Will bogey team Bayern Munich destroy Arsenal again today?

Even though the pre-season training and friendly games are mostly about gaining fitness and getting the players up to speed while getting any new transfer additions settled in, Arsenal and most other clubs would rather not lose any of their games.

Next up for the Gunners, however, is Bayern Munich, in the first of our two games to be played in China. I don’t know about you guys but I would rather not have played the German Bundesliga champions in the build up to the coming season, because they have developed a nasty habit of giving us a kicking and another one later today will do the form and confidence of the Arsenal squad no good whatsoever.

The last three times we have faced Bayern, in the Champions League of course, the Gunners have been on the wrong end of a 5-1 scoreline. Even though we can point to soom poor decisions by the officials you cannot hide from the fact that they have the old indian sign over Arsenal at the minute.

The Germans are not the sort to go easy on other teams either, as their last pre-season score of 9-1 against Erlangen-Bruck (me neither but they are a lower league German side apparently) will tell you. Now it would be a nice boost if Arsenal can manage a draw or even a win against a team that has punished us in recent years, but the chances are we will get another defeat and could that ruin the careful pre-season plans of the boss?



  1. shabbirali says:

    i don’t see bayern to destroy Arsenal it wl be a big gaqme and the gunners wl cope well
    I go for a draw which is good psycholigicaly

  2. JustJoy says:

    We will be testing the fate of our Glory in the Fast and Furious Continental drift with The Beverians…

  3. locomotif says:

    Now with 5 at the back , not so easy this time for bayern.

  4. fugy says:

    I would rather AFC to loose, the more goal difference the better. hopefully it can force AW to strenghten the team with more signings

  5. Zimbo says:

    Today will be a true test for the back three formation. l am hoping both teams play their best squads. If the formation works then l don’t see us conceding goals, and we might snatch an unlikely win if our strike force turns out. All the best boys!

  6. ray slicer says:

    We can take motivation from past games we have won against them.

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      I really hope you are being sarcastic since in our last 4 meetings they have mauled us 5-1 in THREE CONSECUTIVE FIXTURES …talk about optimism.

  7. destined4success says:

    LOL! @ACE: Please don’t kill me with laughter

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