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Will Bayer Leverkusen tweet affect Petr Cech’s confidence?

We are living in an age where the official Twitter accounts for football clubs are becoming more and more outspoken. Gone are the days where toeing the line and professionalism is the only thing to come out the official channels of a club. In recent times, those that are running the accounts have been given permission to be slightly more quirky and humorous with their take on football around the world.

Most of the time a humorous tweet from a clubs official account is well appreciated by the fans and it can be retweeted thousands of times as everyone pokes a bit of harmless fun at each other. Take Roma’s tweet during the opening game of the season between Manchester United and Leicester City as an example where United were awarded a penalty in the first minute.

Not one to miss a moment to join in, Roma quoted the tweet from the Premier League stating that a penalty had been awarded to United by saying ‘looks like the Premier League is back then’. That received over thirty-two thousand retweets and over one hundred thousand likes.

Even Manchester United fans would have laughed at that and it was all in good taste.

The problem with taking liberties is that someone will inevitably go too far sooner or later, and that happened when Bayer Leverkusen mocked Petr Cech for his wayward back pass against City that almost resulted in one of the all-time most bizarre own goals in Premier League history.

It was a bizarre bit of football from Cech that looks all the more unfathomable the more you watch it. It’s apparent the Arsenal shot-stopper didn’t know where his net was and had his angles all wrong as he tried to find a defender with a pass that narrowly shaved his goal-line and went out for a corner. Leverkusen ridiculed Cech by saying ‘we might know a guy’ above the video of Cech making the pass. The Bundesliga club was obviously making mention of Bernd Leno who is
currently on the bench for Arsenal after having left Leverkusen for the Emirates in the summer. It was in poor taste and the backlash has been strong which prompted the club to apologize and call it ‘banter’.

The problem for Cech and Arsenal is that Leverkusen’s dig has made it more of a story and now there are doubts hovering over the 36-year-olds ability to distribute effectively from the back as Emery wants. The last thing Arsenal need is more confidence issues for a squad where the self-belief is at an all-time low. No one is tipping this team to succeed and there’s no place more evident to see that then on the Betfair exchange where Arsenal’s Premier League odds 2019 are at 64/1.

Cech felt so aggrieved he felt he had to respond to the German club.

And they apologised (sort of….) when they responded: “Hi Petr. It seems our joke about wanting to see Leno, our former player, in action has been taken a bit more harshly/personally than intended. It was only a bit of banter. We’re all for the values you’ve stated and wish you and your big club all the best. Nice 1v1 save on Aguero!”

A confidence crisis at the back often filters through to the rest of the team and has a detrimental effect on the morale of a group. When goalkeepers make mistakes it isn’t easily forgotten and you only have to look at Loris Karius to see how a career at the very top can plunge downwards in an uncontrollable fall in the blink of an eye after a careless error.

Cech will be consumed by what happened on Sunday at the Emirates and even more so now that another club has seen fit to taunt him about it via social media. It’s hard to say if Cech will be able to execute Emery’s plans despite being one of the world’s best goalkeepers but no one should be surprised if more mistakes take place because of the knock his confidence has taken.

Will this attention on one second of a game affect his confidence?

17 thoughts on “Will Bayer Leverkusen tweet affect Petr Cech’s confidence?

  1. Phil

    It’s aboit time Cech performed while returning to his former home ground.He has never actually played well at Stamford Bridge so it’s time he turns up for us in this fixture.As regards the Leverkusen comments you would like to believe Cech would have left it alone and got on with doing his job better than he did on Sunday.If he is now regarded as a “Deep Lying Playmaker”then he needs to concentrate on getting the ball out of his feet a lot quicker.Do you believe Sarri will target Cech on Saturday?Be foolish not too after the way he flaffed around with the ball against Citeh.But to be fair to Cech he is a bit long in the tooth to be starting to re-invent himself.However if that’s how Emery wants us to play out from the back then Cech needs to sort it quickly or he will be benched.

  2. Th14

    Leno should be first choice keeper. Sterling shouldn’t have scored with that ridiculous effort. A sharper, younger and more athletic Leno would have done better to save that shot.

    1. gotanidea

      Maybe, but Sterling is simply explosive and Arsenal do not have someone like him or a player that can contain him

  3. gotanidea

    He should not be too cautious/ play-safe because of one incident

    Arsenal need the GK and the defenders to build the attack from the back, because they do not have a towering striker like Sandro Wagner and that tall target man tactic is rarely effective nowadays

  4. Sue

    It did make me chuckle a little, but fair play to Leverkusen for responding to Cech’s tweet & saying it was banter and nice save on Aguero

  5. Rkw

    Can’t spend 20 odd million on a second string keeper surely … I haven’t seen enough of him but am guessing he can play ball out better than czech who has no idea with ball at his feet so I guess it’s just a matter of time before emery shifts

  6. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    For his experience and Stamford Bridge Stadium familiarity, I think Cech should start the Chelsea game. His back pass in the City game did not go in but only shaved the post for a corner to Man City. So it didn’t count. The ones that counted were the 2 City goals that beat him to give City victory in the match. Could Cech possibly have saved the 2 hot shots from Sterling and Silva? The 2 shots were hot but maybe he would have saved them in his hay days at Chelsea but I don’t know. Nevertheless, we’ll see what Leno is made off when Emery decides to start him.

  7. Dan

    Be careful what you wish for Leno is very error prone as well no doubt after a few mistakes your all be calling for cech again we don’t have a top class keeper what you see is what you get and will just have to put up with the good and bad!!

  8. Kenya001

    He is past his best leno starts all the way for zcech is not even comfortable on a simple back pass!

  9. Ingleby

    I thought it was amusing. Footballers now take themselves far too seriously.
    I’ve recently seen pics of some of them practising celebratory dance steps! What a bunch of clowns – they should get on with the football and stop making themselves look stupid.

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