Will Arsenal’s Tierney stance affect Saka contract dispute?

Kieran Tierney is supposedly being lined up as a potential replacement for Ben Chilwell at Leicester City, but could Arsenal’s decision on KT affect Saka?

Bukayo Saka has shot to prominence this season in what has to be considered a lacklustre Arsenal campaign, and despite helping the 18 year-old in achieving such a breakthrough, he has so far turned down our advances of a new deal.

Saka has impressed this term under all three of our managers, and most recently as a makeshift left-back, but it could be that the latter is actually a problem for the player.

I wonder if Saka is growing frustrated with being utilised out of position, while there is a number of rivals for his favoured role, and he may feel that he will need to leave the club in order gain a regular first-team role on the wings.

Kieran Tierney is supposedly being lined up by Leicester, but you would imagine that the only reason we would accept the Scot’s departure would be to give Saka the role on the long-term.

Bukayo wouldn’t be the first player to play his early years in a left-back role before pushing on to become a world-class winger, highlighted by the likes of Gareth Bale, and playing he certainly has the legs and ability to be an important attacking feature in the role as he has shown this term.

A number of clubs will no doubt be monitoring his situation in North London, but will Arsenal need to convince him that he will get opportunities in an advanced role? Or will they have to consider letting KT go in order to assure Saka that he will be first-choice at left-back moving forward?


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  1. Are we signing the PSG left back for free. If yes then we can sell Trienny to raise funds. Kola will be his back up. Saka then still can play up as winger.
    We need money and selling Trienny for good money and get his replacement for free will be a good business.

    1. I’d rather sell Kola and keep Tierney and Kurosawa if we can get him on a free

  2. Non sense article, KT just signed to Arsenal for a consistent amount of cash without a chance to play regular football.

    From what he has shown, he is a great natural LB, one of the very best in the league.

    That’s should be topic and first question; is he living?

    Sake is another topic, KT is our LB; Saka just had enough filling holes and then benched (as Niles) when KT back fit. Then benched so to have Auba in attacking line, or Martinelli! Saka is our best winger, had to do so in a LB position but was deadly and constant danger in his winger attacking role.

    As pointed, these are two different topics! If you scared for Saka, I get it, because he is not happy, he simply wants to play his natural position.

    I think he will extend 2 years, upon time he is guaranteed to play. He can make it to any team, simply best LW in EPL.

    Mane is not a real winger nor Saha on RW, LB & RB play as wingers.
    Can’t name one winger able to bench him in EPL, nor in Spain, italy…

    When he gets a chance to, he is phenomenal on that wing each time he attacks.

    1. That is the reason Mikel is not a top coach at the moment. Laca is wasted as the striker, Auba pushed to the left, so to accommodate one player, Saka & Gabriel are benched and Auba moved wide, so three players wasted for one waste of a striker. Why cannot Laca play as CAM and bench Ozil if he is so attached /sentimental to Laca or is he sentimental to both, Ozil & Laca? And with this combination we are where?9th? you do not need any more reasons why Saka and Auba are not keen to sign extensions. Tierney is a top top player, but was signed with injury and will regain his past form once he is fit. Why do we want to get rid of our best players? Auba, Saka and now Tierney?

  3. Pure unfounded speculation fuelled by the link with Tierney and his former Manager at Celtic, Brenden Rodgers.Tierney will prove to be as good as Chilwell and the prospect of him teaming up with Saka on the left flank is something I very much look forward to.Sak a is an exciting natural left winger and while he has done very well as a makeshift left back/left wing back he is not defensively minded and is far more effective with freedom to use his attacking skills to skin defenders. I am fairly certain these two young players will figure high on Arteta’s agenda for a brighter future.

    1. Agreed Grandad. Tierney will prove himself to be the best LB to play for Arsenal since Ashley Cole. He will be THAT GOOD.

      1. Tierney will prove to be one of the best.
        Got back from injury then that freak shoulder against the hammers.
        Keep the faith

      2. Saka is not a left back and never will be, he can’t tackle!!!
        Kieran Tierney is a fantastic defender with great energy for getting forward.
        He can also cross a ball a skill that has been sadly lacking from not only recent left backs but also right.
        Saka is a brilliant attacking option and should be played further up the field to optimise his obvious talents.

      3. Phil, And with what poor fare we have had since Cole, he ought to be the best since too. Some even liked CALAMITY CLICHY but I jumped for joy when I heard City had taken him. The paucity of our even adequate full backs and esp CB’s since around 2007/8 is a disgrace. Sagna and Kos apart I wouldnt give tuppence for the rest. Til Tierney came! As for Bellerin…!

        1. Jon, it would not surprise me if Arteta moves Bellerin on. We would get half decent money from his sale and he is definitely replicable.He is adequate quality at best.

          1. Phil, Personally it would be another Calamity Clichy jump for joy moment. Never rated Bellerin at all and to me he is far from even adequate at the level our club OUGHT to demand..

          2. Phil and jon, Bellerin must be a good chance to go to either AC or Inter Milan so he can pursue his modelling career in this fashion centre. He seems more interested in modelling than football.

  4. I’ll be sincere, I’ve not seen Tierney do anything better than what kolasinac did in his first few months. He has been injured yes, but in his few games, he has just been there.

    I don’t think he deserves to be called the next Marcelo or Arnold or anything. I just hope I’m wrong but j truth, I’ve not seen anything clearly distinct between him and Kolasinac.

    And pls, no one should call me a pessimist, I’m someone that hopes that anyone who wears the Arsenal jersey will perform well.

    1. They both had fantastic debuts, Sarmmie. And as everyone knows, I’m Kolasinac’s biggest fan, yet I still want to see Tierney start ahead of him, he’s going to be great for us…He’ll be back with a bang! 👍

        1. Not too bad thanks Kev, how about you?
          I’m running out of old games to watch on Sky/BT… so I’ve turned to Ozark – love it!!!!

          1. Old Marty Byrd haha it’s brilliant isn’t it ? I’m currently watching Yellowstone, I love it 👊 just sat watching a star is born now it’s actually very good 😂 yeah I’m alright thanks Sue 😊 I don’t even watch football anymore I’ll just wait until it’s back on TV live which will probably be a while

          2. Glad to hear you’re well, Kev!
            I’ve even given up with the darts 😮
            Yes, be a while yet! 2 things I haven’t missed though – Mike Dean & Jon Moss!! Haha!

          3. That’s not like you Sue, I thought they were playing from home ? 😮. Haha throw Michael Oliver in there and I’m on board 😂 I think after this lockdown I should become a TV critic 😂

          4. No doubt you’d be an avid viewer Sue 😜 I’m not much of an avid anything these days 😂 well another year older on Monday Sue, I think my playing days are well and truly over not that they ever got going 😂

          5. Hahaha avid 😉 Well, you’d better be on here next Monday!
            Look after yourself, Kev… speak soon 😁

  5. Tierney is a very good left back.The games he played in, i just saw a clever defender in him.He knows when to bomb forward and reads the situation superbly.
    His end product is very good and so is his defensive skills.He was able to silent one of the top wingers,Adama Traore when we played them on the emirates.

    And Saka is not a natural LB.And when tierney returns i will pick him over saka and i see saka having a future as a winger than a defender…

  6. I watched Tierney when he was with Celtic. He is a fantastic left back with a great engine, a tremendous delivery into the penalty box and can defend when required. I watched him playing for Arsenal and we have not seen the Celtic Tierney yet but when he is fit he will be a great player in the PL. why sell one of our best players to a rival and so strengthen them. Brendan knows how good he is.

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