Will Arteta hold Arsenal back in the long run?

Will Arteta hold Arsenal back in the long run?

Arteta has proven himself with a streak of good performances, only losing to Liverpool, with the players performing well as a cohesive team, the club is close to a Champions League spot, but with changes in the managerial landscape and difficult fixtures from January to February, top four is looking less likely. If Arteta fails to qualify for Champions League this season as well, should the next season be his final season?

The Spanish manager has rebuilt the club from the wreckage Unai Emery left behind. During his tenure, the management structure has improved, recruitment are making more shrewd signings and the academy is producing higher quality prospects that can either go into the first team or be sold off to other clubs. One thing that has not improved for Arsenal is our league position. Finishing in eighth position for two consecutive season is not growth at all. The club looks to finish higher than our previous season but let’s not count our chickens before they hatch.

The club has improved and it is thanks to Arteta. He was able to outlast Frank Lampard at Chelsea and Ole Gunnar Solskjær at Manchester United but that may be to our own detriment. With them being sacked, the respective clubs were able to bring in bigger managers that are capable winning major trophies, we have already seen that with Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea.

No matter what Arteta achieves at Arsenal for the next 18 months, Arsenal should secure a top manager that can take over once his contract is done. We can see how having a novice manager coaching a top team limits the chances a club has at the League. They could even get to second place but they will not be the ones that will lift the trophy.

Arteta has done well so far, even winning an FA cup. Nonetheless, when his contract ends, it is time for the next manager to take control and elevate Arsenal to new heights, whoever that mastermind may be.

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  1. I think at this point we need to see how we end up at the end of the season. Of we are In top 6 I am happy to stay with arteta.

    Top managers need to be developed and need time. I think growing a manager with the club we can get a great like wenger or fergie. However nothing less than top 6 is acceptable

    1. Wenger gave us too 4 for years with such inferior quality team and we were not happy with that and today we are happy for 5th and 6th position

      1. Kedar With Chelsea Manchester/city and Utd Liverpool Tottenham and teams like West Ham and Leicester is is going to be harder to get into the top 4 Top Managers will make top players come to them they always have and always will that is football. Footballers love to be with big clubs and top managers

  2. Top 4 is the target for me anything less is a failure having been very heavily backed in the last season 18 months ,no body would have complained if the club had replaced him after the shambolic season we had last time around .
    Where as I saw something in him when he hoodwinked me with the FA cup win that as now dwindled completely after 2 years with the type of football he’s encouraging our players to play ,yes he gets results (just )against inferior opponents but the football stays the same and that is something I can’t get behind as a fan .

  3. Depends on whether he is willing to gamble in tough away matches or not, in the future. Because he is currently too conservative when visiting the lion’s dens, such as Etihad, Anfield and Old Trafford

    Even if he can’t reach top six in the end of this season, his players will be highly familiar with positional-play tactics. This will make the transition much easier to a positional-play adopter, such as Ten Hag, Guardiola, Flick, Low, Mancini and Tuchel, if one of them is willing to join us

    1. For me it’s top 5 or out! We are 5th currently and have a game in hand vs the other 7 teams in the top 8…so no excuses!

      5th place finish

      Really not asking that much

  4. I’m reserving my opinion to see where we are at the end of the season.
    I feel Mikel has a vision on how he wants his players to play, he just seems lacking in the know how to utilise to their fullest potential.
    My major worry is his inability to address the high press.

  5. After two 8th paced finishes under Arteta the club decided on a major reset. Surprisingly Arteta was retained. 6 new young players were bought in at a cost of 150m. These were added to Leno Gabriel Partey Tierney Xhaka Aubameyang and Lacazette plus the promising ESR and Saka and Martinelli. With no European football Arteta has fielded just 14 regular starters in the league. After a slow start the team is disputing 4th place. Top 6 will be a good enough finish for Arteta to be given another season to finish the rebuild by off loading 6-7 underachievers and brnging in 3-4 new players. Top 4 will be the goal next season.

  6. “No matter what Arteta achieves at Arsenal for the next 18 months, Arsenal should … (replace him)”

    With respect, that makes absolutely no sense to me.

    1. Thank you @Voyageur exactly my point….what’s the point of this article 🙄… personally I think he’s doing a decent job with the youngest squad in the league

      1. Okayyyyyyy, so what is the point of your comment?
        That’s your opinion, but the difference is that he put his opinion into an article.

        You wanna write a reply?

  7. You cant guess what is going to happen in the future with any confidence but the position we are in today proves, with the expenditure in his tennure and the emergence of our young talent, failure to at least secure CL, would be a failure. I am sure a top manager/coach can get a top four finish with these players, this season.

  8. These articles are very prevalent on this site and just plain weird in my opinion…for the first time in years the team is displaying with heart, tenacity and a real togetherness and well positioned for the top four and a real joy to watch..what to they get for their amazing turnaround? Articles about who the next manager is going to be..Stevie Wonder can see how much improvement has been overseen by Arteta…I just don’t understand you guys or if you are even fans of Arsenal

  9. Seems the writer wants Arteta out at all cost that’s why he is predicting a fail season despite been on same point with 4th place team and after just 13point.
    Actually I understand some fans obsession with bling superstars football managers and players, I mean Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs and city has coaches with shining cv while we only have a rookie manager who just started his career less than 2years, however, he is doing more than my expectations already, especially how he managed to clear out/disband the ‘mafia gang’ and selectively bring in effective players, with these alone, I’ll want to see how we finish this season and how we progress next season.

    I know we are not playing in the old way, hold on.. what’s the old way?…Pre-Wenger, Pre-invincible or Wenger last year?

    1. Not to mention adajim, what other manager do you know of that you can tell genuinely loves the club and talks all the time about what a honor and a dream it is to manage Arsenal..I don’t know about you but I find that very gratifying

      1. I think there are too many articles and comments on this site written to insult and discredit the manager.
        There is a ridiculous insistence that some other top manager would get more out of the team than Arteta has. Much of this is based on nothing more than biased opinion yet these articles get trotted out on an almost daily basis.
        The suggestion that Arteta is somehow holding Arsenal back and he should be replaced whatever happens this season is reprehensible.

      2. Let’s not forget he isn’t doing this out of the goodness of his heart – the way some harp on you’d think he was! He’s paid a reported 5m, hardly peanuts to manage this team. He’s been in the job long enough; 2 years now (is it ok to say that?!!) he should be delivering. The minimum I expect from this season is to be back in europe as that was embarrassing being dumped out by the man he replaced.

  10. From what I have seen of Arteta so far, I truly think he would make an amazing Director Of Football or Assistant manager.
    Been so impressed by his sharp acknowledgment of problem areas in our team and addressing them quickly.

    He does not tolerate primadonna’s too. It’s “My way or the highway” attitude.

    But as a first team manager I am not too sure so far..

    1. Goonster Is he in love with Auba because he keeps playing him he has lost his pace and does not seem the same since he signed that bloody contract

  11. I get very confused when “Top Managers” are referenced as a single species, “Big Name Manager” or “Novice Manager” appears to be the debate, which is nonsense the only thing that matters is does it work with the Club’s current situation, whoever that Club might be. It worked for Chelsea (as it usually seems to) as Tuchel has kicked on well from what Lampard had done

    Who are these people anyway, Ancelloti replaced by Benitez at Everton, Mourinho & van Gaal at United, is this new guy there a Big Name/Top Manager?, time will tell as it did with the others mentioned

    Is Moyes in the Club?, is Rogers?, is ten Hag?, is Ranieri?, is Pochettino?, the list is too long to prattle on

    Closer to home is Emery?, was Wenger, was Rioch?, was Graham?, I honestly don’t know what the entry point is

    I think the answer to this exam paper is timing, the right time for the Club to make the change and maybe as importantly whether Arteta thinks the time is right to move on

  12. As suggested above, what the point of trying to predict the future?

    If Arteta finishes in the top4 then he is on the way to success so why then not trust him to take the club further? A disappointing second half of the season – as in no top6 – would spell the beginning of the end. Still being a relatively new manager isn’t sufficient. The risk was taken and Arteta hasn’t been a disaster at this point. An upward trajectory is still required

      1. Its called an opinion PAT!

        Seems to me THAT is the whole point of having JA at all.
        Unless you are saying differently! Are you?

  13. I am not a fan of Arteta. For me the way he treated William Saliba, Matteo Guendouzi and Lucas Torreira troubled me. An ego trip of enviousness towards those he did not sign or get credit for. But if he can lead the improving group and we have to some level of glory and success…..and if he matures and does not let his petty grievances dominate, I will start to respect him. To me, how he treated William Saliba was morally so wrong and I would never support any human who is so controlled by silly grudges. But if he has learned his lesson and has some respect for those who are not ‘his players’, and creates success then I will give him support. He has quite some way to go though on both fronts.

  14. This is not necessarily a question in support of Arteta Sean but I am genuinely intrigued by the Saliba thing to be honest

    What do you believe Arteta has done to Saliba and why do you think he did it please?

    Saliba was on loan when Arteta arrived and is still only 20 years of age, Arteta hasn’t sold him, he is back on loan in his native country and I’m pretty sure that Arteta has confirmed publicly that he is still an Arsenal player that is part of the plan going forward

    Arteta still has lots of other active members in the current squad this season that he neither signed or has tried to take credit for

    Who do you think he was envious of and why please?

    As I say, I am genuinely intrigued

  15. Even I, who has spoken at length about my concerns regarding several of MA’s obvious missteps, would never suggest that no matter what transpires over the next 18 months Arteta should be summarily sacked…to even postulate such a notion is a non-starter for me, so I can’t take anything that follows this nonsense seriously

  16. There has been talk of “progress” and that should start to show at the end of over 2 seasons in charge.

    If we are not 6th or better, then it is time to part ways. Wenger’s top 4 was not enough for some, and for me personally the progression under Arsene had stopped; stagnated.

    Top 4 is great, but if that is the goal, not the title or competing for CL trophy, then what is the point?

    More money in owner’s pocket? Bragging rights against the 16 teams below us?

    Players were not upgraded, positions and depth not strengthened, and some considered this “acceptable” because at least it was top 4.

    If the club is not progressing, then it is falling behind, as was obvious in the 3 1/2 years before Arteta.

    Now we have had two 8th place finishes and no European football, and the question of “progression” has to be asked.

  17. I’ll say this for this biased article; the writer makes no attempt to hide his own personal agenda!

    A worthwhile article would have looked at all sides of the situation and given some perspective, but this one lacks all context and any perspective whatsoever.

    And that having been said, I have nothing positive whatever to say about this rather silly and juvenile article.


        I realise accuracy is not your natural choice with words but just once in a while some factual accuracy would be welcome.

        I realise of course that you resent me and are jealous of my intellect and ability with words, esp as you are personally not fully literate, which does at least explain your constant failed attempts at put downs.

        1. Get over yourself jon
          You have just asked the same question above to Pat as I’ve just asked you ,now tell me what’s the difference ?
          Oh yea it came from your hobby mouth rather than mine .

  18. As someone who actually wanted Arteta in from the start I’m currently pessimistic about having Arteta around for too long. He has cost us players as in Guandiuzi and Saliba, and I’m not convinced by the players he’s brought in except for Ramsdale. These are not players who will star in Champions League finals. As one ugly Liverpool fan spluttered, how many of Arsenal’s players would make it into Liverpool’s starting 11. I’ll concede it’s early days to bring out the judge but we could in future be stuck with a team of good, honest pros without having anyone outstanding who can deliver in the really big games. Prove me wrong tomorrow guys.

    1. Tierney and Gabriel are probably the only players that could make up that Liv first eleven. Tierney is an all rounder and he gets the nod sometimes for Scotland ahead of his compatriot. Gabriel you could imagine would likely form a solid pairing with Virgil.. Partey, I would have expected to be in this discussion too but he’s not the player that was touted on arrival, he needs to improve his game esp his wanting the ball, and he needs to be showing a real desire to being the best central midfielder on field. Only two AFC players make that Liv side in my opinion.

  19. I really dont understand the hate campaign against Arteta even after a good start to the season. Agreed, we lost the first 3 matches, but currently we are 5th and aiming for top 4, so isnt it fine. Its fine by me. I expect a top 6 finish and European football if not top 4. Arteta has made the team resilient, united, passionate and proud. So the man is doing his work and one should allow him to do it. Articles such as these promote unnecessary negativity when the going is good. Lets judge him by the end of the season, lets be pragmatic and realistic instead of being one sided and envious. Considering he is still a rookie at management, he is doing ok and except for the Liverpool mauling, the results of late have been encouraging. Give him time and space atleast till the end of the season.

  20. The long run is an accumulation of short run developments … over the last decade we have dropped out of the top tier of English football .. currently comprised of 3 teams that are clearly superior to everyone else … and are part of a second tier of 6 or 7 teams vying for 3 european places (don’t consider the new european cup as meaningful in footballing terms) … within that second tier we have moved from its lower to upper echelons in recent months … thats because we have improved defensively even as our attacking threat has weakened but also because others have clearly declined with man utd and Leicester the obvious examples … I can’t speak to their demise which in the case of man utd is clearly not down to lack of talent but for us the improved position is fragile given the lack of progress on some of the basics of a sustainable improvement … with pressing passing pace and passion the big ones for me … and the absence of any football philosophy from arteta beyond a better coordinated defence … time will tell whether we will see any improvement in the short run on these fronts … for me arteta has bought himself a full season which I didn’t expect or want 6 weeks ago … i still don’t think he has what it takes to improve us significantly so much will depend on how other teams perform … so time will tell but what is for sure is that anything below 6th at season end must see all fans calling for his exit

  21. There is one trait Arteta seems to have that I have a problem with, and that is he keeps playing the “Flavor of the Month”
    I think he got away with playing Tavares against Newcastle, but as I have said before, when Tavares plays ESR is marginalized. I believe the smart move would have been to play Tierney.

    So I still have some reservations about Arteta’s management skills.

    However, I think Arteta’s progression as a manager at Arsenal will actually be less about Him, and more about the players Edu recruits.

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