Will Arteta listen to the fans and buy Arsenal a new striker in January?

Our Arsenal team appears to be stronger and better than it was last season, when we regained our competitive edge. However, there is reason to assume that our head coach, Mikel Arteta, will attempt to enhance his squad in the January transfer window as he seeks to lead us to a Premier League triumph.

We are unbeaten after eight games and second in the league table with 20 points, the same as our bitter rivals Tottenham Hotspurs, although they have a greater goals scored number.

We made some significant signings over the summer. We set the club’s transfer record with a £105 million deal for Declan Rice, our new midfielder, who has had an impact on how we play by infusing creativity and calmness into our midfield.

We also bought Kai Havertz from Chelsea for £60.2 million. He has yet to shine, but he has shown hints that he will.

Jurrien Timber joined us from Ajax for £34 million as well, although he only played for a few minutes before suffering a long-term injury. We also signed David Raya on a loan deal, and what a revolution he has been. Some would mock me for saying it, but the Spaniard has seamlessly played himself into being our No. 1, relegating a brilliant keeper like Ramsdale to the bench.

We are as prepared as we can be to face anyone. Nonetheless, there is agreement that our squad still has some small flaws that should be addressed as soon as the transfer market opens. Several analysts and pundits have observed that our striking will need to be improved.

It’s not that Gabriel Jesus and Eddie Nketiah aren’t good, but there’s a case to be made that they waste a lot of chances, lending credence to claims that we don’t have a killer No. 9 who can capitalize on the numerous chances we create in front of goal.

Arteta may aim to bring in a new striker in January to provide more goals and competition for Jesus and Nketiah; pundits such as Gary Neville and Ian Wright and many others have stated that this is the only way to give us a competitive advantage in the title fight.

There is no doubt that Arteta will use the January transfer window to bring additional firepower and creativity to his squad. We’ve shown a lot of tenacity and consistency this season, but we’ll need more depth and talent to keep our title challenge going and compete in the Champions League.

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  1. No Arsenal and the gaffer won’t heed fans advise by recruiting a striker in the Winter window, that’s for more than one reason and I will tell you why.

    1) A powerful midfielder is more of a priority.
    2) It was the defense that cost us the big jug in the last campaign.
    3) The current Arsenal set up is not over reliant on any one player.

  2. We need a world class striker. I don’t know how some fans came up with this idea that because we spread goals amongst the team that we don’t need an out an out goal scoring striker. We really do need a world class goal scoring striker to take us to the apex. And for all the fan fare I don’t think Toney is that striker, would rather we opt for Osimhen.

    1. Chapo the recently concluded summer window shows it’s not a striker market, so getting the ideal striker for Arsenal will be an uphill struggle with ridiculous price tags touted.
      There hasn’t much change since then going into the winter

      1. Gunsmoke I agree that class strikers are scarce and that even those seeming to be available will be quoted for ridiculous amounts. That is true. I personally don’t think we are doing bad, but I do believe that to move up another gear we really do need a world class striker. Nketiah has never scored 10 EPL goals a season, Jesus has never scored 16 EPL goals a season. Our front is being led by two strikers who have never made at least 16 EPL goals a season but look at where we are. What then do you think will happen to this team if we can add a world class striker who will guarantee us 25-30 goals. We will become greater than we are. Ain’t nothing wrong with constantly improving to become the best version we can be. And if that means we have to spend a ridiculous amount then so be it. After all we spent a fortune on the likes of Rice, Harvertz and Pepe so spending doesn’t seem to be a problem. I say let’s go get that world class striker and improve even further.

  3. I am nt at al sure that MA sees things as most of we fans do. Seems most of us want a specialist central srtrike eg Toney . But I think MA knows it is not as straightforward and anorge rstrike rwill not aid fluidity and that it does not ne4cessarily man we wilget mote team goals We ahev many scorers in out team and squd evenif qe do not have a Haaland type.
    My gut feeling is that MA will NOT spend huge money on such as Toney or any other ” shiny new guaranteed” striker and that, moan as we no doubt will, we will end this season with Jesus and Eddie right where they are now, as our presumed main strikers. Though, personally I doubt that either will exceed SAKAS total of goals.

    Time will tell, though I realise some do not allow such patient matters as “TIME” to pass, unmoaned about!

  4. We don’t need a “world class” striker. We need a striker that is consistent in front of goal, can hold up the ball and can be a decent target man. Our problem is our scouts are myopic in their searches. Brightons scouts, for example search far and wide and find the overlooked gems from overlooked leagues. While it seems our scouts are stuck on either Brazilian, top European leagues or other EPL players…Jus sayin

  5. I think a clinical striker is needed to complete our attacking front. Klopp realized that and brought in a striker.

    Pep realized that, and sold Jesus to facilitate the shift.

    I think Arteta will do the same, as “versatility” is his buzz word and we have only plan A strikers and no physical or aerial presence in the box. The hold up play we currently have is weak, let’s not pretend otherwise.

    To think Osimhen or Toney would not improve us is ridiculous, it would help Martinelli, Saka, and Odegaard be even better and more dangerous.

    1. Durand, at the moment so many crosses and potential runs into the box are squandered. Nketiah, in particular, appears to be a poor reader of the game, as far as being in position to be on the end of crosses or run into space.

  6. As it seems that JA fans who pushed to oust AW and UE were the reason they both happened (according to some at least 🤔) the assumed answer then, must be YES!!

    I really see Gabriel as more than a striker, but his clinical finish against united proved he can put the ball away.

    I don’t believe Nketiah or Nelson bring anything to the table (loved to be proved wrong and will give them 100% when they wear the shirt) so the need for Giroud type player is crucial from the January window.
    There is one proven PL player who will be available, has indicated that he would like to play for The Arsenal and fits the bill perfectly… Toney.

  7. ‘no’ we will not buy a striker

    Toney is not a proven world class striker

    and after 8 months out a massive gamble he will ever reach the heights, however brief, again

    look at the last 10 years PL winners, 9 out of 10 did not have a 30 goal a year striker

    every fan, of every club, forever has one track ‘striker’ mind = predictable, ignorant and just plain boring
    they didn’t need one, and we don’t need

    1. Arsenal1886, please remind me why Ferguson bought RVP for Manchester United? How did that work out in RVP’s first season, personally and for manager and club?

  8. There are indications that Arsenal will be signing a striker in January, either Toney or Watkins are high on the list and if both do not work out , it could be some other striker.

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