Will Aston Villa’s latest demands force Arsenal to consider alternatives? (Opinion)

Aston Villa are claimed to be in want of £40 Million to allow Douglas Luiz to leave and join Arsenal after the club made at least one offer for his signature.

It is reported that we tabled an offer for around £20 Million today, as we looked to bolster our injury-ravaged midfield position.

The Independent has claimed that Aston Villa are now demanding £40 Million to allow midfielder Luiz to leave the club, and it will be interesting to see how the Gunners react to the demands.

TalkSPORT are claiming that a second bid has also been rejected, with the two clubs seemingly struggling to agree on a fair price.

I imagine we will have reservations over paying double our initial offer, and could wel consider alternatives, but with the clock ticking down to the end of the window, we could well be forced into paying up.

Youri Tielemans is one who has been continually linked with the move, but both Elneny and Partey’s injuries has left us lacking defensively through the middle, and the Belgian could be considered too attacking.

Am I the only one who thinks we may let this deal go and seek out an alternative?



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  1. This is one of the disadvantages of leaving it too late. Arsenal had a lot of time to strengthen the midfield, rather they waited to be wrecked by injury before acting. Well, I don’t think he’s worth 40mil. Having just one year left on his contract.

    What option do Arsenal have at this time? Way let’s see how it pans out.

  2. I am unsure whether we would be able to sign anybody now given the way Villa is reluctant to sell
    This is really poor decision making.
    Arteta knew how Partey is injury prone…
    So we needed depth… He had more than month to secure DM or CM but didn’t act, now they are in panic situation which could end up being paid over and above market value

  3. Sky Sports say 25m bid made. He’s worth more to Arsenal I think. If Villa are asking for 40m, maybe a deal can be done for somewhere in between

  4. We are being taken to the cleaners again if we budge.

    We sold Martinez to them for peanuts. We gave Chambers to them for free. And they are skinning us for a player whose replacement they already bought and who’s to be a free agent in 10 months.

    I say fudge Villa. Luiz will play like shite for them for pricing him out of a move and he’ll be available in January for peanuts.

  5. iTS A POKER GAME involving time before the window shuts, as well as money . Clued up Gooners also factor in that Luiz, if not sold this window, can talk to suitors next JANand leave for nothing come next summer.

    Neither our club, nor Villa, will overlook that fact!

      1. Can’t talk to prem clubs but he can talk to foreign clubs so Villa could lose him for free at that point. That is the issue for Villa playing hardball.

  6. Arsenal seem desperate. What’s certain is thatbthey will surely sign a midfielder weather it is Douglas or someone else. But Douglas suits what we want because of his premier league experience and he is a DM. Let’s hope Edu is able to pull it off and add him to the Brazilians in the team. But really, why would Arteta wait this late knowing Pathey’s injury record?

    1. Nothing to do with Partey. Elneny picked up a long-term injury that is who we are replacing. We obviously had Luiz earmarked for such a scenario. Tielemans goes on the back burner. Villa playing hardball doesn’t make us desperate. Don’t see anyone calling Chelsea desperate in their pursuit of Auba.

      1. Chelsea have been desperate whole window. Actually many people calling them desperate. And Edu is beyond desperation at this point. He’s practically in panic mode now.

        1. How is panic mode? Seems like we planned for this event the entire window. Wait until the deadline and pursue our original plan in other positions. If something happens injury related then we pivot to that. Sensible planning by all accounts in my book.

      2. @Angus – yes, exactly.

        Lots of people saying “told you so” but the reality is that it’s really unlucky to get two injuries in the same position early on and Partey’s not expected to be out for long anyway.

        Also, nothing I’ve seen suggests Elneny’s injury is confirmed as long-term as yet, they’re still awaiting medical reports was the last I heard.

        1. It’s been called a serious muscle injury and we are looking at Luiz so I’d assume it’s lengthy enough as you say Partey’s injury is not that serious should be back during the international break. Unless Luiz was always the plan but we wanted to negotiate down or wait until jan/summer if necessary. Who knows? The idea of waiting until the end is that you can make an informed decision on the final pieces. Going by reports though if we moved early we’d have Tielemans at a fair expense where we have no injuries in that area at all and Ode/Xhaka have been great.

  7. leave him, his not worthy as 40m with only one year remaining on his contract

    let him back for tielemans is more better for 25m

    1. Yes, and they kicked our players down 🙂 and now they raise the price for Luiz. If we could get him for £30-32m thats also too high but then we should take him according to the circumstances here in the final hours of this window.

  8. He has 1 year left on his contract.
    Buy him in Jan for 10-15 M.

    Their is a long world cup break in between, so for 2-3 months we will save a hand sum figure.

    1. That’s a good point actually. We have only about 14 PL matches until January and 6 EL matches. And whatever we get from Carabao Cup. So it’s not that many to be honest.

  9. Pay de 40 Million and discount the excess out of Arteta’s and Edu’s salaries!!! We told them so!!!!!!!!!

    1. @Grandad
      I just read at “Football London”, that City placed a 20% buy on clause for any bid over £15mil. Hence the high price. Villa are trying to make something from the sale, considering the 20% going City’s way.

      1. Never understood this mentality. Part of the reason you get the player cheaper is because of the sale clause. Doesn’t change a players value when you then later go to sell that is the trade off. Palace did the same with pricing Zaha out a move as United’s clause is 40% if memory serves.

  10. Meanwhile we a gifting Bellerin for nothing to Barcelona. A priority I guess.
    Shame shame shame. We needed a DM from the start of the summer!!!

    1. We are trying to sign a DM so your getting your wish. We have Partey/Elneny/Patino/Azeez on our books already. Without including Lokonga/Zinchenko/White as options. We were not desperate for a DM. As is I like Luiz as option if we are not overpaying and Elneny has a serious issue. If Villa want a silly fee I say we go with Lokonga/Zinchenko for the next 3 before Partey will be back again. Only 8 games until the WC at that point.

  11. Says on sky he can talk to foreign clubs from 18th November. I like him he’s a good player. I’d offer no lore than £30m though

  12. 40M is too much for someone who has 1year left..but why would Edu wait till the last minute.over a month down the line I think some business ought to have been done in time

  13. It is true that we needed a DM from the start of the summer, but the management believed that Elneny would provide adequate cover. It wasn’t foreseen that Elneny would sustain what is said to be a long term injury. I’d be reluctant to overpay for Luiz. White, Zinchenko and Lokonga should be able to provide some cover until Partey returns

  14. We’ve been talking on JA for weeks that Arsenal need another midfield player. We even spoke about how if we get injuries we will have problems. Leaving it this late is careless. Even though we had a good early window, the late window has been complacent. Maybe we’ll get Luiz but it’s not been handled well.

    1. Sad but true … I thought we’d seen the last of an elneny xhaka midfield pairing 3 years ago but no they just won’t go away like the football equivalent of Jason from the Halloween franchise .. manage my seem to have a proclivity for wild geese chases

    2. We did not need a DM to start the season when both Partey/Elneny were fit. Clutching at straws. Any player we’d of signed early would of played what 1 game out of the 5? maybe 2. Hardly a disaster when we won all 5 is it? Outside that what is the point your making if we do sign Luiz now? Luiz has reportedly turned down Liverpool in favour of us, Villa do not have a strong hand in this negotiation. We could easily use Lokonga/Zinchenko in the next 3 games in the league before Partey is back that is the worst case scenario now that Elneny (not injury prone) has picked up an injury. Only 8 games before the WC at that point. Europa is irrelevant we can chop and change/promote youth players and qualify from our group easily.

      1. Elneny is hopeless and partey is injury prone … and now your favourite Swiss all rounder is honing his skills as an attacking force … of course we needed replacement !!

        1. Disagree that Elneny is hopeless. Partey has had his injury struggles which only started in England and he’s back soon it’s not a long injury. Xhaka has never been my favourite but will defend all our players from unfair over the top critics. Also never mentioned him any post on this page or relating to Luiz so kind of odd that your brought him up. Your clutching at straws to complain because there is so little to complain about.

          If we end up with Luiz now what is the issue? The fact we won our 1st 5? Confused.

          1. Delusional .. the pair are hopeless relative to what we need to get back in to European elite .. working with football fans from across the globe including Swiss not one of whom understands how xhaka has carved out a career at Arsenal .. sadly the answer is myopic supporters and a management that has allowed us to drop out of top 4 in epl … and it should be added consistently behind spurs in the table … no idea if Luiz will make it but clearly a step up on both these footballing clowns

      I have been consistently saying for many weeks that we are not interested and I was right, and glad to be so, as Tielemens is vastly overhypped. But not by those who run our club , fortunately!

      1. It’s been obvious we were never in for him, just the usual media rubbish, but there are plenty who believe what they read in the Sun

  15. I first of all congratulate Arsenal for their home EPL match win owe Aston Villa yesterday night.
    And I think for Arsenal to bolster their injury ravaged of their 2 midfield personnel. And upgrade the current quality at their leftwing position with 2 new next level top quality signings during this summer deadline day transfer dealings today. I suggest to Arsenal to try by all means possible to sign one pf the Aston Villa’s midfielder Douglas Luoz or Palmeiras’ midfielder Dabilo before the closing of the summer transfer window today.
    But which new top quality leftwinger will Arsenal bring in before the window closes tonight to complement the efforts of Saka and Maquinos at the llef wing? The. Sjhakhtar Donetsk’s attacker Mykhayio Mudrky?
    Well, Arsenal should try to complete two deals for their signings of Douglas Luiz or Dabilo. And Mykhayio Mudrky. But if the club can afford the transfer cost price for signing the two out three players. But Arsenal will definitely need the services of those two new players if signed by them to keep their EPL title win charge going this season without suffer any interruptions to it.

  16. Well Liverpool have got Melo on a years loan and solved their midfield injury problem. We had a great early window and a really poor late window and have not dealt with our midfield problems. I hope we get Luiz or people will ask the question of Edu……????

    1. They may have created a squad harmony problem instead – word is that he’s an awkward bugger, not good in a team setting.

      I suspect that’s why we’re not interested, Arsenal seem to have learned that character is important – you can’t just take a piece of a Ferrari, a piece of a Lamborghini and a piece of a Porsche and get a car that wins races.

  17. Let’s look at things objectively here and we’re only working with the minimal amount of information and not privy to club discussions, details of injuries and manager/staff plans for players.

    I posted earlier in another article that Douglas Luiz is wonderful talent and if it is possible Arsenal should try and get that across the line. Having said that 40m that Aston Villa is seeking is quite ludicrous given he is into his final year. But that is the price you pay for a deadline day transfer for someone with proven PL experience. I’m comfortable either way – great if we sign him, but also understand that at that price tag, we can walk away and it would be okay.

    If we were to walk way, I’m a bit dissapointed that we let both AMN and Bellerin go. Now I will obviously back the club because anything could have happened behind closed doors that has resulted in them leaving but both these boys weren’t part of the squad for the 5 games so it was clear they were told they won’t get minutes and that their futures lie elsewhere.

    Let’s look at the midfield situation. I might divide opinions but here is where my mind is at – while Xhaka has been a revelation in that floating role, if the need arises he can move back to the role Sambi Lokonga played yesterday with Fabio Vieira taking on Xhaka’s role. Now this is only the case if we have Partey, Elneny and Lokonga out. That would mean Xhaka moving back to that holding midfield. The other option that I’m a fan of is to get Ben White in as a number 6 which would mean Xhaka can keep his role or if he is unavailable then others like Lokonga or Vieira can step in. So, in reality we have several options and some of these younger players would begin to get game time.

    It is also worth noting that the last PL game before the break for the world cup is Nov 12th. Post that there are two games end of December and then we’re into the January transfer window, where we can reassess based on the needs then.

    So, whatever the outcome I’m backing the club. I’d rather not get a panic buy or significantly overpay as we aren’t desperate and there are players who can step up. If we do however get Douglas Luiz I’d be thrilled as he adds value and is certainly the type of player that would make the squad and team better.

  18. Amy movement for a winger at the moment? That seems quiet now.
    We should go with an improved offer of 30m pounds for Luiz.

    1. Yeah plenty of speculation but does seem to be getting rather late without an official bid at this point.

      Plenty of time to tie up Luiz though.

      1. Yes Angus. We need the Luiz signing. Maybe he can score goals for Arsenal like he did yesterday from corner kicks.

  19. I’m not worried about a defensive midfielder, especially one from Villa, I’d like to hear something about the Ukrainian winger Mudryk instead.

    Nothing reported on that all – presumably a medical would have been arranged and that wouldn’t be easy so that’s looking bleak now 🙁

  20. Yeah the deal has been scuttled by last minute change of mind by villa, even after a twenty five million pounds that was finally put on the table, Luiz himself will be gutted

  21. This is what I’ve always been saying about Edu gifting away our players.
    Bellerin had one year left on his contract and we gave him away for FREE! Douglas Luiz has one year left on his contract and Aston Villa reject a £25m bid from us.
    A transfer window that started so well, is ending in an underwhelming manner.
    Maybe we should’ve held on to Maitland Niles as an extra body in midfield???
    I really hope Partey recovers in 2weeks as expected and doesn’t get injured again, at least till January!!

  22. Edu is our biggest problem, we had the money and the time get every deal done before now but because of his sentiment of always wanting to sign a Brazilian player now we stock. I have been sounding this loud ever since that we still need a midfielder and a left wing attacked because I foreseen this injuries

  23. Why are we always 1-2 players short which always cost us. We did same in Jan n lost 4th place. Now here we go again. Last season we had 23 player squad thus season with more games n world Cup instead of bigger squad we are one down to 23. If we were not getting a winger n DM in, then why let pepe go out on loan. Same stupidity we made with Saliba last year then we were short of CBs I last part of season which cost us as we played injured Ben White.

  24. Another season we are 1-2 players short. Done so much good work this summer. Really a shame. All we can do is support the players we have now tho. Still it’s frustrating as everyone and their mothers was saying to get a 6 the entire summer and they waited until injuries and the last minute. Lokonga will now have to step up or Xhaka will have to go back into a role that doesn’t get nearly the best out of him

    1. All our hard work can just go down the drain with few injuries. We never learn, with Europe and world Cup this season we will struggle big time. More games, Less rotation and more fatigue for players hence more injurues. Poor really poor from Edu n Co.

  25. Or… he could have simply made a mistake.

    And libelling and defaming some made-up name on a football forum…. sigh. Good luck with that in court.

  26. That’s why liverpool did not go for a buy but went for a loan instead that is what i expected arsenal to do, take a dm on loan instead of all this buy

  27. It has happened again. We have fail to strengthen our midfield area. Anyways, let’s look inward and see possible options. White, Lakonga and Viera can be shifted to the midfield while Tommy goes back to right full back imo. Luiz doesn’t worth 40M pounds moreso, while he has a year to go. Leaving proper decisions late maybe dangerous.

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