Will Arsenal’s improved offer to Alexis convince him to stay?

We wake up to the news today throughly expecting to hear nothing but build up about tomorrow’s penultimate game of the season, the FA Cup final. Arsenal face Premier League champions Chelsea at Wembley tomorrow and whilst the Gunners’ preparation on the pitch must be on point, it seems that they are also planning ahead in the boardroom.

After tomorrow’s final, whichever way the result swings, the Arsenal players will endure a little time away from competitive football and can enjoy their summer breaks from the game. For Arsene Wenger it is a huge summer of decisions if he is to leave the club after 20 years of Arsenal, whilst for Alexis and Ozil, they too will have to sit down and think about whether they want to remain at the Emirates.

Out of the pair, Alexis seems to be getting far more media attention surrounding his future than Ozil. Both players seem quite media shy, rarely wanting to give interviews and thus their future’s often remain un-clarified. However Alexis seems to be getting more attention because out of the two he is arguably the more important player for Arsenal, he’s the player gathering the more interest from other clubs and he commands more of a media interest.

Yesterday media reports were delivered across Germany and England that Bayern Munich had reportedly dropped their interest in the Chilean, after initial talks between Bayern officials and Alexis’ agent. It is supposedly Alexis’ wage demands that put the German’s off a deal, with £330k per week being the mentioned figure.

Today however we are hearing that Arsenal have been in touch with Alexis and his agent this week and have tabled a £270k per week offer for the South American star to stay. An element of this makes me believe it in the sense that the club did say they would sit down and talk at the end of the season and with tomorrow being the last day, the planning for the talks is just in place. Arsenal will be keen to hold such negotiations straight away, because they need to know as to whether they should be looking at selling Alexis and/or Ozil during this summer. Contract offers being ready on the table could be key in making sure these negotiations are swift.

The issue I have with this is that if we are considering this contract offer to be true, then does the speculation in Germany generate much thought. If Alexis’ truly does desire the rumoured £330k per week, then Arsenal’s £270k is obviously still not enough.

I don’t think Alexis is driven by money in the game, he just wants ambition and success. Therefore I think no matter how much money Arsenal offer him (realistically), if he isn’t convinced the club can challenge for major honours, then he won’t be staying this summer.



  1. Janssen says:

    I agree that Sanchez was always going to leave once he saw the ambitions of the club and the mentality of some of his other teammates. Having said that if there was any chance he would consider staying it probably evaporated when Wenger came out last week saying this group should stay together and could win the PL. That statement told Sanchez all he needed to know about the direction of this club IMO.

    1. Kilted Gooner says:

      I think people are taking that comment in the wrong way.

      Wenger saying this group should stay together was clearly aimed at Sanchez, Ozil.

  2. Juhi McLovin says:

    Heard Aubameyang wants to leave but Real don’t want him.

    Anyone remember last,summer how Wenger supposedly bid £70 mils for him?

  3. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    If Sanchez wasn’t money motivated then he would be joining Munich,right? ?? Mate, don’t be surprised if he ends up in China ??????????????????????????

  4. Galen says:

    I hope sanchez stays . We need him. Give him the money 300,000 a week and he stays easy. hes worth more to the team than Giroud welbeck walcott perez combine. so yes lets make it happen.

    OH boi its just been confirmed that Bernado Silva is on the verge of signing for manchester city . 70 million Euro and 5 year deal agree. They would cut us to pieces next season. ters in my eyes already.
    On a positive note, i don’t think they would be signing sanchez then as they already have
    david Silva
    when you add Bernado Silva to this , thats is a great attack and a sweet looking bench. Don’t forget Aguero and Jesus. Oh boi its scary.

    1. bran99 says:

      It saddens me when our rivals are so fast to hijack out targets, but we never even try hijack theirs (coz we know with our penny pinching & lack of ambition will make good players accept the rivals), of the 6 top teams in England, which club is going after the Nigerian kid we are after? And why aren’t we in for B. Silva? Don’t we want the best players? Are prospects all we can afford? I don’t know for real

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I thought we were the only ones looking into Silva, I thought that’s allot of money for someone who isn’t being lined up by the other clubs. But now that Pep got him am feeling a little sick. For Pep to by a forward means the lad must be well rounded.

  5. Galen says:

    Quality players cost money. Just look at how much Bernado Silva and Griezmann will cost the manchester clubs. I rather we give Sanchez the wages he wants. Even £100 million can’t guarantee us a player of Sanchez Quality.

    Its a shame what football is this days. I gues that what u need to pay for top players. real madrid paid £39.6 million for a 16 year old we have never heard off.

    I think we need to change our ways if we want to be a top club. we need to start showing people the MONEY.

  6. ger burke says:

    penultimate game of the season !?.surely you must mean the last game of the season ??.

  7. Tony says:

    It’s so funny why this news will be coming out now, everyone knew Sanchez has been clamouring for a pay rise for a long time now and the sill old man came out and said something about the club not been held at ransom by some players’ ridiculous offers….now they know they are on the brink of losing their best player they are ready to offer him such amount…We should be tired of this mediocrity already….is it bcos they know it will be hard for them to attract big names?….will be anxious to see what happens to this club when the transfer window opens.

  8. FA Cup_The New Wenger Trophy says:

    I think at 29 the club
    needs to cash in quick.
    Was it all worth it to buy
    Ozil and Sanchez?
    77 mill in transfers and 46 mill in salaries.
    Total 123 mill.
    40 mill lost by dropping out of the ECL.
    We really need to sell them both because they are both 30
    next year and their value will plummet soon after
    leading to a potential 163 mill loss.
    No title, now 5th in the league and humiliated in the ECL.
    It simply was not worth it.
    Walcott on 140 k p/w, injury wreck Wilshere to be offered a new contract.
    Old man Mertz getting a new contract.
    Tough action is needed to clean up the mess.
    Sacking the manager would be a good place to start.

    1. vinie2000 says:

      Your comment is kinda misleading. when a football club buys a top player for example ” If City gets Bernardo Silva for 50 millions this summer” can you imagine how much in Merchandising he will add to the coffins? At least half of it my dear friend. The broadcaster will always try to show more games where the stars are and it is also another revenue on the top of the TV deals so Have you asked yourself how much Alexis has brought to the team? In Chile shows all Arsenal games and the fan base grows so this is why teams like Madrid , barcelona , Bayern and PSG works. We get Sanogo and we can get at least a baseball cap sold with his name or the New Belgium striker we want to sign. If Arsenal, gets Mbappe or Abumayang the bank will be having a laughing but the people who run our club including the manager never go big. Alexis will stay with 2 marquee signings btu he’s gone because we are looking to bring the Bosnian marvel left back and Nigerian wonder kid. Chelsea got at least 5 superstars and they make lot money for the ranks..We’re losing one of the two who do.It said it all..Bye Bye Alexis.

  9. Arsenal_Girl says:

    If Alexis leaves because Wenger wont pay the extra £30,000 per week, I will be seriously angry

    Its like when Liverpool wanted £18 mil for Xabi Alonso but Wenger would only offer £15 mil

  10. spence545santi says:

    I’ve been reading through the older posts and I got thinking .
    1. Gervinho and Hazard were both at lile and Hazard had just won lile player of the year yet wenger buys Gervinho early in the transfer window and Hazard stays until Chelsea buys him on 14 August.
    2. salah was playing brilliantly at Basel when we needed a rw yet elneny was bought when that position was much needed.
    3. in the season Montpelier won the league
    lacazette was 3rd best striker in France after lisandro n Zlatan yet G rude was not.

    the thing is wenger has lost it. am not gonna buy season tickets for next season. I’ll rather watch West Brom. since they are even strenghting key areas for next season.

    1. Duke Naij says:

      My dear get your facts right Giroud was top scorer in the French league when he was signed, gervinho was the second highest goal scorer for Lille in the title winning campaign, moussa sow was the highest and hazard was no where near the two on goals, hazard however was signed by Chelsea the next season after he scored 20 goals and was put on wages even “crazy” man city at the time thought was crazy.pls zlatan was not in France when Montpellier won the league, hazard to Chelsea was 2012, gervinho to arsenal was 2011. Arsenal couldn’t have signed hazard at the time Chelsea did, the amount involved were just crazy at the time, but I think we should make a pogba like statement this season, such statements gets the fans lifted, the players serious and raises the clubs reputation.

  11. mark says:

    Does anyone really believe we have offered 270k a week to any player?

    If we have I’d be amazed and it would be a first.

  12. vinie2000 says:

    By the way, very objective article from ADMIN. my respect.

  13. Alexis will only stay with an improved squad, he s a winner.

  14. Ronny says:

    I think it’s gone past the point of money.
    He’s been happier the last few weeks as he knows he’s going. Wouldn’t suprise me if the deals done behind closed doors already.
    The mention of a 270k offer is probably leaked by an arsenal club member to pacify the fans when he leaves, Wenger “well I tried my best to keep him”
    Can’t see us smashing our maximum wage limit by that much, which member of the board would sign off on that?
    If Usmanov had recently come in for kroenke and sacked a few members then I may have believed it.
    Well see soon won’t we.

    This bayern not interested story is probably us trying to get some other bidders involved.

  15. Ronny says:

    Sanchez- they wouldn’t pay me enough to stay, otherwise I would have I love arsenal look I kissed he badge recently!
    Wenger- I tried to keep him with the 270k bid.

  16. gmv8 says:

    All the nonsense on here- it would be suicidal to sell Sanchez from every single angle, profits, team performance on pitch, sponsors, merchandise, ticket sales, goals, league position … shall I go on? We simply can’t progress this year if we sell him, because to replace is extremely difficult, and even if possible would cost a fortune. Having said that, even if we retain him, we still need to improve to have any chance. No chance if we sell him. anybody with an atom of common sense (hopefully the board) will see this.

  17. ArseOverTit says:

    I read no quotes (direct or other) from anyone in this article so where is the actual validity of this ‘news’?

    Alexis Sanchez is going bye bye.
    As is probably Ozil.

    I feel we could be embarrassed today with the makeshift defence we put out featuring a returning defender who is even at his best slower than treacle running off a spoon. Hazard and co will enjoy playing against him today.

    Chelsea are a different animal to us now. We have won a few games back to back and they have won the league with games to spare.

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