Will Arsenal’s Champions League luck hold for knockout draw?

I have often been accused of making excuses for a poor Arsenal result by blaming our bad luck, whether it be the usual injury crisis, some decisions by the referee, an unfavourable cup draw or just the general rub of the green. I am certainly not going to do that about the Gunners’ campaign in the Champions League so far though, as all our luck so far in Europe this season has been of the good variety.

Ludogorets did us a huge favour by holding PSG to a draw and letting us claim top spot, but we have to admit that Arsenal were lucky. Lucky that the French champions did not get the result they should have but also lucky not to lose either or both of the games between us because we were second best in both.

Edinson Cavani fortunately forgot his shooting boots in Paris and he also had great chances to win the game in London but on both occasions the Gunners managed a draw that kept us in the frame to win the group. Even our own match against Basl this week was touched by fortune, as the run of the ball went perfectly for Lucas Perez on his first two goals, while a similar incident when the ball rebounded off Ospina fell perfectly for the keeper to gather ahead of the unlucky Basel striker.

Now we are group winners, though, we could do with our luck holding as there are some tough draws available from pot 2, which after all the games are played contains; PSG, Benfica, Man City, Bayern Munich, Bayer Leverkusen, Real Madrid, Porto and Sevilla. Because of the rules we cannot face PSG or Man City and of course we would rather avoid Madrid and Munich.

So will Arsenal stay lucky and get Benfica, Leverkusen, Porto or Sevilla? Don’t bet on it Gooners….


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  1. if we get bayern we only need to keep our rearguard tight. Giroud must score against Neur as always unless they put their other goalie.

  2. Does it really matter who we get? There are no easy teams and the road to the champions league cup goes through the best teams whether it be Bayern or Barca, the two Madrids or Juventus. To be the eventual winner, you must play the toughest of games and win them. So I say relax. We should just focus on trying to beat what is in front of us if and when we can.

  3. Very funny article,if we want to go further in UCL,we must stop thinking like being inferior to some teams in Europe. We should know that there’s no team/s with the quality as Ludogoretes and Basel in the round of 16,whoever you get isn’t going to be just a tough opposition but also a strong one,have that in the back your mind. Why can’t we be a bit confident in ourselves?

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