Will Arteta stay at Arsenal long enough to become a legend like Wenger?

Mikel Arteta has proven to be an excellent coach. Back in 2019, Arsenal gambled on him, arousing the sleeping giant that Arsenal had become. For an inexperienced coach that was a huge ask and in the beginning it seemed Arsenal had put their wager on the wrong guy.

Arteta, on the other hand, has seen Arsenal progress game after game, season after season. The Spaniard’s work at Arsenal speaks for itself; the Gunners are now solidly at the summit of the Premier League, 5 points ahead (could be 8 points at the end of this weekend), with 11 games left to be named the Champions.

Amidst all this success at Arsenal, it is obvious Arteta has collected some admirers. Top teams ought to want Arteta, because who else would they want? It is in this thought that soon a team will have the courage to come for Arteta, that Pete O’Rourke argues in Give Me Sport that the worst thing that could happen to Arsenal is them losing Arteta to another team. “It’d be a massive blow to lose him, but it’s no surprise to see Arteta attracting interest from other clubs,” O’Rourke said.

“There was talk of Barcelona not long ago—I would take it as a compliment for the work that he’s doing.

“I don’t think there’s any real fear for Arsenal fans to think Arteta might leave the club right now. He’s in this project.”

Manchester City could eye him if Pep leaves, not forgetting that Barcelona and Real Madrid have at one time been linked with the Arsenal man, but so far nothing concrete has come out of these links. For many Gooners, they’d be hoping Arteta stays loyal and strives to be an Arsenal legend as Wenger was. Arteta already hinted at his dream of being at Arsenal a few weeks ago when links to Real Madrid popped up, saying as quoted by Metro, “What I can tell is that I’m fully focused on what I’m doing here and extremely proud and grateful to do what I’m doing in this football club. That’s it.”

It is only the beginning, and we can’t imagine the heights to which Arteta will take Arsenal.

Do you think that Arteta will stay and become an Arsenal legend like Wenger? Or move on when a bigger club comes calling?

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  1. Should not even be mentioned in the same breath at the moment as he has achieved nothing at the moment.

  2. I want to ask a question. If we fail to win the league, will this season be considered a failure for arteta or not.

    1. Leno, This season was only proposed as a warm-up for the PL title challenge of next season, and we were only promised CL qualification, so no, not a failure at all.
      Quite a success actually.

        1. Wenger might not have “promised titles” (or Arteta for that matter), but he did say nonsense stuff about finishing fourth.

    2. I don’t believe that it would be a failure as we hadn’t been in contention for some years, but there would be a sense of disappointment to fall at the final hurdle

    3. Absolutely not. It would be disappointing but a second placed finish would set us up nicely for next season in terms of attracting players and going again. We’ve regained so much respect this season, from where we started, it would be hard to see it as a failure from here

  3. He could become a legend, up there with Wenger & Graham, and I would have expected the Spanish clubs to have taken note of Arteta’s rise, but bearing in mind that he’s spent all but two or three years of his working life in the UK I’d think that he would want to establish himself at the very top here before even considering a move to his home country, and then there’s really only one club that would have the leverage to pull him back via his DNA.

  4. Assuming Arteta becomes the success that we crave then I’d expect him to stay and carry on being successful with us.

    That’s not to say that he won’t try his hand somewhere else if his trajectory continues upwards but I hope it wouldn’t be elsewhere in the Premiership. He’s an Arsenal man imo.

    Arteta is from the Basque region so I guess Barcelona would be his choice in Spain should he go back to his homeland.

    Having said all that, football is ever evolving and another mega rich nation might tempt him away. It’s a relatively short career and one that can go down the swanny if he doesn’t maintain the current momentum or keep us in the mix

    I’m not sure I’d want another Wenger style reign. Not at as an anti Wenger person, rather the experience of ManU after Fergie makes me cautious.

  5. It might depend on whether we win a major trophy this/ next season or not

    If we don’t win EPL this season, Kroenke may not want to wait for three more seasons, since he has spent a lot of money to rebuild the squad

    I believe Arteta will only move if a huge club like Barcelona offer him a long-term contract

        1. gai That comment makes NO sense at all. It is clear we are moving forward fast, so HOW can you possibly think we are making “slow progress and inconsistency”?

          I am bound to wonder if you are quite well!?

          Seriously , as this is perhaps the most bizarre post I have read onJA from a supposed Arsenal fan, which I HAVE TO PRESUME YOU ARE.

  6. Maybe not staying for exactly twenty two years, but certainly long enough to become a legend.
    He’s clever enough to know neither of those clubs mentioned have the patience and tolerance and the knife is never far from action,

    IT is said a heart always remember where it best felt love, nothing is achieve yet and he’s supported and love by the fans and hierarchy alike at Arsenal, so I suspect it will take an act of God for him to jump ship and destroy his legacy.

  7. He’s already brought a great deal of respect back to the club and put us on a far better track (we’d become a bit of a joke for a number of years before he joined). That doesn’t make him a “legend” but winning a title and another trophy or two would put him in the conversation for sure. He might be able to accomplish that over the next couple of years – let’s hope so.
    I get the sense that loyalty is very important to arteta, so I don’t see him leaving until he achieves his goals, or it suddenly goes all wrong – I see the former as the more likely at this point.

  8. The question is not whether he will stay long enough to become a legend, it is whether he will win enough to become a legend.

    If we win it this season I would say that this was a legendary season

  9. He can be a legend if he wins PL this term. As a former gunner and a coach who gave us the title after a long wait is qualified to be the club’s legend.
    But if am wrong, could anyone on JA explain to me what could qualify one to be a legend, please.

  10. The man is a legend. People forgot he won the FA cup in 6 months. Challenging for the EPL title from scratch in 3 years. Reduced the wage bill. Got rid of nuisances. Agree, he made some blips like hiring Willian, Sambi and Fabio, but they are much better than the likes of Sanderos, Gervinho, Chamak, Park, Sylvestre, Andre Santos, Mustafi, Asano, Sanogo, Ozil, Laca,………the list is too long. Wether we win the EPL or not, we are at the top for a long time.

    1. Wenger won the double in his first full season .
      As for bad signings -Willian ,Mari ,lokonga ,Cedric ,Tavares , veria and quite a few others all in 3 years .
      A legend 😂

  11. What qualifies one as legend? Is it the number of years the person spent in a club or the achievement?

  12. Loyalty hard work and achievements , he already has two under his belt given time achievements will come.

  13. Arteta has no desire to leave the loyalty and patience shown to him from Arsenal is something he will not forget, he has a plan, just like Wenger did and I believe he wants to win numerous titles and the CL as well. Just like Wenger other clubs will try and tempt him, but I do beleive he has a huge plan for Arsenal. The young players are on board, the fans are now on board, the board are on board and the owners are aslo on board, why walk away from it

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