Will BFG help Chambers to become an Arsenal legend?

One of the strongest parts of Arsenal last season was the defence, with the amount of clean sheets in the Premier League allowing Wojciech Szczesny to share the Golden Glove award with Petr Cech from Chelsea. But a lot of that was down to the excellent partnership of Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny and the departures of Thomas Vermaelen and Bacary Sagna have left that the Gunners seriously short of cover.

So the brilliant start to his Arsenal career made by young Calum Chambers has been really encouraging and important and suggests that the versatile 19-year old could be set to play in the centre of defence a lot more often. And even though his form so far for Arsenal has led to an England call-up, Chambers has a lot to learn. But who better to learn from than the World Cup winning German.

Our BFG has been a top class defender for years now, despite having to cope with a real lack of pace. Mertesacker has managed to get around that with his other abilities and if he can help Chambers to acquire and refine those, as he says he will in an Arsenal.com report, then the youngster could have years at the top ahead of him with Arsenal.

Mertesacker said, “A first proper pro season at a Champions League club and [playing] international football will be very tough mentally and physically. But he has the character to cope with it. If he wants any advice, I’m here to help.

“It’s very important to have such ambitious players and you could feel that from the start when we first met just how ambitious he is and how important he is for the squad even though he is just 19.

“In our days, good players come in very early and they will get a call-up very early so I think it’s down to the English manager and Arsène Wenger to deal with that. But his character is up for it. That’s my opinion and I don’t think it will go wrong for him.

“He will be very important for the club over the next few years. I didn’t see him much last year for Southampton and I didn’t recognise him. But how he managed to deal with the first few games under pressure and how he trains impresses a me a lot.”

Chambers has featured predominantly in the heart of defence since he joined the club but can also play at right back and in central midfield. Mertesacker believes that versatility is an important attribute in a modern-day defender.

“He has everything. He can play different roles and he will be very important. He comes in and it’s easy for him to feel comfortable. He’s so composed and he will play a big role. As a person I like him very much because he’s calm, he tries to learn and he listens all the time and that is something that is really rare.”

Central defence is one of the positions in which experience is almost as important as your physical attributes and for Chambers to look so comfortable so soon, just how good will he turn out to be?

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  1. Wenger is the most stubborn man on the planet..
    And I am a fool to stand by him every time.. Makes me wanna smack him..

    1. Negredo gone to valencia on loan.. That means falcao to City..
      Go F88k yourself wenger.. You had whole lot of time before you could either buy remy or Falcao in the whole summer.. Now he is trying to fool supporters by saying that he attempted for falcao.. He is conning the fans.. I hv had fkng enough … F*** football F888 arsene .. Let me concentrate on my studies..

    2. Every time we win everyone is praising Wenger to the heavens but when we dont everyone is demanding his head on a plate. Get yourself together lads.

    3. You fans are pathetic …. In wenger i trust and in this team i trust , I will stand supporting them for every game they play. Even though the squad needs a couple of additions , I will still support them if they don’t come and i believe Arsenal will come back stronger after the international break. COYG !

    1. and he will give u Zigic as striker

      world class hold up play….

      and Arteta…

      just like a new signing….

  2. Chambers should be England’s first choice right back. Johnson is useless. He’ll probably start seeing as Johnson is injured.

  3. Wenger is a man with NO plan,he’s now going to panic yet even before Giroud got injured we needed a striker

  4. Calum chambers has the potential to become a future arsenal legend! With big mert as his mentor he will learn his trade under the best! Coyg!

  5. Arsenal have made a
    satisfactory start to
    the season. One home
    win two away draws.
    Stock standard results.
    Think we need to worry?
    City got beat at home by Stoke!!!!
    ECL qualification secured.
    Sanchez Chambers and Debuchy
    settled in quickly. Wilshere showing good form.
    Several players still getting fully fit.
    Just waiting for a CB or DM. Striker a bonus.
    Injuries to Walcott Giroud Gibbs Koz Ox
    are the most worrying issue.
    But overall has been a good start.

  6. If man city buy falco than we have no chance winning the league (not that we had any to start with) the 2 suger dady clubs are just to powerful with unlimited funds they are way ahed of the rest .

  7. Dubuuchy was ment to be a better defensive plauer than sagna but from what i have seen so far sagna is better and was mr reliable same cant be said about dubuchy. Dubuchyjust has better crosses

    1. Spot on man! Sagna is far better than dubuchy in all angle, just as rosicky is better than ozil but we ar all blind to see

  8. Uno i dont even care of we buy players im fed up bcz its not the players thats the problem its wenger he does so many weird things iv lost confidence in him

  9. Man City are letting go Negredo to Valencia. If we Arsenal were (man city or chelsea or man utd or liverpool) we would probably have signed Negredo by now.

  10. Its very early doors.
    Give it till the end
    of the Group stage Dec 9th.
    By then we would have played all the top
    EPL sides except Liverpool. 25 games all up.

  11. This time last year we had 6 points to this years 5.
    This season we have no Bendtner no Park
    we have Chamberlain and Podolski and Sanchez and Chambers
    with Walcott due soon and still a couple of signings to come.
    So we are in a much better position than lthis time last season

    1. Who is this new sensible davidnz 🙂 all your comments since changing your avatar are no longer negative bashing every arsenal player saying you want us to sign 10 mediocre players I like this new guy

  12. Should offer Dortmund 35 even 40 mill if we have to for Reus and Greek cb then Carvalho for dm we have the funds to pull this off if not then we will just b fighting for 4th again. The way Leicester exposed us at times was frightening if that was city,chelski or Liverpool we would have got hammered i fear the worse when we come up against them teams!

  13. With their strikeforce Man City want Falcao and here we r having sanogo as our striker haha sm things wil never change at Arsenal and to be frank we r not close to winning the EPL because Wenger z nt ambitious our playrz hv no passion we cnt sign any proven playrs when needed even Everton plays with high passion than us its jst so sad!

  14. Massive overreaction to this game. We had the chances to win it, just not the clinical finisher to actually put the ball in the net. If Koscielny was 100% there’s no way they’d have scored that goal, though they did have some other chances they could have easily scored from. We were broken against too easily, a proper holding midfielder will sort that problem out, not Flamini who dives into a challenge when he’s the last man.

    Nothing wrong with our style of play or tactics only the way they were executed today, certain players on the pitch aren’t up to scratch. Whatever Wenger sees in Sanogo I don’t know, but what I do know is that he is not good enough to start for our first team at the moment.

    What I do have a problem with however is playing Özil out wide instead of in the middle, absolutely no point playing him in a wide area. Özil himself said he doesn’t like playing on the left, he even prefers playing on the right, but everyone knows he is a CAM, play him through the middle.. It’s not as if we lacked options for the wing – Ox, Campbell and Podolski were on the bench today..

    1. mick totaly agree with the cdm
      i was watching the game and thinking how easy it was for leicester to break from there half to our back 4 with little or no resilience we saw the same against everton
      stupid wild panicky tackles flying in
      we definatley need someone who is focused on protecting the defence and slowing down attacks while the boys get straight at the back

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