Will Arsenal’s new formation give Ramsey the freedom he needs?

Aaron Ramsey had one great (half?) season with Arsenal in 2013-14, scoring loads and getting into dangerous positions, but since then it would seems confidence and injury issues have been getting in the way of him getting back amongst the goals, in fact in the last campaign he scored just ONE League goal, but did come good in the new formation, scoring the winner in the Cup Final, although it was a header rather than his customary screamer from outside the box.

Hopefully this will give him the confidence to kick on in the new season, and he is feeling good about the new formation giving him the freedom that he gets when he stars for Wales. Ramsey said: “The system suited a lot of players. It gives us a platform to build from. I felt good in that formation – it freed me up to get forward a lot more and get into some dangerous positions so I really thought it worked for us towards the end of the season,”

The Welshman is also used to spending quite a lot of time in the treatment room, but he hopes those woes are now over, but he won’t set himself any targets for the coming months. “With this new formation I want a long season.” he continued. Hopefully an injury-free season. I know what I am capable of doing. If I can stay fit then hopefully it will take care of itself, but no targets, no.”

We Arsenal fans are used to false hopes at the beginning of every season, but I seriously hope that Ramsey can really kick on this season and become the ‘complete midfielder’ he was touted to be a few years ago. If he wants to become the new Lampard then he will have to start knocking them in on a regular basis. The Chelsea and England great scored 20 every season for 5 years if i remember correctly…

Can Ramsey become that good?

Sam P


  1. With this new formation Aaron will thrive. I have seen him do wonderful stuff for the Wales team. Give him the freedom to roam in the box. He will cause some havoc.

  2. I hope Ramsey can reproduce his 13/14 to early 14/15 form under this new formation and sincerely hope his injury troubles at least disappear for this season. I still watch the highlight of Ramsey’s cracker vs galatasaray.

  3. I just need him to replicate the form he had in the season 13/14 and also towards the end of last season….COYG

  4. Here we go again what more delusional talk can we come up with to place the welsh wizzened in our midfield … for god sake he is a decent bench player and nothing more we still need a b2b with strong defensive sense and vision of game …

    1. It amazes me how many Arsenal fans genuinely think that Ramsey is a WC player that has been snakebitten over the years with inopportune injuries. He will NEVER be a proficient B2B midfielder because he lacks the necessary defensive discipline and honestly suffocates Ozils creative space with his mindless bombing runs forward. A quality bench player and Cup starter he is, but a guaranteed name on the first 11 he should never be. Watch Seri, Goretska, Vidal, Veratti, Rangolian(sp?) Toliso and countless others play the position and ask yourself is AR even on the same futboling planet.

      The answer is simple but painful for most Gunners to accept

  5. What does it matter? He is Wenger”s son and will play regardless of form or formation..so, onto the next article.

  6. That’s the difference between average player and top class. Ramsey needs freedom, needs teammates b/c he lacks technique, needs everything created for him to do anything.
    Top class only “need” the ball; they can create space and opportunities themselves. Why do we still persist with this guy? Walcott 2.0 coming to stadium near you.
    Goretzka, Tolisso, seri, etc… run rings around this guy. He’s had enough time and chances, I’m sure he’ll be on 150k to 200k a week as long as Wenger is in charge. Learn from overpaying Walcott and don’t repeat the same mistake.

    1. You must be really retarded. Ibrahimovic nor Etoo nor Alexis Sanchez didn’t fit into Pep’s system at Barcelona so they are average players by your standard. Every player needs to play in a system that plays to an individual player’s strengths.

      1. Spot on, if Ramsey played anywhere else Arsenal fans would call him average and overrated. He lacks discipline, technique, strength, to name a few. He dumps the ball off to any teammate whenever he can so he can mindlessly bomb forward. Let Ozil and Lacazette do their jobs without Ramsey choking off their space and interfering.
        Glad someone else sees it and says so, thank you

      2. No need to be insulting son for difference of opinion. I base my opinion on his amazingly average and underwhelming career at arsenal. What is yours based on? Potential?
        You comparing Ramsey to Sanchez is laughable really. Put down Fifa 17 son it is loosening your grip on reality. What next? Ramsey could replace inesta at Barca? C’mon back to reality, if Ramsey is as good as you make him out to be, then why hasn’t a big club tried to snatch him up? Made an offer? How about asked if he was available? Big clubs want better; they want well rounded and disciplined midfielders, not an overhyped CAM.

        1. Don’t bother mate I’m sure the majority of Ramsey lovers on this site would prefer the Welshman over Messi, Ronaldo, etc.

          NO BIG CLUBS have ever expressed interest in Ramsey, never will.

      3. killamch89, Where do you get off calling other Arsenal fans retarded mate. Who do you think you are. They are supporters or our great club as well and they have a right to express thier opinion. If you don’t like what your reading then don’t read it simple and no more insulting other fans. Grow up any body can talk crap in a comments section but I bet my left nut you would go to water face to face mate. Respect mate respect.

  7. I hope so. I wasnt impressed with him last season. Wasn’t impresed with Coquelin or Eleny either last season. Ozil didn’t work hard enough. Hopefully, Ramsey and Ozil will thrive next season with new formation and Lacazette

    I also hope we get one of the CMs that we are rumored to be interested in ie Matic, Goretzka, Brozovic, Carvahlo

    And of course I hope we get either Mbappe or Lemar

  8. Ramsey’s already enjoyed far too much freedom in his time at Arsenal. Trying to do to much with the ball, running around with his head up his own arse a lot of the time. Giving the ball away needlessly.

    We need a controlled and disciplined midfield and until he can play that way on a regular basis, let someone else have his spot.

  9. Look Ramsey has underperformed no doubt, but he has shown potential on For multiple stretches as well as for wales. I have read articles on this site about barcelonas interest in Ramsey. I just don’t understand some people, yes he can be frustrating when he’s of but when he is on he is out best player. No he’s not world class but he can be and if he ever stays healthy and puts it all together I want it to be with arsenal

  10. I agree that Ramsay is Wenger’s son, and does on many occasions tries some tricks and passes that are definitely not necessary. Once he cuts out that crap and tries to be less injury prone we would have a good midfielder on our hands. Yes there are better midfielders (box to box) available and i would not mind Wenger signing one.

    No for what i disagree on, Ramsay bombing forward statement and getting into Ozil creative space, without Ramsay bombing forward we would not have won 2 FA Cups out of the recent 3, on many occasions Ramsay has been the difference from us getting 0 to 1 or 3 points, i can not recall any goals that Ozil has scored that have won us a trophy or actually won us the game. In most of our matches if you look carefully the only arsenal players in the opponent 18 yards box is Giroud and Sanchez against 5-6 defenders. I have consistently said that Ozil can not only be an assist master but a regular goal scorer

    The new formation does suit Ramsay and Ozil, it gives them enough time to get back into their defensive shape, base on the increase numbers at the back. Both are not my ideal midfielders and would not bat an eyelid if they are sold, how ever both has their good traits which allows the arsenal to tick. I will only ask them to be conscious of their other duties.

  11. Regardless how much freedom is bestowed to Ramsey, he can not replace the creative Santi. So lets not fool ourselves. We have already seen what Ramsey can do. But if AW is really determined to bring his early tenure trust at arsenal, he needs to bring quality replacement.

    But one thing that surprised me in this post is the number of comments written so far and those countless to follow including me. I hate to say that, but I feel he’s getting much attention both from AW and fans.

    Looking forward to c a completely revitalized arsenal.

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