Will Bissouma’s arrest hamper his future despite the eventual outcome? (Opinion)

Brighton midfielder Yves Bissouma has been linked with a move to Arsenal and others in recent transfer windows, but having bee snapped getting arrested last night, clubs may reconsider their thinking.

Reports in The Sun state that Brighton’s Bissouma was handcuffed and arrested in the early hours of the morning and led away from a nightclub by police.

Now the reason for the arrest is not clear but as if we do not have enough issues at the club right now, do we really need to add a player that could be prone to being arrested or getting into trouble?

If this is a one off and if it wasn’t Bissouma’s fault with whatever may have happened then it can be overlooked I am sure, but only time will tell with that.

The only thing I know is even though he is a talented player, we do not need any more disruption off of the pitch and if he is prone to getting mixed up in trouble and attracting negativity onto himself by getting arrested and getting mixed up in things that is not appropriate, do we really need a player like that at the club?

I have no doubt he is talented but I also do question whether he is the right player for us.

No matter what happens he deserves to voice his side of the story as to why he got arrested and I hope he gets that chance.

although it remains unclear as to why he got arrested, him being in a club and surely being photographed by and with other people is not something our club will be wanting to take on as it can be rather disruptive no matter if it is just innocently or not.

Yes, footballers deserve a life outside of the pitch but surely they know it has to be done in a professional and respectful manner by respecting themselves, others and those around them because while they are still playing they are representing a number of things and people, not forgetting the club they play for.

However, all is innocent until proven guilty and I hope that it is not a serious issue, and that Bissouma can overcome this because he is only 25 and it would be a waste of talent if this ruins and puts a stain on the rest of his career.

Shenel Osman.


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  1. Even without the incident, he’d most likely not move to Arsenal. Because we’ve got too many DMs like him

    1. “Have too many DM’s like him” I would love to know who the “too many” are.

      We have not a single midfielder that was near tops in the league for tackles, interceptions, etc…that is like Bissouma.

      Partey is a similar type player, but comparisons stop after that. Our midfield is starving for a DM that can anchor themselves in front of the bacvk 4, or someone other than Partey who can perform in a pivot.

      Even with rose-tinted glasses I can’t see any DM’s in our team similar to Bissouma.

      1. Maitland-Niles always looks great when he plays as a DM

        We’ve got Lokonga, Elneny, Chambers, Azeez for that role as well. Xhaka was also able to keep up with Bissouma when we defeated Brighton in March

        1. Gai
          The fact remains Arsenal doesn’t have many midfielders in the mould of Bissuoma. Only Pathey & Xhaka remains our only outstanding DM. That guy is far above others that we have.

      2. I was going to suggest likewise Durand, but even the thought of addressing this poster, for the umpteenth time, regarding another rather baseless claim seemed like a fruitless endeavour

        right now, besides the “poor man’s” version, Sambi, which btw isn’t meant as a slight towards the young man, doesn’t have the dual role capabilities of Bissouma, who has far more experience in both deeper-lying and advanced positions at the highest of levels…Partey, of course, can provide some decent cover but even he appears to thrive a bit more when in advanced positions, minus his baffling shooting issues since arriving here, or when we play a more direct brand of football and his game script requires a bit less of him defensively

        the possibility of having a tandem of Partey and Bissouma, considering Arteta’s 4-2-3-1 infatuation, has always been a mouthwatering proposition for me personally, as they could both take turns making more penetrative runs, thereby giving us much-needed boost in and around the opposing team’s final third…as for the periphery noise, it means nothing to me until there’s something much more substantive is revealed

  2. Sky sports have the headline ,
    Arrested on suspicion of Sexual assault .
    A man from Brighton and in his 20s and a man in his 40s have been released on police bail .

    Not just some drunken brawl but a very serious allegation .

  3. Oh dear me! Mikel has been proved right once again. Inspite of all the hype, he did not sign him, maybe he knew a thing or two about the player which we didn’t?Good Mikel, you saved us from the embarrassment. Feel sorry for Potter and his fans.

      1. With the proviso that this may be disproved, not knowing that this precise incident would happen does not mean Arteta know nothing about Bissouma.
        All big clubs do deep background checks on all potential purchases. If a player has a history of living a certain kind of “off the pitch” lifestyle do you think clubs won’t hear about this? It doesn’t mean that they have necessarily broken any laws before – just that they are high risk considering the fee involved.
        If that is the case with Bissouma do you seriously think that Arsenal, as well as Liverpool and other clubs who almost bought him but then suddenly backed off, don’t know about this? I think that you are being naiive NYG in your assumption.

        1. @guy
          The one being naive here, is the one assuming he knows what MA does…
          And you as well, for attempting to explain away his naïveté…Keep hope alive though. ✌🏾

        2. guy, have you forgotten a certain RVP and a similar accusation made?
          The club stood by him 100% during the incident and it was eventually dropped due to lack of evidence.
          He, of course, repaid the club with his judas act!!!!

          We should wait and see what the outcome actually is, before writing an article full of what ifs and buts.

          I would add that if we have a chance of signing this player, we should take it.
          He plays like Patrick Vieira and would be a fantastic signing.

          If this accusation is proved wrong, the woman making it should be named and sentenced in accordance with the same sentence that a guilty verdict would bring – if it is proved correct, then the full force of the law should be given out.

          1. KEN I ask you respectfully to reconsider the views in specifically your last paragraph, for these reasons:
            In sexual assault cases, very often an accused is acquitted as not guilty but that does not NECESSARILY mean he- it usually is a “he” – is completely innocent.
            Sometimes it does mean he is innocent but sometimes not.
            I do not claim to have inside or extensive knowledge in this field beyong social conversataions with lawyers and occasionally police whom I have got to know socially. No names were ever revealed to me either.

            But both those professions recognise that there are frequently grey areas on what accused and accuser call sexual assault and personally I think it unwise and unfair
            to arbitrarily say as your paragraph says.

            Just my take though old chum and I KNOW YOU MEAN WELL.

          2. Jon, take on board what your saying.
            My point was/is this accusation, if it is proved false, has damaged the players reputation no matter what… mud sticks as they say.

          3. KEN yes, I agree that mud sticks. It says something about the prejudices of so many of our race that this is generally the case.

      2. Player has been warned about his off field behaviour in the past though this doesn’t mean he is guilty of anything presently, as of course, innocent until proved guilty.

      3. Sports mole 2 days ago: “the report states that Bissouma has been warned that he will need to improve his professionalism on the training ground if he is to earn himself a big-money transfer, having previously had some off-field issues with the Seagulls regarding his discipline.”

    1. You’re right. Imagine if we bought Bissouma for 40+ M

      Arteta seems to be a good judge of character

      1. You’re very right Mat, season is on and what matters is what are we going to achieve with players we have, Not other clubs players. Their indisciplined player is none of our business

    2. Loose Cannon, your love affair with MA knows no bounds and takes the title “fanboy” to new heights of incredulity.

      1. Ken LC s clear devotion to MA, could also be considered as loyalty and the action of a true supporter!
        IMO it is far preferable to those who constantly condemn him and who never ever see any good whatsoever in MA.

    1. Read what’s above Matthew then repeat that comment. Being in the opposite camp to somebody regarding Arteta does not automatically make all of their statements untrue. And I am more anti than pro-Arteta.

  4. I believe there is better content to put on here than what you have just given us. I believe this guy’s coming to Arsenal is now firmly behind us and we now need to focus on what will propel us back to the Arsenal we once were. This is just a sideshow if you ask me, his arrest is none of our business.

  5. Hmm, maybe nice we didnt purchase him then? I hope MA has a plan about Sambi and AMN. If its a sexual assault charge, then thats pretty serious. Even as colorful as Ronaldinho was, he didnt have assault charges atleast I guess. And when Ronaldo Phenomino had one his career was almost over.

  6. Look we all know what has happened. Arsenal for years stood by players that misbehaved, but the culture now is to not do that. We all know why Saliba is serving his punishment away from Arsenal for misbehaving whilst away with a French youth team, yet people blame Arteta, but MA was not the one holding the phone or the Cory.

    If you want to protect yourself from getting caught, do not put yourself in the situation in the first place. It’s quite simple, all that money and potential, should be enough, but it’s not for some.

  7. Whatever happened until innocent until proved guilty? How about we all wait until Bissouma has his day in court and the facts of the matter come to light.

  8. If its a sexual assault charge, it is very very serious and the woman wouldnt put the charge unless there is concrete evidence, since she also will know of the consequences if proved wrong. We dont want such indisciplined, spoilt and misbehaving characters at our club who bring only disrepute to themselves, the club they represent and the wider fan base. Anyway the law will take its own course and soon enough the truth will come out. However, if the charges are proved right, than MA is a fantastic judge of characters, Guendouzi and Saliba being other examples. Its not only enough to be talented and a good footballer, there are more important things in life than football. Just because someone is a good footballer does not mean he owns the sky and can do whatever he wants, he has to obey the law of the land at all costs. One thing about MA I admire the most, irrespective of footballing reasons is that he seeems to be a very good judge of character. They say, if wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost but if character is lost, everything is lost. Many of these rich footballers are spoilt brats and they need to be taught a lesson to obey the law of the land by strict punishment, only than will it make other footballers wanting to tread the same path behave properly and decently in society and not be a nuisance and danger to others around them. You may be whoever you are but the law is ultimate and if you break the law, strict punishment is of utmost necessity.

    1. Gunner for life, can you please tell me what the consequences are if the accusations are proved false?

    2. All very well gunnerforlife but you will look a right turnip IF Bissouma is innocent.

      To me you already look a turnip, precisely BECAUSE you have already prejudged a man who, right now, is innocent, until proven guilty.

      That may or may not turn out to be the case and you , just like the articles writer, would have been far better advised to wait for the outcome before judging.

  9. I’m neither pro or anti Arteta, just pro Arsenal. If people have opinions on him that’s their business but some of this over the top praise from some is beginning to sound like North Korean state media, as though our dear leader has already proven everything needed. This is dangerous territory, people need to give him more time before claiming he has created or has had chance to create a true legacy. Arteta didn’t turn down Bissouma based on his great judge of character, he never went after Bissouma as he and Edu had planned for Lokonga’s arrival for months after advice from Henry, Kompany and Martinez, we simply picked a cheaper younger option (all widely reported and spoken about in interviews). Had Xhaka left we would have probably opened talks for the Mali man.

    Ability wise I would love to see Partey and Bissouma in a double pivot, we’d have arguably the best central midfield in the league. But in regards to Bissouma’s character let’s wait for the jury to decide before we behave like know it alls, yeah? The fact he was arrested whilst on a night out suggests the claim was made by someone who had been drinking, and we’ve all known people who can take things the wrong way when drunk or make up an attention-seeking lie, and the fact another man was arrested also could mean only one of the men were guilty but both were needed to clarify the full details. Remember when a ref mixed up Gibbs and Ox, in front of thousands of fans and millions of viewers? Mistaken identity occurs a lot too. I’m not saying this happened just simply that it’s pointless just assuming someone’s guilty, and sexual assault can be a rather broad claim, so let’s wait and see what the actual facts are before we go back to burning witches. Using this event to try and justify your feelings for a manager is just rather low and naive.

    1. Additionally, with Pepe, Aubameyang, Partey, and Elneny we’re already losing enough players to AFCON, maybe Bissouma was never an option due to this?

  10. Who gave Shenel Osman the permission and authority to post this, naming the player 7th October at 14:02. The Guardian reported it at 23:22 refusing to release the player’s name. Other media outlets also reported the above much earlier, and also did not reveal the player’s name for legal reasons. The Arsenal site have not published any information of the above story, and rightly so. This player has nothing to do with Arsenal whatsoever. Would love to know who at JUST ARSENAL allowed Shenel Osman to release such a jibberish post at that time. Just because footage and pictures are on social media showing a man in handcuffs, does not give you the right to name that person. Obviously you have a massive ego and wanted to be THE MAN OF THE MOMENT to break this. Not even Brighton and Hove Official Site posted this story when you did. Very SMUTTY amateur journalism. If this was an Arsenal player involved, would you have stooped so low to be THE MAN OF THE MOMENT to break the news

    1. pjennings, Factually so incorrect as to be laughable and embarrassing for you, as almost all fans everywhere are already well aware of the name of the accused!

      And IMO, as YOU have written this public post, also actionable for libel by JA against you personally, if they chose to do so. Feel lucky if they choose not to, if I were you!

  11. I agree I shouldnt be jumping the gun regarding Bissouma’s character but there are 2 points noteworthy:
    1. Amongst hundreds of night club party goers, if only 2 are identified, there must be something to it, some proof or else the complainant has gone bonkers and the law must definitely punish the complainant if proved wrong.
    2. Bissouma has got a history of indiscipline so if the incident concerned has really occured, it is not really surprising and shows that maybe, just maybe, it might have been one of the factors that made Arsenal not go in for him, considering the clamor and want for him to be in the Arsenal midfield and rather Arsenal went in for ASL.

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