Will Arsenal’s attack make us the most feared team in England?

This season, Arsenal’s attack has undoubtedly been one of the best in the Premier League. We are the second-highest scoring team (with 45 goals) in the division, trailing only Manchester City (53 goals), but with age definitely on our players’ side, will we be the team that defences grow to fear?

Given their offensive struggles last term, Arteta’s attack is nothing short of miraculous. The Gunners have been high-scoring in a number of matches so far this campaign.

Gabriel Jesus, Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli, Martin Odegaard, and even Xhaka (who’s now more of an attacking midfielder) have all been crucial to Arsenal’s dominance this season.

Saka, Nketiah, and Martinelli have all scored at least seven goals this season. Surprisingly, Arsenal’s current top scorer is Odegaard, who has eight goals and looks like he’s on course for a 20-goal season. One thing is certain though: our captain and Saka have improved their starts in front of goal. the pair have formed a brilliant attacking duo that could easily be among the best in the world in the future.

When you watch them, you can’t help but think of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil’s partnership back then. On their best days, Ozil and Sanchez were a formidable attacking force, giving Premier League defenders nightmares.

Despite the fact that they are not there yet, the Odegaard-Saka partnership has shown hints of the Sanchez-Ozil partnership.

They have been the main players this season as a result of their outstanding performance, and they may end up being a better and more successful attacking duo at Arsenal than Mesut Ozil and Sanchez.

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  1. I believe our attack is the most feared in EPL, because our goals and assists are well-distributed among our attackers

    I’m just waiting to see Martinelli’s effort to compete with Trossard. We’ve seen the result of the competition between Jesus and Nketiah. If Martinelli can be productive again, our attack will become scarier

    I’m just worried about Saka, because Marquinhos hasn’t got enough chance to compete with him. Saka is currently very productive, but he could get too comfortable without a strong competitor for the RW role

    1. I think we need another RW in the summer along with DM
      If we get top quality RW to compete with Saka and DM then this team will become formidable in PL and Europe..
      What do you think of Sofyan Amrabat??
      He is a top quality DM with good passing range..
      Cannot be bullied by opponents physically…
      Also just 24..
      He can provide Partey with ample competition in that DM area..

    2. Well I don’t think MA would want to bring in another left footed RW player to challenge saka because
      A. He hasn’t signed the new contract yet so it wouldn’t make sense to make him feel expendable or under appreciated.
      B. MA seems like a guy who loves to give young players a chance to show themselves so I believe he would want to prod and keep on prodding Nielson and marqinhos.

      Anyways whatever Arteta decides to do I’m with him , If he makes a mistake so be it, one thing is sure he accepts and learns from his errors and works hard to rectify it.

      1. @Emperor
        Sorry but I think that is a very dangerous way of thinking.
        So you would rather we did not bring in a competitor for Saka just so that we don’t hurt Saka’s ego, feelings and emotions?

        We are in a great position to win the Title in nearly 20 years but you would be okay with not strengthening the squad for the fear of hurting a players feeling?

        It sounds like you are more comfortable with compromising on the whole club’s success in favour of an individual players feelings..

        Saka looking out for his own financial future by dragging and squeezing as much money from the club as possible shouldn’t compel us in return to become desperate suckers willing to beg and compromise on the success of the club as a whole.

        Saka is looking out for his own personal gains, which is 100% fine with me. But we as a club also have to look out for our own interests. If it means signing players to bolster our squad then I 100% are for that. I am CLUB FIRST and Players second..

    3. Yes Saka needs a competitor. Maquinho need to convince Aftets he is good enough for EPL. I personally don’t rate him yet, nay be next season he will step up or inbclub games/Europa.

  2. I would also take this occasion to praise Partey. He is the unsung hero of Arsenal’s success this season. His defensive capabilities, positional awareness and ability to break down attacks and at the same time making deep forward passes has all resulted into our attack being at its best. No doubt, Jesus, Saka, Martinelli, Odegaard and Nketiah get the goals for us but Partey is the man behind the scenes. May this Arsenal success continue for as long as possible.

    1. I think every single first team player so far this season has been an unsung hero. Everyone is doing their job. They have all contributed in their own capacity.

      Partey has also individually been amazing..

    1. I felt like perhaps he can play Odegaard position, he seemed good as a left sided 10 against UTD . ….and he also said he prefers being in the pockets behind strikers

  3. The reason why our forward line is blossoming is because arsenal back line bring the ball forword faster with a lot precision and accuracy so we should also acknowledge the way our back line plays from the goalkeeper to the centre backs,full backs and midfield remove Thomas Partey William Saliba, Gabriel and Ramsdale from our lineup and you will be shocked with the kind of hammering arsenal will receive.

    1. Agreed. 👍

      But you do know that all the players even those in the defense reserve receive the same training as the first team defence ?

      1. Exactement mais on constate que il y’a une grande différence entre notre équipe première et la seconde.

  4. We have a very formidable front line and do instill fear and respect from opponents…. Eg. The 3rd place Newcastle parked the bus against us

  5. Well, we bought success though… our current attack cost a total of £6m 😉

    Joking aside… what price a good academy and the appointment of coaches who improve players?

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