Will Arsenal’s penny-pinching mean we miss out as usual?

For weeks now Arsenal have been linked with the same old names. The fear is that, like previous windows, we could be set to miss out on our targets based on not agreeing over a few million. We are often told that transfers are not as simple as naming your price, but surely that’s an element of it.

People are being paid a lot of money to scout the world to identify talent. They have had months to come up with a shortlist, an easy requirement at the Emirates given how obvious it is in identifying where the squad needs strengthening. In the case of Carrasco, having considered him as an option in January, that’s 6 months to decide if a deal is realistic or not.

While it is offensive to have a 45 million budget yet maintain you have any ambition, the frustrating thing is there are still options despite our small kitty. In Fraser, Carrasco, Ziyech, etc, we have found clubs who are asking for a fair price for midfielders better then Iwobi, yet we are standing still. In that sense we are having our bluff called.

Which begs the question how real is our actual interest? Surely it you really rated someone, you pay the extra couple of million? Or is the interest just a ploy to keep gooners happy, with the reality being we will buy a couple of players we have never heard of?

Dan Smith


  1. I bet they are keeping the money to get a popular and pricey player, who is usually only available in a few days before the transfer window is closed

    They managed to buy Ozil with this method, but they failed to get Lemar two seasons ago

    I hope they can get another big name player, otherwise the fans will be disappointed

  2. Surely we aren’t even half way through into the transfer window and you are already panicking. I imagine signing multi-million contracts between clubs and players is a complicated process. Let us not pressure the management and they end up signing garbage like Lichtsteiner and Mkhitaryan just for the sake of getting someone in. Ultimately we as fans also need to be realistic, we lost Sanchez and Ramsey for just about nothing, so a £45M budget could very well be all we have.

    1. The window is heating up nicely, QD.. just not where we’re concerned ??
      Lukaku at 75m…. yikes!! I think once we hit July, things will be smoking!!

        1. Inter Milan apparently! It says he’s agreed 180k a week.. but then it could be BS..75m – just had to check the date, no it’s not April fool’s day ?

  3. Too early to say at the moment, however I believe we will purchase 2-3 ‘mid-range players this season (around the £20-25m mark).

    I thought our interest on Carrasco had cooled?

    1. Sergio, July 1 is the critical date when the Adidas kit contract kicks in. Adidas, firstly will want marquee players signed for names on their shirts to justify their £300 million over 5 years; secondly Adidas will want any signed players to be presented to the media and supporters in their kit, not Puma’s.
      I will worry if there are no signings by July 31.

      1. Spot on comment Ozziegunner, any new signings will be presented in new kit after Adidas deal kicks in.

        I would say by mid July we should see a new player. I hope we don’t miss out due to the wait.

        Also Adidas will want to see something for their investment, so I expect at least 1 top player in this window.

      2. ozziegunner, according to AST arsenal have already received an advance on the money of the Adidas deal in early 2018 hence why we was able to buy aubameyang and sign ozil to new contract so if thats the case i dont think adidas will worry about big names for now.

    2. you are right Sergio, that will be the reality to be seen at the end of the transfer window.

  4. Agreed it is early days but yes to a certain extent I think they will miss out if they penny pinch, unfortunately everything we here is media driven and nothing is coming out from the club,which is understandable yet frustrating.

  5. The board, Wenger and Ivan really left a mess for the new management.\

    Yes Stan don’t invest his own money in the club, but if you think about the money recklessly spent on average players and letting players leave for free, you will realize what situation we were left in.

    I’m sorry but that was the biggest problem.

    If we have 40 million, there is nothing we can do about, it will probably take another 2 seasons to recover financially.

    We unfortunately need to sacrifice for another period of time. Just like when we moved to the Emirates. This is a refresh again, hopefully we wont go back to bad management.

    We know its frustrating as fans. I’m sure Emery is also frustrated as well.

    Lets see how it goes……..

  6. I’d much rather see Reiss Nelson return than to pay for a guy who’ll take at least a season to re-adapt to European and ESPECIALLY English football. Why is the club developing young players if they’re not making it into the starting 11. Bellerin and Iwoby aren’t enough. At least one more youngster should be introduced to the mix and Reiss Nelson could be the guy. He’s a winger, for crying out loud.

    1. May be Krystian Bielik too…he had a great season and have already scored 2 goals in U 21 championship

  7. I think Smith will grab some game-time, he looks to have goals in him, eventually he might be Ramsey’s long term replacement. He’s decent at passing, he rolls his sleeves up, and his positioning looks good in and around that Ozil area.

    Saka looks very good, tricky, dangerous, but very raw and is a little young still, we don’t want injury problems when they’re that young an age.

    Nelson, I wasn’t following him in Germany, so can only go on reports from fans and media, not sure what to think, many fans want to see him, but many more seem to feel the need for us to open up the wallet.

    Bielik, I like some of what I’ve heard, and I hear he’s looking good again in that youth team summer comp. He looks a man, he rarely looks as young as others in his age groups, strapping as they say.

    Nketiah, I hear a season long loan is looking likely, he needs to get some momentum going, he’s at an important stage in his development, so long as we get him the right move though.

  8. @ozziegunner, according to AST arsenal have already received an advance on the money of the Adidas deal in early 2018 hence why we was able to buy aubameyang and sign ozil to new contract so if thats the case i dont think adidas will worry about big names for now.

    1. Shaquille, I am not so worried about “big names”, but that the deficiencies in defense, midfield and width in attack are addressed.

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