Will Arsene Wenger’s anger with Lyon hamper Arsenal’s Lacazette bid?

The Arsenal manager is unhappy with Lyon after the club revealed that a bid had come in from them, which had been rejected.

The Ligue 1 side came out in the press to release a statement denying that the Gunners had lodged an improved bid of £40 Million, whilst revealing the club’s actual offer of €35 Million instead.

Arsene Wenger is known for his stubbornness in keeping all transfer dealings in secret until a move has been completed, and will be angered by Lyon’s official statement revealing their offer.

The French boss has now insisted that he has found it always to be best only to talk about a transfer once it is done, blaming the French side for their statement.

He said: “Lyon is responsible for their own statements. On the transfer front, I think the best [option] is always to keep as secret as possible.

“If we sign somebody, we will announce it. But I cannot tell you much more on that.”

Arsene Wenger has already missed out on a number of attacking targets this summer, with his pursuit of Jamie Vardy having been made public, and the long-ongoing saga surrounding the possible move for Alvaro Morata, while Higuain, Michy Barshuayi, Icardi, Jansson and Cavani all look to be off the cards also.

Possible strike targets are now running slim, and Wenger may not be able to afford to call off the chase for Lacazette due to his stubbornness with the situation.

What I can insist on, is that the Arsenal boss will now insist to the possible selling club that all further communications must be kept under wraps, until a potential deal is completed, but with Lyon believed to be keen on keeping their star striker, they may not be keen on playing ball.

Will Arsene allow this to hamper the deal? Is Lacazette our best choice available?

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  1. If anything, I would say it puts more pressure on him to put in a bid to sign him. Although I still cannot comprehend why the bid was lower than West Ham’s. Baffling.

    Also half of the striker targets you have named have already moved clubs. Higuain to Juve, Batshuayi to Chelsea and Janssen to Spurs.

  2. Come on, Wenger, get over it! Nobody is going to believe that you are hurt or whatever. If you were so sensitive to comments you would have packed up your cases and left the Emirates about 10 years ago, judging by the anger expressed by many fans who are incensed that they are being lied to and conned season after season who want you simply to go. You flatly refuse hear fans pleading with you to do the right thing and disappear. Clearly no sensitivity there; but there again the £8m a year must make it easier any ‘hurt’ not hurt so much. So, just get over your hurt, anger or whatever. I cannot stand false righteousness.

    1. Sorry about the typos, damn this predictive text lark I would say. Hopefully few missed words here and there doesn’t spoil your reading. I am so livid by the falseness that I can’t bring word out quickly enough. Apologies if happened to be Wenger admirer; I cannot imagine how it must feel to be constantly deflated following yet another false transfer rumour. As the saying goes: Wenger you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time! I am not fooled (any more).

  3. 1 yhing says it all about this club really barca widely regarded as one of if not the best team in the world continue sign quality players like umtiti and gomes. Us on the otherhand go out and sign (no disrespect to him) the japanese jaguar. People can say its a pr thing or not but let me ask you this whos sellimg more jerseys asano or ibra? This club has 0 ambitiom to do anything about it and when fans try to stand u0 for the club like they did last year they get drowned out by the blind faithfuls. Long atory short this club is in ruin until the entire upper echelon quits because lets face it we cant get rid of them

  4. Coquelin is training as a CB.
    He isn’t experienced as a CB. He is a DM (the only one we have)
    Wenger is getting extra cheap lol

    1. I just read that news too, But i dont think that Coquelin is cool headed enough to be a CB.
      So when is Giroud going to start training as a Striker then? ? ??

      1. Out of topic but I always thought both of you were related some way because of your profile pictures

        1. Hahaha ? and I thought that was you Gooner Boy ? ?
          or was it Arsenal Lad ? Becoming Arsenal Girl?

          What? ? Hahaha ?

  5. let’s just cross our fingers and hope AW doesn’t sign a new contract after this one. Next step will be to get Gazidis out after that. This club is a mess. Nobody in the entire “club” (corporation) cares about anything besides money.Hope Arsenal fans stop showing up to Emirates but we know that won’t happen. So continue they will.

  6. I don’t understand why Wenger still wants to remain so secretive about his targets, when most of the time he messes it up himself by under bidding by a country mile for the player and it’s not as if the other clubs are spying on his transfer activities, like they used to, a decade ago.

    Even the tranfer statements being made by Gazidis and Wenger are becoming a bickering joke! ?
    Obviously these two comedians, Don’t actually talk to each other.?

  7. Yes, I hope it has scuppered the deal.

    I would like Wenger to move for Wissam instead. He’s faster, more mobile, cheaper and more skillful.

    1. Yes, the cheaper part, appeals to most, nowadays. ?
      There’s no cure for it and you can thank Wenger for that!

      His-ham&cheddar could be our last hope for a striker! ?
      Maybe sandwich him in between Giroud and Sanchez ?

  8. The season will not as some
    seem to think be won or lost
    in the first 3 weeks of the season.
    Wenger may wait and see how the results go
    against Liverpool Leicester and Watford.
    A regulation home win v Liverpool, an away draw at Leicester
    and a win over relegation fodder Watford would see Arsenal on 7 points
    and near the top of the table so no need for 90 mill worth of signings perhaps?
    But If Wenger plays his top X1 in all 3 EPL games before the window closes
    how will he assess Holding, Chambers, Wilshere’s fitness, the RB situation
    Walcott’s srtiker credentials, or decide between Chamberlain, Campbell, Adelaide, Iwobi?
    Yes there is the 70th minute sub window but is that enough?

  9. I think it’ll do us good if we the Arsenal fans whether we are of the AKB or the AOB if we show some regards and respects for the Arsenal CEO Mr Gasidiz and the Arsenal manager Mr Wenger for all their efforts to sign top grade players for Arsenal in this current summer transfer window, would we?

    Arsenal aren’t dormant at the market in this current window as they’ve already signed one marque midfielder and 2 young ones for cover and developmental purposes. And are still very active at the market searching for the next target to sign.. So why can’t we be patient and pray for the officers of Arsenal to succeed in getting their preferred targets signed at the amount Arsenal can afford to pay.

    1. Sam, what you are saying is very reasonable however we have been here before.

      Last season we signed cech early, we all expected a striker to be signed, and nothing happened.

      This season we signed xhaka early, we are expecting a striker to be signed and so far nothing.

      It is a recurring theme at arsenal, we know the positions that need strengthening but nothing actually happens.

    2. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Low balling when bidding for big players does not count as transfer market ‘activity’. West Ham bid 5 mil euros more than us for Lacazette earlier in the window and the bid got rejected. There are two possibilities as a result:

      – Wenger has absolutely and totally lost it. Maybe some kind of care home is in order (Insanity is after all defined as : doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result)
      – Wenger is desperately trying to appease the fans by making dreadful bids that he knows will be rejected. I’m sure in his mind, he believes that Walcott will make a big comeback and be the striker we need.

  10. Quite funny they came out and publicly made us look foolish and arrogant by submitting a bid less than west hams. Wenger pay more or move on just get the deal done or sign this Ben Yedder fella, just be decisive and do something! Funny that Chelsea have just resubmitted a 38m bid for koulibally and we baulked at olympiakos valuation of 120 for manolas who ended up joining Roma. Get with it arsene, I’m not saying the overinflated prices are right but it is what it is, get with and stop moaning. And gazidis we can’t compete with the larger clubs? Justify your comments please. If not then get some loan cover in with a view to buy. Our transfer team are diluded and indecisive to say the least.

    1. With regard to the west ham bid for lacazette
      1. I have only seen media reports so figures could easoly be incorrect
      2. Lacazette has to agree to move and he wants champions league so it could have been lacazette who rejected move to west ham.

  11. OT:

    Does Wenger have a bad relationship with Italian clubs these days? I may be completely wrong but I can’t remember the last time we signed a player out of the Italian league. It’s interesting because Viera, Bergkamp & Henry all came from the Italian league.

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