Will Arsene keep his word and not sell Alexis? And what will be the consequences?

Hello lovely Arsenal people! So the hot topic man – Alexis Sanchez is back in training and he looked in fine spirits considering all the speculation around him. Reports suggest Arsene has put his foot down and banned any transfer ideas and this time it seems to me like he won’t sell to an EPL rival.

With PSG set to sign Neymar and Bayern signing James Rodriguez, I don’t think he’ll leave. Than again, Arsene has said before certain players won’t leave, but this time it feels like the Frenchman finally manned up to do a bold decision. What will be the impact though?

Sanchez has put up some lame shows before like Swansea away, but I do feel he will play to win every game as that is his style. Besides, he’ll get a free move next summer as I don’t think he’ll sign a contract here, because we haven’t added enough quality to provide a viable platform for success.

We could assume that Alexis will be playing alright, but why is Wenger so adamant not to sell? Lack of quality is a simple answer. We have a big squad full of average players. We have Xhaka and Ramsey in midfield which clearly doesn’t work, we have Ozil who is struggling to find good rhythm and our best player of late – The Ox is in his final year too.

Wenger is on the ropes. He got a new contract, but the sour taste in fans mouths hasn’t washed away. What choice does he have? If those players leave, he’ll face more abuse, not that it’s possible for any force to sack him as we can see, it will still hurt his ego and besides, he believes he still has what it takes, which as recent results have shown is far from the case.

Keeping the players against their will is something that will ease the pressure on him for now, until another season of failure unfolds and he then has a huge problem next summer. See the opposition has improved of late and Arsene is struggling to keep pace, but as always it’s not about the big picture, it’s about doing just enough to milk the Arsenal fans money, before the club throws more dust in our eyes.

The Frenchman’s mountain of trouble is piled up with players refusing to take a pay cut to leave and that is also delaying potential signings. Getting Lemar would be one for the moment and the future, but it’s still uncertain if it is possible to happen. But problems in midfield and defence are yet to be addressed.

So in the end of all this, Wenger desperately needs a good start to the season. Imagine what will be on his head with key players already unwilling to sign new deals if we lose to Chelsea in the Community Shield by a large margin and we fail to beat Leicester and Stoke on day one and two?

The boss has huge problems right now. Delaying them for next summer is a disaster waiting to happen, or is it already happening? Wenger acknowledges that without Sanches we probably won’t get even 5th, so he’s banking all on taking the risk with the final year and hoping we’ll achieve success.

It’s admirable, it’s not typical for us to take risks, but even when we are, there are ways to increase our chances of success like buying good players in positions we’re in obvious need of recruitment. It still hasn’t happened and I feel we might leave it to a bad start to the season for us to wake up.

We’re in a bad situation overall, but what other choice does Wenger have? I agree with him on this one, but ultimately I don’t think we did enough to escape. Hopefully I’m wrong. The season starts very soon and the window ends soon after so by September we may already be seeing part of the picture painted.



  1. Eddy Hoyte says:

    “He was the one that set that starting price of €15million and acknowledged that he was wrong in some things [giving Perez’s shirt number to Lacazette].
    “He apologised for not doing as they ought to.
    “Lucas Perez is calm, he has to train and worry about preparing for the season. He wants to play, he has said he wants to leave, but we also know that he has a three-year contract with a club that he signed 11 months ago.
    “At least we already have that asking price.
    “We consider it high and disproportionate because in the end he is a player who cost Arsenal €21 million and now comes after a year in which he has not played much and with a repayment of €5m per year to be distributed over four years.
    “It’s important to be clear – it’s impossible that Lucas Perez can go to Deportivo today.
    “To this day the best offer is from Deportivo. There is a lot of interest in the French league, the Turkish league, the Premier League, the Bundesliga.
    “It’s normal, we’re talking about an Arsenal player who did not play a lot there but he’s the only one who scored in four competitions.” – Perez’s agent.
    If Wenger wants to keep him i can only hope he gives him the chances he never gave him….

    Meanwhile somewhere around the world Messi who already won 2 Balon D’or at 23 is still playing and Barcelona fans wanted Neymar who at 25 hasn’t won any to stay put saying he’s the future.

    Future kor, Drake Ni ????

  2. Jean MOUELI says:

    Why are you so negative? Are you a true Arsenal fan? I doubt.

  3. Eddy Hoyte says:

    ” Imagine what will be on his head with key players already unwilling to sign new deals if we lose to Chelsea in the Community Shield by a large margin and we fail to beat Leicester and Stoke on day one and two?”

    I stopped reading when I got there, I knew instantly it’s a Konstantin post. scrolled down and I was right.
    See one thing i keep saying is ya’ll need to learn. We all suffered last season with the team’s performance, nobody loved it. But it’s a new season now and we are recovering from last season, fans are still gearing up and hopeful. Don’t come on here sharing with us your Negativity and loads of pessimism. Dude stop doing this!! Are you cursed??
    We haven’t even kicked a ball in the upcoming Epl season and you’re feeding us “what if we lose by a big margin to Chelsea and blah blah” Enough already, take your negativity elsewhere, nobody, none of you, not even Arsene Wenger or the players will make me go through what we all went through last season. so just quit it??

    1. gunn3rgr says:

      the reason why people are pessimist for our team is that everyone is getting stronger (even everton, MAN U, Liverpool, Chelsea, MAN City etc)
      and we have 3-4 top players being on the verge of indifference
      ozil has not renewed, sanchez is eyeing exit, chabo is last year, walcott is indifferent etc

      and our team still consists of monreal, gibbs, per, elneny, lucas, walcot, coq

      com on sell them and bring new blood

    2. ayodeji arsenal says:

      Naija boy!! Correct gunner fan don’t mind them negative dudes just like the effd up negative media they just always want some gloom over arsenal. Let’s enjoy the new season now that Sanchez is staying let’s just hope we manage to bring in Lemar and a midfielder. Then we’ll enjoy the season more

    3. Vlad says:

      That’s KM for you. His negativity and hate are absolutely disgusting.

  4. waal2waal says:

    wenger will keep his word by not allowing alexis’ sale this summer – its the january winter window we have to worry about – the player is yet to open up and announce exactly where he stands.

  5. gunn3rgr says:

    i think that Sanchez might leave on JANUARY
    and all to be happy… Arsenal will not be competing for title and for a team of world class which will appear weak in January (Bayern, Juve , Barca) might seem good choice
    they will have the oportunity to land a world class player to assist the in CL pursuit

    arsenal is getting weaker and weaker and i see many players close to their EOC and no move to retain them or find substitutes
    am very worried

  6. kronologik says:

    The point is to be able to regularly maintain and reproduce that intensity shown against chelsea in the 1st half of FA Cup final. This will be a tough team to beat for sure. Anything else is besides the point.

  7. John0711 says:

    Apparentley reports coming through weve had a bid on Dembele from Dortmund which has been rejected ?

    1. Coldzero says:

      Good player – would be nice if we did get him.

    2. Vijay says:

      can’t say we didn’t try lolz…but seriously dembele over mbappe though.

  8. John Ibrahim says:

    Its pretty obvious that the trio Sanchez, Ozil and Ox will not sign any new deals

    The consequences is a write off of $125m

    and they are free to join any club they wish for next season

    Sanchez to City

    Ozil to Man utd or Bayern

    Ox to Chelsea

    1. dennis10bergkamp says:

      Ozil already confirmed he is staying.
      OX aint leaving, he loves Arsenal.
      Sanchez can go if he wants to, maybe swap him for Aguero or Draxler would be ideal.
      Then buy Seri and a center back like VDijk or Manolas.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        Hes staying but that doesn’t mean hes signing a new deal

        At this stage all 3 will be free agent at the end of the season

      2. LL_cool_gunner says:

        Staying might just mean till his contract runs out, if they don’t sign, nothing is guaranteed..

  9. Anko says:

    Am sorry for him and for us that PSG signed Neymar instead of Sanchez. We would have sold him to another league for good money and he would have been able to earn as much as he wants. I hope he signs a new contract with us, or go back to Barcelona. I will be really sad to see him go to Man City and without transfer fee he can earn a lots of money.

  10. GB says:

    Hold on, the Neymar transfer has hit a massive hitch!

  11. John Ibrahim says:

    Wheres is Kev = Resources on Lemar deal?

    keen to know how many more next weeks?

  12. Coldzero says:

    Just let him go and get rid now. His head appears not to be with Arsenal. Get rid and go all out for Lemur as a CM and Mahrez as a winger. Promote some of the kids if need be, Nelson for instance but do not have an already sulky histrionic player infecting the dressing room.

    Those of you that have played football in a team to a certain level will know just how much of an effect these sorts of moany players have with their constant sniping and bellyaching in the dressing room- it leads to hassle and a poorly performing team.

    Get him out of the club, get as much as we can for him and get/promote players that do want to play for us.

  13. kelisjech says:

    Consequences be damned, we need Sanchez to help is qualify to champions league next season

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      If we sign quality replacement, we dont need Sanchez to qualify for champs league

      what our players need is constant hair dryer treatment and let a few heads roll

      too much complacency

  14. Bekele says:

    Why would care about the money we loss… we need ucl football he is the right player to get us

  15. Midkemma says:

    Barca are getting a bucketload of cash, they need someone on the left to replace Neymar, they know Alexis…

    That rumor was bound to come up at some point but we should tell them £100 mil or wait 12 months, they could just to get a name in and one that has proven to score from the left.

    BvB have put a 90 mil price tag on Dembele, Juve have put a 140 mil price tag on Dybala, Liverpool rejected a £70 mil bid… Barca are going to have to pay someone a lot of money as the world knows they will have the funds.

    If Barca pay up then we could Dembele and make a bit of profit.

  16. Vlad says:

    Forgot to take your meds again today, Konstantin?

  17. Viera Lyn says:

    If we start this season without either extending Sanchez’s contract or selling and replacing him with a SUITABLE alternative(S) it will be a clear sign from this organization that nothing has changed and that we will never get it right until both Kroenke and Wenger are gone…if nothing is resolved and we lose him for free, then try to find a replacement in the much inflated marketplace, this would be typical of the half-baked decision-making that has plagued this team for a number of years…this is what I call the “no man’s land” of the soccer world, where teams that don’t develop or recruit enough talented young players tend to lose the plot from an organizational standpoint

    we have become so reliant upon one individual to run the whole operation that our once relevant scouting department has become so stagnant that it can no longer find those hidden gems it once…when this occurs the management team, who by this juncture is little more than a congregation of spefically chosen “yes” men, making it incredibly difficult for new ideas to emerge and/or transfers/contract renegotiations to be dealt with in a timely and effective manner…so instead of developing a team with the qualities necessary to excel in a particular system, you continually make half-brain purchases then try desperately to finagle together a lineup regardless of what would make positional sense…have you ever heard of a team who plays players out of position so often…of course not because that manager would likely be fired and never work for a team of any consequence ever again

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