Will Arsenal v Man United turn into Welbeck v RVP?

It looks like the fears that Arsenal may have to do without Danny Welbeck as well as Theo Walcott for the crunch clash with Manchester United later will prove to be unfounded, The England international was due to face a fitness test yesterday and was then pictured training normally, so hopefully that means he will fine to start.

Welbeck will be delighted as it is his first chance to face his former club and perhaps to prove once and for all that their new manager Louis van Gaal made a bit of a blunder when he allowed the 23-year old to join the Gunners. Van Gaal has restated his reasons for allowing the transfer, insisting that his striker options would all be in front of Welbeck, as reported by The Mirror.

And while those words are likely to provide Welbeck with even more reason to perform well and hurt his former club, the United boss also brought up the fact that they have their own version of Welbeck, with van Persie having been our former striker and captain before forcing his way to Old Trafford.

The situations are, as we know, much different, but the inevitable abuse that our former player has received and will get again seems to spur him on to score against us, with three goals from his four games against Arsenal since leaving.

So even though the little boy has been pretty rubbish so far this season, do not expect the same at the Emirates. But if it does come down to a shootout between the players facing their former clubs, which will come out on top?

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  1. davidnz says:

    I know who will be the victor.
    I will tell you who at the end
    of the game 🙂

    1. Lethal Prince 9 says:

      You have got good prediction skills, I must say.

  2. ryanh27 says:

    If does come to a shootout between two players, it will most likely be Sanchez on our side, not welbeck… Let’s hope it doesn’t end up a shootout between welbeck and RVP cuz I just think that welbeck might come off second best in that situation, he just isn’t at RVP’s level yet

    1. Sumo says:

      RvP is going downhill with every ticking minute but i understand what you are saying.

      But Sanchez has played every game since the Chelsea game. Even the international friendlies, also this week he made an 18 hr flight to come back to Arsenal. I don’t expect him to start.

  3. Sumo says:

    Messi to ManU?

    Messi wants to leave Spain because of being treated unjustly over his tax-allegation matters. He fells it’s due to playing for Catalans cause Xabi Alonoso, Rapheal Nadal has been off the hook for similar cases, but he (Messi) faces jail threat.

    His teammate Xavi fueled the suggestion more when he said “Messi would do well in the English Premiere League cause the defending is not good”.

    Messi currently earns 50million a year. The only club that can pay him that kind of money is Chelsea, City, ManU.

    What do you think?

    1. AYZAY says:

      I think he should go to man u or chelsea then cos we don’t have that much

      1. Sumo says:

        Not Chelsea, Mourinho will kill him. But if he moves, i think it will be either City or ManU. He has nothing else left to win except, The World Cup, EPL, FA Cup, Capitol One Cup and the PFA player of the year.

        But seriously we should have a Ballon d or playing in the EPL. I don’t even remember the last time a Ballon d or playing in the EPL.

  4. Adienl says:

    “It is so important on the flanks to have pace and work rate. Sometimes in games, you have to put them there because they can absorb the quantity and quality of the work.”
    “But I play cazorla and ozil there because they have phenomenal work rate”

    1. Nawras says:

      Wenger isn’t the first manager to put a playmaker on the wings..

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