Will Arsenal’s winter break help us in the Europa League?

What do we expect from Arsenal after the winter break? by Lagos Gooner

Hello Gooners. Compliments of the day to you all wherever you are. The Premiership is going on a winter break this weekend. This perhaps may be a response to people who complain that the footballers who ply their trade in the premiership are being overworked. Or it could also be borne out of sincere love for the players who work so hard to make the Premiership a brand to be recognized with all over the world. Whatever the reason for the break, one thing is sure is that the break is much needed.

After security fears were allayed over Arsenal’s choice of Dubai for their winter break, Arteta and his team would be heading to Dubai on February 7th and would be back in London by the 10th. Due to the club’s sponsorship deal with Emirates, Dubai was always the preferred destination, but tensions in that part of the world have risen in the wake of the United States-ordered assassination of Iranian general Qassem Suleimani. Now, after a short winter-break/training camp in Dubai, what should we expect from the team when they get back?

Well, for starters, the break will give the players the much needed rest they deserve. It will give them the break from the pressure they have been battling with since the beginning of the season. The break will give them the opportunity to reassess their performances so far and know where to improve in their game. Arsenal’s winter break will, most of all, allow the teams who are to play in the knockout stages of the various UEFA club competitions later this month, to rest their players and re-energize them to come out smoking once they resume the knockout stages.

In past seasons, the Premiership teams played all through the year, and this mostly affected their performances in both the UEFA Champions league and the Europa league competitions. Although because of the ruggedness of the premiership teams and their players, these English teams ended up lifting trophies. However, their recorded successes in these competitions did not change the fact that they needed a break, just like how it is being done in major leagues around Europe.

In the past, when Arsenal lost to big teams in the Champions league round of 16, the major excuses put up by pundits then was that the Arsenal players were so tired and they needed a mid season break. Well, now that we have Arsenal’s winter break and we are spending it in the Middle East, I seriously hope it will aid our participation in the knockout stages of the Europa competition and propel us to winning it.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. 350oz says:

    Yes, the winter break is a refreshing change and in line with the spirit of fair competition. Other leagues have a winter break every year and like Wenger used to say, we don’t have any problem playing every day as long as our opponents do as well. In fact, it is well documented that a break is influential for Leicester in their title-winning season. I also heard the players are encouraged to bring their families so I expect the team to come back stronger and fresher after the break. COYG

  2. Gunnerphilic says:

    I think this break will do us a lot of good. With one or two guys returning from the treatment room, I am optimistic that our firm will improve and so will performance on the field.

    Over to Mikel Arteta and the guys to prove us right and our doubters wrong.

  3. Richard says:

    I dont think it will make a difference to the outcome of our Europa League campaign. Last season the Premier League didn’t have a winter break and its teams filled all four spots in the two European finals.

  4. ken1945 says:

    The reason The Arsenal lost in the quarter finals of the CL was because they were better than us – nothing to do with tiredness.

    The reason this winter break will be so good for MA? Two new players to gel in, further time to get injured players fit without them missing games and a welcome break for Arteta to sit down and discuss the season so far with his players.

  5. Mogunna says:

    Obviously a rest can only benefit, we play Europa at Olypiacos on 20th, Everton home on 23rd.

    It is an advantage for English teams in Europe football beside Chelsea & city who plays CL on 25th & 26; everyone plays on 19th & 20th.

    Reds play on 18th but EPL on 24th, have more rest. Wolves & Man U are as us, EL on 20th, EPL the 23rd.

    Chelsea CL game being on 25th gives them an edge on Spurs who plays CL on 19th to meet on
    22nd. These are details but important to consider.

    3 EL teams have same rest but we play Everton who will be fully rested, 4 days rest for US, after long break should be okay.

    This plays more in favor of Chelsea & Reds and the less for Arsenal as we play Everton while Wolves hosts Norwich, Man U – Waftord should be easier to host for them but theses teams fighting for survival are no easy to play at this time neither.

    Not making excuses, just details that count. Overall, we are supposed to win our games but with an assistant trying to devellop to a coach in a club as Arsenal, makes it very hard so far!

    This break can benefit us if Arteta can get a quick brain surgery and come back making sense, with more logic and brightness he can surely use.

    To be incapable to put right formation on pitch means whatever his tac tic is, won’t & doesn’t work; wrong for and from that.

    To be incapable to analyse a game highlights that he misses some brain, or we would have won in Burnley as opposed to almost & deserved losing it.

    Bournemouth game’s 2 halves showed us flying in first half, dominant in all aspects, with one DM, Gendouzi.

    On second half he moved Xhaka as DM as well. We got lucky to win but lost second half.

    Saka was above Xhaka and behind Martinelli, playing in an attacking midfield role which had that wing on fire and both goals.

    Arteta is a great assistant coach but certainly not ready for a top club straight from assisting, with no first coach experience even at U23 level which is key!

    I’m not convinced that he would make a top coach at all, because of this lack of bit of brightness. You either have it or not, beyond experience…

    These 2 halves showed that players are no issue, but who he picks and positions he plays them. All his retarded choices, what about subs he makes? So off!

  6. Finn says:

    Does anyone know if arsenal are playing any friendliest in Dubai or where they are staying

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