Will Arsenal’s asking price scupper Balogun’s move to Serie A giants

Fans and potential suitors are currently pondering one significant question: What is the value of Folarin Balogun?

Having showcased exceptional talent during his loan spell at Reims last season, where he scored double figures in Ligue 1, Balogun has emerged as one of the most highly sought-after youngsters globally. For Arsenal, having him in their squad is undoubtedly a blessing.

However, uncertainty still shrouds the striker’s future, with Inter Milan now joining the race to secure his signature. Following their withdrawal from the pursuit of Romelu Lukaku, Inter is keen on adding Balogun to their ranks. Nevertheless, The Daily Mail reports that they might encounter an obstacle in the form of Arsenal’s asking price.

Having already made significant investments to strengthen their squad, Arsenal is not inclined to part ways with their players at bargain prices. Consequently, they have placed a valuation of £50m on Balogun, a fee that may appear reasonable given the inflated transfer market. However, it remains to be seen whether this valuation might dissuade Inter from pursuing the talented striker.

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Balogun was undoubtedly in superb form for Reims and it is clear that he is a player who will only get better.

However, we will hardly make £50m from his departure and the club must rethink that figure unless we plan to keep him in the group at the Emirates for next season.

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  1. Article is wrong, it is 50 mil euros or £40 mil but it is open to negotiation. We wont get or dont expect to get £50 mil.

  2. I recall that someone – I think Stoke – wanted to buy him three years back when he had a year to run on his contract. They were shocked to be quoted fifteen million and walked away but he signed a new deal and is now worth a lot more. Even if we do not sell him this season he is contracted for two more seasons and with good performances his price could rise.

    If a bid near fifty million comes in then we could sell, if not keep him and give him opportunities

      1. I said it was three years ago in my other post. My point was that we have been here before and stuck by our valuation and it paid off.

  3. Funny how Arsenal fans complain market is inflated but seems okay for Arsenal to sell top assets cheap – are we now desperate to get lead of him or why should we be bothered Inter will not pay £50M??
    IF Havert/Mount are £/60M likes of vlahovic are £80M, Bayer Leverkusen demands 50M for Diaby etc Balogun should be atleast £50M pounds or€58M. Ast

    IF no club matches asking price, give him game time the kid valuation will only go up probably 70M to 80M next window – Just like of City, Napoli Brigton etc Arsenal need to start putting foot down on sales out!

    1. Agreed John. I don’t think his price should be negotiated down. He’s going to be a very good striker because of what he did in France last season. We all watched the other night how in the time that he played the opportunities he was able to latch onto, not score but make the run and get him into those positions and a couple of months from now he’ll be banging them in! We all believe in the systems, coaching, spirit and atmosphere at the club right now and we will see all of our players improve because of it.

    2. Imaginary world there John! Market factors determine the price, end of story.

      If Havertz, a UCL winner, is 60m then how on earth can you demand 50 mil? Makes no sense.

      If he stays where is this magical game time going to come from? Last season we were in the same amount of competitions and Eddie barely got a good run out. Now you want to add another striker, when will they all play?

  4. If we ain’t going to play him then it’s best to let him leave because staying on the bench would only reduce his value and leave him unhappy.To be honest,i think we have 3 strikers in the same mould and should consider 1 with a different physique to give us options against physical teams.
    £40m is fair for a kid that’s only going to get better and see his value constantly increasing

  5. Inter has money. They’ve made 40 million profit on players so far which will be boosted by another 50 million once Onana is sold.

    They’re just playing broke.

  6. The price of players is a function of demand, like it is for every commodity. 50m (whether £ or €) is only the asking price. The final price will depend on whether someone else wants the player and what they are willing to pay.
    So if Inter are serious, they should not be deterred by the asking price. They should make their offer and the two clubs can always work to a compromise

  7. Arsenal should not entertain any thing less than what they value him to be, that is if they intend to sell him. These Italian clubs only cry poverty when trying to buy players but sell at a premium price.

  8. Why does this writer feel we shouldn’t be asking for £50m for Balogun? Why should we always sell cheap and buy high? No business would survive with that approach. Is Havertz worth 65m? Is White worth 50m? Is Rice worth 105m?

    1. Is Balogun really worth 50 mil? No i dont think he is but that doesn’t mean he cant go on and be worth more. BUT he could also be worth less in the future.

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