Will Arsenal win 3-way EPL battle for FREE striker transfer?

We know that Arsene Wenger loves to find a bargain for Arsenal, but the Frenchman has also stated that his transfer targets these days must be of top quality in order to improve the Arsenal starting line up as well as to strengthen the squad.

The Ghanaian international forward Andre Ayew of Olympique Marseille in the French Ligue 1 could meet these requirements and the fact that his current contract runs out at the end of the season will surely have the Arsenal boss interested.

The 25-year old is not the replacement for our centre forward Olivier Giroud that a growing number of Arsenal fans are calling for, but he is very useful as a wide forward or support striker. In a Daily Star report, his president at Marseille Vincent Labrune has suggested that his player will be heading to the Premier League this summer to further his career, with Arsenal. Liverpool and Man United the clubs said to be fighting for his signature.

But United have just signed Memphis Depay in that position and they already have Di Maria, Januazaj, Mata and Young, so you would think it was a straight fight between us and Liverpool. If that is the case, surely Wenger would be able to use the lure of Champions League football to tip the scales in our favour. But will Le Prof think Ayew is really good enough to challenge Alexis, Walcott and Welbeck for the first team?

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  1. Ayew! The free striker Transfer….. Thank you very much DAILY STAR for a scouting Job well done… But we do not need craps!

      1. I have honestly not seen the guy, but surely he must be a lot better than your average Newcastle-player. People rate Sadio Mané as worse than Ayew, and he’s bossing for saints.

  2. Not good enough

    MORATA and Suarez!!!!!!

    Or go down a level to Cavani, Dybala or Lacazette
    But no lower than that

    1. now people want morata but when we were linked to him last year people said ‘If he’s not good enough to start for real he’s not good enough for us’

  3. The transfer budget is a little bit tight this summer. There won’t be any money to spend & I’m hearing Ayew Is a done deal along with Milner & Kedhira.

    1. I’m taking the pizz but to be fair I’d happily see Milner & Kedhira in a arsenal shirt next season. Kedhira for Flamini superior replacement & Milner as it’s looking like Rosicky’s leaving sell Podolski. Then blow all the transfer budget on someone like Bale.

        1. Can’t even make it as a sub in the madrid Team….I’d be so glad if khedira doesn’t come near our dressing room

          1. Ya all are nuts. Khedira just helped Germany to world champion status. Seeing as midfield is so crucial if Sammi was a bad player Germany would not have rolled everyone over so easily.

            Fitness is the only concern and anyone who thinks a German regular to be a bad player is a fool. Not to mention he looked awesome.

    2. Milner, Ayew? That’s funny!!! I have always been a fan of Morata I think he was sold because of chritiano Ronaldo and his selfish ways. I also said that bony would have been a great buy for us but as usual we don’t really have the ambition that I think we should. We are a big club with the best facilities in UK why are fighting for scraps (Milner, Ayew). If we make another stupid and irrelevant signing am done posting on this site. I think being a arsenal fan is the hardest because we never get what we really deserve and that’s a great team with great talent and serious title challenge.

  4. André Ayew has already agreed terms and wages with Roma… Where is this story coming from, only the “usual” British daily star rubbish could cook up something like that…!!
    Soon they will talk about Gignac too… Oops he is off to Dynamo Kiev.

    Anyway, on the good news front. We will get around £3millions if Barcelona wins the CL due to a close in Vermealen (remember him) contract

    I wonder if Barcelona has the same close regarding Sanchez? Well I don’t think they will see any money going their way anytime soon…!!

    I just hope we can grab the second spot (Damn Swansea… Well NOT!) and win the FA Cup (only one we can “SURELY” manage, please!)…

    1. I hope Juventus try their best and ruin barca’s party…. I dn’t really care bout the 3miL verm money… It’s not like we use the money to better the team anyway

  5. We badly need another CB too… Personally I can only register 2 CBs in the squad (Koscielny and Gabriel). Resigning Mertesacker was another Wenger gratitude contract even though the German is already on his knees…!!

    Artery got a one year extension… Why???
    Rosicky might leave… Why? He is still better than someone like Wilshere even on one leg…

    We need to keep Walcott and sign a “25 goals” a season striker (Welbeck is a joke from Man United and they got back at us after the Van Persie episode… The guy could not score to save his life).

    1. Now we got a player called ARTERY, I bet we have another called VEIN and another called CAPILLARY … L()L

  6. I dont think im alone here when saying i would be truly pissed if this lad was our new striker. I know Arsene loves a bargain (who doesnt) but another H

  7. Arsenal FC shopping list:
    1) Cavani
    2) Hummels
    3) Schneiderlin
    4) Cech

    Release: Diaby/flamini/rosicky/podolski
    sell: Joel Campbell/Jenkinson

  8. No thanks. Only world class players at this time are welcome as our squad is full of talent and depth in vertually every position. Ayew offers nothing more to what we already have. players like flamini after a diary posolski and rosicky need to be replaced (when their time comes to leave) with players of equal or preferably higher quality to challenge for the title next season.

  9. Wenger said today that we will struggle to get our targets if we come 4th bcause of the qualifier

    This to me sounds like he knows who he wants and we need guarenteed cl football to get them.

    I think thats a good sign lol.

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