be Wenger during the 2016/17 season. All the other clubs business so far aside, we’ve echoed this is the window to strengthen every time but this time it’s a legitimate MUST. As good as Alexis is he needs help, you either have to surround him with equal or better quality or have a team of heart and guts like Chile.

    1. Alexis will get help from the Japanese guy and Sidibe Mr. Versatility from Lille,I swear we are suffering as Arsenal fans and the sad part is I’m not even surprised by how our transfer window activity is currently going,Wenger is a joker have we forgotten he only signed Cech last season?

  5. “Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech admits that a lack of major silverware made his first season at the Emirates Stadium “disappointing”.” ~ Goal


  6. Seriously Jose has pedigree for trophies and those he won will really mean for something even when gets sacked after 3 years!!!

    At some point of time these jokes really must him in the head and think for a minute with kind of disadvantage United without champions league and Arsenal with no transfer target realistically.

  7. Well, that explains the reason for the joke offer from Juventus. Sanchez’s agent is no doubt a no good ####! ?
    Not only is he fishing a move for one of our stars, his also trying to get the deal done for peanuts? ?
    I can’t wait to hear what Sanchez has to say about all this,
    If he demands to leave then make him play for the reserves for the remainder of his contract lol ? ? ?

  8. Arsenal will likely have to do without Giroud, Koscielny, Ramsey, Ozil and Sanchez for the start of the season because of their summer commitments. I’m pretty confident Wenger isn’t going to go into the season without adding a few PL ready starter quality players. If he doesn’t – and we are out of the race by Christmas – he’ll deserve everything coming his way.

  9. We must keep Alexis at all costs, and also Cech, Koscielny, Bellerin, Monreal, Cazorla, Coquelin, Xhaka, Ozil.

    We must also strengthen our squad by getting a striker, winger and CB if we want to compete for PL and CL.

    I’ve been reading rumours about us interested in Sidibe, Hector and Rodriguez. Also, Lukaku, Lacazette and Morata. We seem to be interested in Matuidi. Only CB rumour I could find was Murillo. Also rumour about Draxler

    Getting a 20 plus goal striker AND Draxler would sort out our Attack. I hope some of these rumours are true

  10. juventus bids 25 million, i think that rather sounds ridiculous and i think it obviously has to do with Sanchez agent, who is looking for an increase in salary, his and sanchez. I have no doubt that sanchez will be here for the new season.

    I also think that it a ploy to force wenger to get the targets we need, so lets look and see

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