Will Arteta injury force Arsenal boss to spend again?

I am sure that most Arsenal fans will be hoping that the answer to the above question is an emphatic yes, but we are also used to the fact that Arsene Wenger does not always do what we expect or want from him in the transfer market, so it is by no means certain that he will sign another player as cover or replacement for Mikel Arteta.

The Spaniard is apparently set to miss the away trip to Everton on Saturday, after turning an ankle and having to be replaced early on in the second half against Besiktas last night. It is not clear yet just how serious the injury is or how long Arteta will be out, but it leaves the Gunners pretty short in that area, especially with Ramsey having to miss the second leg next week after his red card.

So Wenger may well look at his options and decide that he needs to strengthen that defensive midfield area, but he might also feel that, with Abou Diaby and Calum Chambers, he already has enough cover for Arteta. The way Chambers has adapted to playing in the centre of defence, I would not mind seeing the 19-year old given a go there, but time is short and running out fast, with just the games against Everton, Besiktas and Leicester City coming before the summer transfer window slams shut.

To buy or not to buy, that is the question….

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  1. and im startin to question our title credential for the champions league πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    1. credentials? The only one we have is that we get in it every year. And let’s be honest…we’re not even automatically qualifying now days.
      Wenger needs to buy a st and a cdm ASAP. I mean barca buy Suarez and have messi, neymar, Pedro blah blah blah. Chelsea buy drogba and have costa, eto, torre-Neva mind you get the point.
      Wenger needs to get hungry. Sanchez needs to adjust to the premier league b4 he can even b considered a ST. Sanagos not a finished product, and Giroud is not on form to lead us.
      I mean, I might play too much manager mode in FIFA…but isn’t it obvious?
      What does wenger see when he looks at cities dzeko, agureo and jovetic? Excess? He can’t be this dumb….we need FIRE POWER and some STEEL infront of our defenders. Sigh….right now I would even take Song and Balotteli…..this some bs. Stop being cheap, buy Cavani and Cavarhlo, and stop playing with our emotions!!! We need a proper trophy not some fa cup or shield!!! This has to be our year!!!! Smh….we fans deserve it!!!

    2. And knowing that Marco Reus is buyable for 20 million pounds saddens me more… Even 30 million is a steal, and plenty left for a CDM… what is it with Wenger???

  2. and my mate said arsenal is not a big club cuz weve never won the champions league πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  3. Arteta out for 2 weeks and ramsay red card will make wenger spend… so this is a blessing in disguise. With Coquelin about to be loaned out we def need a DM/CB

    1. Yes it is, I am really sorry to say this because I really like Arteta but I wish he was sidelined longer to make sure that Arsene will do the right thing.

      I hate Arsene for making me feel that we need to have early injuries in the season to some players so that he wakes up from his stupor and does the right thing.

      Next, Giroud out for 6 weeks.

    2. Walcott and Ramsey out in January didn’t make a Wenger spend, just a little loan for Kallstrom. I don’t think the injuries will be his motive to spend. I think we’ll be spending more anyways.

      I genuinely think we’re going to get another marquee signing before the end of the summer. I think we have an agreement in place that the player will join if we qualify for the CL.

      1. I hope you’re right and whoever it is i hope it’s a ST, Giroud should be playing for a Europa league team, sanogo is nowhere ready yet and wenger doesn’t rate campbell for some reason

      2. The same words were spoken in the last 2 summer transfer windows “big signing when we qualify for the champions league”
        Won’t happen, if a ‘big’ player was coming why wouldn’t he come earlier in the window and make sure we qualified, utter nonsense.

          1. Not really – why the hell would a “big player” sign up early with all the risk then resting on his shoulders???

    3. I’m really curious what CC21 can do in the Dmid spot. The kid can obviously win balls back for us. Is strong and a good passer. And with PM4 back, why not?
      I’m pretty sure AW said hell only buy if they qualify for CL group stage. Should look at chambers there now before prioritizing a CB/DM.
      The only other attacker I see us getting is Marco. If he’s not available we won’t get anyone else. Even if we make the Group Stage

      And get it together Diaby! Come on Bro!

    4. Arteta out for a week or two.
      We have Flamini to play DM, or with BFG back Callum Chambers could move there.
      Ramsey ONLY misses the return leg UCL next week.
      THEY are not reasons for Wenger to panic and buy a DM, but, IF he is already in negotiations for one, it MAY, speed up the transfer.

  4. I think it’s obvious we need to buy a cdm, and Artetas injury proves it. I mean, when’s the last time YaYa or tiote or any cdm got injured in there second game of the season. We need a physical presence we can rely on, not an aging cm with something to prove….as for our title chances, I think they are still there, but it depends on what may be some key additions to our squad. Lol we have injuries in the departments that we need to strengthen lol…cdm and st. That’s gotta motivate Wenger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. We need at least two players to be able to compete for silverware. There is noise out there that we are trying to get Carvalho, which would be a great piece of business as he would be our primary DM and 4th choice CB.
      We dont need to play with a DM every game, at home playing against weaker opposition I can see us using a midfield of Ramsey-Wilshire and Ozil but against tougher opposition we can bring Carvalho in instead of Wilshire and drop him a bit deeper.

      If we are not going to use or at least try to use Sanchez as a striker then we should definitly go out and buy someone who can make a difference like Cavani or Falcao.

      If that is not possible then get Reus. Play Reus-Sanchez-Theo as a constantly changing constantly moving forward line. All of them can play in any of the 3 forward spots and interchange during the game imagine these three being fed by Ozil. And Ramsey making runs into the box. Bring in Giroud when needed as an impact sub to hold up the ball and flick passes to the runners.

      Please Wenger, please stop being stubborn. Some players are what they are, they will not get better. Giroud is ok and he will be just that. Our frontline of Giroud and Sanogo cost only 12 million that is not EPL winner type spending. Yes you may find some cheap gems out there if you look hard but these are not it.

    1. Javi martinez? Hasn’t he done his ligaments?

      I can see wenger now pushing chambers into the Dm role.

      But as I said weeks ago whilst chambers is good enough to cover 3 positions, he is not good enough to.play them all at once!!!

      I think bellerin is good enough to be deputy Rb and chambers can be the Dm or the 3rd Cb, but we still need someone else at least 1.

      The champions league A list says it all. It currently includes macey, coquelin, miquel, zelalem, sanogo and diaby. That for me is simply too weak a squad. Obviously ospina and walcott will come innovate squad should we beat besiktas, but we really need at least 1 defender a midfielder and a striker a better left winger than cazorla, ryo or podolski would be a bonus.

  5. If we go for Khedira it will e last day business and if we’ve failed at other targets & he lowers his wage demands. The transfer fee isn’t the stopgap in this one, it’s all his wages & injury record).

    Most likely we sign Manolas, Rabiot & that’s all. Depending on loan outs to create room on the roster. Hope Carvalho too.

    1. Hope we get rabiot, he is better than carvalho, played as many top flight games and has far more to his game. He has the potential to become any type of player he wants to be. He stands as tall as carvalho and at 19 could yet develop further physically.

      However, I read somewhere yesterday that psg have now slapped a Β£25m price tag on him,. If that’s the case we can kiss good buy to that.

      However if as the other rumours suggest we could get rabiot for 6, manolas for 8, khedira for 8 or carvalho for 24, then you would take the first 3 all day long, surely?

      A rumour I heard yesterday is that arsenal have backed off vargas and will allow coquelin to go to qpr on loan if qpr let remy come to us on loan.

  6. AW will sign 2 more players – I would bet on that!.

    But as an aside..I love the EPL Table at the moment. This is how it reads – Arsenal, Chelsea, ManCity, Liverppol slugging it out in the Top 4 and Man Utd is embroiled in a relegation battle with 6 teams. It will be a close one folks.

  7. Wenger played the same line up he played against palace lol then we’re surprised at injuries?? playing a 33 year old twice in the span of 3 days? lol This guy is a pure joker.. He’s a business man and the board loves him but as a manager i’ve never met a more shit tactician.

    He could’ve played anybody else in that position, he could’ve surprised besk by playing campbell/ox/sanchez/rosisky/ramsaey (50 mins only) lol every manager can sit there and guess what wenger is going to do day in and day out. This is why if we win we do it by one goal max, every manager prepares for games and realizes this guy will field the same strategy.

    1. So this is just from the Premier League last season:

      Fulham 1 – 3 Arsenal
      Sunderland 1 – 3 Arsenal
      Arsenal 4 – 1 Norwich City
      Crystal P 0 – 2 Arsenal
      Arsenal 2 – 0 Liverpool
      Arsenal 2 – 0 Southampton
      Cardiff 0 – 3 Arsenal
      Arsenal 2 – 0 Hull City
      West 1 – 3 Arsenal
      Arsenal 2 – 0 Cardiff City
      Arsenal 2 – 0 Fulham
      Arsenal 2 – 0 Crystal Palace
      Arsenal 4 – 1 Sunderland
      Arsenal 3 – 1 West Ham United
      Hull City 0 – 3 Arsenal
      Arsenal 3 – 0 Newcastle United
      Norwich 0 – 2 Arsenal

      Just like these managers figured out Wenger’s tactics?

      Please don’t bring up the games we got spanked, I’m merely highlighting the abject idiocy of your post.

      Wake up!

  8. This is a God sent opportunity to speed our game up and buy a world class DM. Our midgets are the shortest team in the Premier League. If we quickly buy Khedira or Carvalho, we can leave Arteta and Flamini on the bench and play a a fast and intense game. If Wenger has an Epiphany, a deep realisation, he could get rid of Giroud in part exchange for a good striker such as Edison Cavani or even Falcao. Wenger this is the moment you can prove you are more than the deluded manager so many see you as. Take the chance Arsene and bring joy to all us supporters.

    1. Arteta and Flamini will be in the reserves rotting…there will be no space for them in the 7 man bench realistically…

  9. Just read that Wenger is planning to offer Β£35m + Giroud to PSG for Cavani. I don’t believe it though.

  10. It’s really sad that we celebrate a player’s injury as hope to sign a new player.

    It shows Wenger has too much stubborn faith in his players. The difference between Mourinho and Wenger is that Mourinho looks at his strikers and he gets Costa. Wenger looks at his strikers and says we have enough. Can’t get a top striker because there is no room for one. Well freakin make room. Loan out Sanogo and buy Falcao or Cavani and make Giroud a sub.

    Same with CDM. Get Carvalho or Khedira especially now that Arteta is injured and Diaby is injured 90% of the time. Wilshere is playing below average. Flamini is not getting younger.

    Get top defender, CDM and top striker and we can have a realistic shot at the PL title.

  11. Barcelona are now all in since their transfer ban for next winter and summer is confirmed. UEFA should grow some and ban them right here right now, instead of giving them time to prepare.

    In other news, Reus rumors are back on again. *yawn*

  12. Oh and by the way…the remaining transfers won’t happen until after the return leg with Besiktas and we’ve confirmed UCL qualification in the Group stage.

  13. We will be lucky to finish 4th if we don’t sign a quality striker. Giroud is playing so poorly I feel
    like converting Mertesaker in to striker. I hope Wenger learns from his suicide mistake.

  14. I hope he does spend more as the business done so far is great but not amazing…Are we better than last year?Yes we have more quality more so with Walcott expected to return but no we’re not title contenders!!Top 3 is doable but to be higher than that and not go out in the round of 16 in CL;minimum 2 players must be bought and ST is not my first choice!!I love Arteta for the consistency that he showed and the fact that week in week out he’s not playing in his preferred position “10” but as a “8” or “6”.But he’s not getting any younger and doesn’t represent our futur.He can play on high level but not against the top 6 and definitely not every week with all the competitions we’re involved. Just get us a WC DM in Carvalho(younger, not injury prone and cheaper long term than Khedira as he is not paid much at sporting,stronger than our current option on par with the best of them,great IQ of the game,tall=good in the air, pace and really good technically)!He would make us stronger at the back on set pieces and also provide options and would ease our offensive players to do what they have to do!And get us a defender either nastasic/kostas(both young,one with PL exp and the other with a lot of international/CL exp).We have so many offensive players that even thought Giroud is average for me;he is doing is best considering his attributes and talent but we can cover it if Ozil and Sanchez show up, if Walcott doesn’t get injured long spells, ramsey continues to grow and Wilshere and Ox start being consistent and fulfilling potential…ST for winter transfer window!!If he goes for a ST Cavani/Reus/Balotelli in that order.

  15. Same topic different name, I was watching the game yday and actually thought it wouldn’t be a bad thing if Ollie picked up an injury that ruled him out for 6 weeks.

    Wenger rates Sanogo, but no way would he rely on him for 2 months. But what does that say about Wenger that at this point I feel it needs an injury to spur him onto doing what’s needed. *sigh* my optimism is waning…. cmon le boss

  16. how old is I.MIQUAL ,HAYDEN ,MARTINEZ and WHO beside gibbs and monreal is the up and coming LB and just how old is that lb. A concerned goner about the age balance of the team .hello any one? who knows?

    1. The back up lb is ormonde-ottewill, he is about the same age as bellerin, was progressing well but had a below average season last time out. We have two 17 year old young pros, moore and pleguezuelo who can both play lb, look far better than ormonde-ottewill last season when.played at lb, but are naturally a Rb and a Cb.

      Not sure why asked about ages though? Miquel for example is 22 next month, he is older than hayden who is still only 19. Martinez the keeper is also 22 next month. Don’t be hung about ages chambers is only 19 but showing that the first team incoherent he belongs. I just wish that coquelin, miquel, ryo, Jenkinson, sanogo, afobe and a few others could make that step up, it could and would save us a fortune.

    1. He will try but I think the best players will now drag it out until Wednesday night, to make sure we qualify for the champions.league and to be fair, with that match worth Β£30m+ more than ending up in the europa league, I can’t see arsenal pushing too hard for a signing before then.

  17. Since we are basically playing with 10 against 11 when Giroud is on the field, I’m actually tempted to take a chance on Balotelli. If he plays the way he is capable, we can beat Chelsea and Man City. He’s that good. If he doesn’t want to play at all while on the field, which could happen, other defenses still have to account for his mere presence and we are still better than we are today.

    Our only risk would be a Balotelli red card and we would be back to 10 on 11.

    1. I know that JW got all the bad.press this summer after his smoking escapade, but what the hell was giroud doing to comeback so unfit?

      Where is that player who was sprinting down the left wing in the world cup to fire over that sublime cross for benzema? The one who rose like a young salmon to bury that header too?

      With giroud so unfit sanogo injured and afobe out on loan, surely campbell should come in on Saturday against everton? I think a front 3 of chamberlain Campbell and sanchez would scare the living daylights out of jagielka, baines and distin, with ozil rosicky or santi pulling the strings just behind them. It will be interesting to see who wenger picks in the engine room with arteta injured, I can’t see him resting Ramsey now that he is missing for besiktas, but he also has to be careful who he gambles on, because another injury and we could be well unstuck for besiktas. For that reason I would play Ramsey and flamini but rest chambers and wilshire, if ozil isn’t yet ready I would have him.on the bench and let rosicky start.

      Debuchy mertesacker koscielny monreal
      Flamini Ramsey
      Campbell sanchez chamberlain.

      That’s how I would line up, the front 3 would interchange, but ideally playing campbell on the right with his left foot forces one foot baines to play on his wrong foot. Likewise chamberlain will do the same with the one footed stones or coleman, whilst sanchez will really upset the ageing pair of jagielka and distin with his pace, though I also have a feeling he might be rested for this one too.

      At this moment in time beating besiktas is more important than winning at everton, remember besiktas can now afford to draw with us, 1-1 and we go.out.

  18. We all think Arsene should just spend the money and buy us 2 or 3 quality players that are capable of winning us the title or at least push for a semi final / final berth in the Champions League…talk of a CB, DM and top notch striker…Will he buy??..I think Chambers can slot into that DM spot, he may work wonders…has the height, stamina, speed and pass…Buy Reus and I think we will get Monalos and we are done this summer…Arteta being made captain and maybe out for only 2 weeks, with Diaby and Flamini for cover and walcott coming back I think we will only get Reus as the BIG signing

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