Will Bony and Reid appease Arsenal fans?

Right about now, Arsenal fans, I would settle for Arsene Wenger signing just about any player he could get his hands on. But that is just the deadline day jitters getting to me and in the cold light of day, I agree that there is no point bringing in a player just for the sake of it when they are unlikely to play.

We don’t want another Kim Kallstrom or Park Chu-Young but if we are not going to get a top, top, top player then maybe a couple of pretty handy ones would do. So I was hoping that the latest Arsenal transfer rumour reported by Metro has some truth to it. The paper claimed that Wenger was to make a late double swoop for Wilfried Bony and Winston Reid.

The Swansea striker had been linked with us before and Wenger was hoping that a £19 million bid would seal the deal, but the news on Sky Sports is that Danny Welbeck is having an Arsenal medical so I guess the Bony deal is not happening. Wenger is also planning a cheeky £3 million bid for the West Ham defender. It could work because Reid has made no secret of the fact he wants out of Sam Allardyce’s Hammers side.

These two signings, if they happen, would be two of the weakest areas strengthened for the Gunners, but would it be enough for us to say that this was a good window for Arsenal? I would definitely have preferred Bony but Welbeck is better than nothing and if Wenger can get him playing as he does for England then it could turn out to be a very useful bit of business. And it should p*ss the Spuds off no end

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  1. chimchimgiroud says:


    1. muffdiver says:

      f*ck yes i’d take bony now…in a non sexual violation way

    2. seancali says:

      It’s not time to be stingy, high up the offers on Carvalho and reus, 30mil for carvalho+45mil for reus. BANG BANG,we will have 2 great signings. and 6 mil for reid. But I guess it’s way to late. I would settle for one quality signing right now. Just one for fuks sake

    3. mula1 says:

      “just sign anybody… 🙁

      1. seancali says:

        It’s not time to be stingy, high up the offers on Carvalho and reus, 30mil for carvalho+45mil for reus. BANG BANG,we will have 2 great signings. and 6 mil for reid. But I guess it’s way to late. I would settle for one quality signing right now. Just one for fuks sake

    4. JStarrr says:

      yeah…no way is Bony going anywhere this late as Gomis hasn’t stepped up.

      I think
      I’m gonna put $1000 on Welbeck getting a goal vs City. Coyg!!!!

    5. esther5561 says:

      I don’t Know what the FK Wengers game is. He is a big headed Arrogant idiot who has totally lost the plot. He is out of touch, he plays his players in the wrong position and he has no tactical clue what he is doing.
      Going to Rome on a transfer deadline to ref a charity game, says it all. When will the fans start to really relies that he is constantly sticking up two fingers at us and saying I will do what i like.

      This year pundits were tipping us to win the league if we come 6th i will be surprise, we are already 4 points behind chelsea and in a couple of weeks the title will be over for us.

      Last year we started better than this and we were not considered tittle contenders.

      Wenger has to go.

    6. PaddyNPardy says:

      Arsenal is slowly turning into a terrible joke, i mean, no wonder Gerrard told Suarez that he was too good for Arsenal, the way in which Wenger and the board go about the business is embarrassing, we needed to strengthen various positions, especially CDM but nothing, not at all. we have a richer history than Chelsea, City, Spurs, PSG etc etc..We are ranked among the biggest teams (not just football, all sports teams) in the world. The clubs’ legacy is slowly being ruined, we are becoming a laughing stoke, and i wont be surprised if we will slowly stop attracting top players in the future. I just hope this doesn’t affect the player morale, we already have Ozil and Carzola who look like they are bored of playing.

  2. Invincibles49 says:

    Last couple of hours of transfer deadline and admin still coming up with all the Metro Bull$shit.

    1. JoJo says:

      Exactly what i was thinking. SMHHHH

  3. mr lean says:

    The whole world is tonight laughing at us arsenal fans and it’s all down to one man and his stubborn ways,please Wenger either make the signings we need or join SAF in retirement.

  4. muffdiver says:

    but winston ?
    must mean the ghostbuster

    im disappointed in you winston egon said never cross the streams

  5. Goontz says:

    Swans said they won’t sell. Also I think it looks more and more like a last minute Kallstrom-quality loan deal. You have to be realistic about these things.

  6. muffdiver says:

    oh shit!!! marco is in london…
    its a great restaraunt on the upper holloway rd

    1. Mowember says:


  7. Trudeau says:

    As disappointing as tonight is panning out, I’d still rather be a Gooner than a ManU fan. The football world has gone mad and Van Gaal is running around like a six year old in a candy shop.

    1. nickw says:

      Id rather we had a manager who did his best to improve the team and not be a contrary sob hell bent on sticking it to his critics by doing the opposite of what they are saying. He is a joke of a manager a very bad unfunny one.

    2. NickTheYank says:

      Van Gaal was hired to get Manure back into the CL and in the title hunt. Spending money to rebuild the team he inherited due to Moyes bad spending and the state SAF left Manure in is a necessity for them. It’s not like Maureen, Citeh, Madrid, Barca, PSG, etc and any other team who has needs doesn’t spend money on players. We seem to sign 1 marquee player a year then quit no matter how many positions in the team need strengthening.

  8. alexhare says:

    I’d pay the Carvalho release. Don’t care if it’s too much, we need him.
    I’d also go after Higuian. I think he’s overrated but after Napoli missed champions league I think he’d want to move. Napoli would sell for the right price. Higuian is an upgrade on what we have and quite frankly would lift spirits. Get both

  9. Goontz says:

    BBC says we offered Campbell + cash for Carvalho. I guess it’s a Campbell loan since Portuguese window is closed and they can only bring in loanees.

    1. NickTheYank says:

      Wouldn’t surprise me but I’d also be really upset that we have a playmaker like Campbell who Wenger says is in his plans sitting the bench and Sanogo on the field for 75 minutes. We sold TV5 with no backup lined up for an imminent transfer to replace him. It’s just ridiculous planning & business.

      Then top that with us selling (not loaning) Miquel. It really seems like arsenal don’t know what they’re doing.

      I’d take Wellbeck, bony, carvalho, etc because at this point we need players who can strengthen our team/bench and cover for us in. The even t of injuries which always happen to us worse than anyone else.

      1. Budd says:

        Campbell playmaker? Really?

  10. k says:

    Says it all that Wenger is considering a cheeky £3 million bid for Reid with 3 F****** HOURS left to go!

  11. cardo87 says:

    No. No it wouldn’t at all.

  12. gamer says:

    guys dont expect any big signings in 2 hours it wont happen the ozil deal was happening few days before deadline day

    1. GOONSTER says:

      And that OZIL signing was a panic buy too… You never know, we might pull off a serious signing..

  13. leo says:

    alan smith says welbeck to arsenal done so bony not happening we are still in talks with Lisbon for carvalho trying 2 offer a deal incl campbell

  14. juhislihis says:

    No Reus, no Khedira, no Cavani, no Vidal etc.

    Just Barndoor-Welbeck to accompany Lord Postman.

  15. Arsenalover says:

    We really need Simeone or Klopp

    1. ArseneIsYourDaddy says:

      You wanted David Moyes two seasons ago. What happened?

  16. RWRW says:

    There is 2 hours left and some of you lot are still saying ” Right… Bony, Carvalhio and Wellbeck is good enough”

    Its not going to happen you muppets lol

  17. GOONSTER says:

    Please just get us a DM and I will let my disappointment go…

    How our expectations were so high earlier in the transfer window… Now we have lowered our expectation so low that some of our fans are now saying WELBECK is not a bad signing at all..

    But if you had even mentioned WELBECK in JULY when we signed SANCHEZ people would have been laughing at you…


    1. Trudeau says:

      Interesting to read the ManU Forums on Welbeck. By in large they don’t want to see him go. I know most fans over value their own but I think you need to give him a chance. For me he can be a step up from a Giroud with his pace. He just needs a run of games and confidence.

      1. Pearsenal says:

        And to play in his position which he didn’t get the chance to at United.

  18. Goontz says:

    So this Stan Collymore dude called Arsenal, after the Alan Smith statement that we’ve signed him, and we’re still denying that any deal is done.

  19. dboy says:

    Wellbeck deal is still alive according to SKY.

  20. NickTheYank says:

    So twitter saying we signed Welbeck. Kike says we ave had an offer accepted for Gudogan?!?!?! Report saying Huntelaar is on his way to. London to sign for us. Crazy time

    1. Trudeau says:

      Buckle in boys and girls. It’s gonna be an interesting two hours.

    2. arsenal19 says:

      Who says we have a bid accepted for gundogan?

  21. RWRW says:

    Danny Wellbeck. I dont mind him, I think at times he is a great player but this just screams like a panic buy. Has Wenger not worked out how to do his job yet?

    1. juhislihis says:

      IMHO Welbeck could do great with Reus on the left and someone able to protect our back 4. Not the best striker out there but could score more than he ever did at Urinated.

      But oh how his already low confidence will be shattered when he is put on the wing while Sanogo plays the striker role. If we are even signing him.

  22. Gunner Gyzinermouth says:

    the way our club is run, we don’t deserve a top 4 spot. The way our players (most) put in a half hearted effort, we don’t deserve a top 4 spot. We have the talent to be top 3 and with 2-3 signings , to compete for title….but the club has limited ambition and honestly don’t deserve the fan base they have.

  23. dboy says:

    Apparently we also in for Huntelaar. This one would really piss me off.

  24. CraigZWE says:

    Wenger f#cked us over for last time.

    I support the players, but Wenger must go. I really don’t see us doing well.
    Area’s need strengthening, but it ain’t happening, just one weak link and we screwed.

  25. NIKK says:

    Welbeck if true…how frggin embarrassingggg!

  26. Jimbeam says:

    All of it too little too late…

    We are after the rejects of Manu..

    They will finish above us, so will, Pool and Chelsea and City.

    We will not make it to 4th this year.

  27. dboy says:

    According to Sky Arsenal the only team Wellbeck would want to go to. Standing his ground. Manutd wanted to sell him to someone else.

  28. CraigZWE says:

    Next season just boycott matches, don’t bother with season tickets.

    Only time anything will change is if it hurts their pockets. Which sad really, loyal fans don’t need this

    1. Gunner Gyzinermouth says:

      easier said than done…give up season’s tickets and in a year or two when Wenger leaves, you aint getting them back. and soooo many tourists and fans that the stadium will still be almost full…someone will always be there to pay even if us real fans decide not to for a moment.

  29. Daedric_Lord says:

    at this time we have less defenders than last year

    Jenkinson (Loan)



    1. Daedric_Lord says:

      and last year we said “we are short in defence”

  30. CraigZWE says:

    A Madrid / Barca player is one thing, but a 7th place reject is something totally laughable

  31. Twig says:

    Could we sign Huntelaar, Welbeck and Carvalho before the deadline? I don’t want to comment on speculation.

  32. NIKK says:

    BBc reporting 16M FEE agreed with Manure….could have bought Balo for that!

    We are a big laughing stock!

  33. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Alan Smith saying Wellbeck is done but no idea if it is a loan.

  34. Invincibles49 says:

    When there are couple of hours left in the deadline and the biggest news for Arsenal is Welbeck, that says it all. *yaawwwn* Good Night Gooners!

  35. Cal says:

    Is there any hope of still getting Carvalho then or is Welbeck the lot

  36. RWRW says:

    You know what, the more I think about it, the happier I am that we could be getting Welbeck. Please gooners, lets get behind this young man

    1. The Dude Abides says:

      agreed he will convert the chances he gets, more than Sanogo and his 4 in 100 chances

      1. RWRW says:

        Cheers dude

        I am looking forward to seeing his pace and energy

        And as an english bloke, I am glad an english player will be getting game time and improving.

        Ok, so its not what we wanted but, thinking about it even if it is a panic buy, it could be quite a good one.

        Fcuk the mancs, they will still concede 100 goals this year

  37. mike1977 says:

    Wenger to trigger Huntelaar’s release clause for £12.75M. The guy is 31. Remy would’ve been a better and quicker option lmao, oh to be a Gunner.

  38. davidnz says:

    I would take Wellbeck.
    EPL proven, ECL experienced
    Knows our players well
    so can make the transition quickly.
    Will feel miffed he is being dumped
    so has a point to prove.
    He is another young player
    like Walcott Sanchez
    Chambers Ramsey Gibbs Wilshere
    Chamberlain Szcz Ozil Bellerin Gnabry Akpom
    Zelalem .
    a positive 5 year plan developing here 🙂
    Need to find two more young
    central defenders and I am buzzing.
    Carvalho please.

    1. RWRW says:

      I have pretty much read every single one of your comments and its so refreshing to read.

      Nice one!!

      1. davidnz says:

        Cheers 🙂

  39. Gunner Gyzinermouth says:

    I’m not fecking paying huge ticket prices to watch Danny Wellbeck.
    Hey Alexis…sure you came to the right club?

    1. RWRW says:

      Alexis wont be moaning when Wellbeck finishes off twice as many chances than Sanogo

      Get behind the team you loser

      1. Gunner Gyzinermouth says:

        I’ve been behind the team since the 80’s—think of all the money I spent to pay for Welbeck… its a joke. I’m sure you are behind the team from your TV and it hasn’t cost you more than your cable bill

        1. Gunner Gyzinermouth says:

          and forgot to add…twice as many as sanogo??? so how many is two times nil?

        2. bomber says:

          Do you have season tickets?

          1. Gunner Gyzinermouth says:

            nah mate- cannot afford but been plenty to Highbury and Emrates on several occasions

      2. jonm says:

        Hopefully he will be an upgrade, but twice nothing is still nothing.

  40. The Dude Abides says:

    lot of bullsh@t neither one coming to us, Metro are as bad as caught offside

  41. alexhare says:

    £16M for Danny Welbeck. Hope he has a Sturridge sort of turn around for that price. I do think he’ll be better for us than United though. Purely because he’ll get game time.

    1. mike1977 says:

      Of course he’ll get game time, we ain’t got anyone else that we can use lol.

  42. Daedric_Lord says:

    welbeck and huntelaar rumors strong, no reus or carvalho…

  43. Mick The Gooner says:

    How dare the board raise ticket prices and only spend a net of £30m. That’s all I’m saying.

  44. rock88 says:

    Campbell+ cash for Carvalho. is it true?

    1. davidnz says:

      I will just ring Wenger at the
      Charity match in Cuba 🙂
      We have Podolski Campbell
      Gnabry Sanogo Akpom Ryo
      any one of them could be
      used as make weight
      even Cazorla.

  45. gamer says:


  46. gamer says:

    welbeck has potential and at least has speed im willing to give him a chance but i can not stress enough we need defensive cover

  47. rock88 says:


  48. Jimbeam says:

    We just bought Welback for 16M, its on BBC. We are essentially paying Manu for the Falcao loan. hahahaha.

    1. Ks-Gunner says:

      this is madnes!

    2. mortal says:

      it seems falcao will cost United 24million pounds so arsenal paid for it indirectly.

    3. NY_Gunner says:

      Falcao will pay for himself in merchandising…

  49. Jimbeam says:

    Need defender and midfielder NOW

    1. davidnz says:

      Welcome Wellbeck 🙂

  50. john0711 says:

    Welbeck bought £16 million ff- ing joke same price as Balotelli sad sad day we have all been taken for fools

  51. Invincibles49 says:

    BBC reports 16mil deal agreed for Welback. Permanent move. And to think that Balotelli was available for the same amount. Wenger you lost last shred of respect.

  52. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    If Danny happens I would be happy. We needed a second striker for a long time. A superstar was never going to happen so this would be a good addition to strengthen the middle.

    1. ras911 says:

      The only issue with that is that Balo cost the same.. sooooo……

      1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

        Balotelli’s price reflects a huge risk due to his behaviour. Simple as that. His price was reduced significantly to get LFC to buy even though they categorically rejected signing him previously.

        1. ras911 says:

          In the end to each his opinion. Given the circumstances i’d have Balo over Welbeck for the same price. We also waited for Chelsea to go for Remy before trying to sign him and he cost 10.5m. Both players more proven than Welbeck, just saying… Anyways i guess Welbecks a gunner now so COYG..

          1. jonm says:

            Lets hope that balotelli is a disruptive influence at Liverpool.

  53. rock88 says:

    We surely have to sign a CB/CDM since Miquel 4th choice CB has left?

  54. Invincibles49 says:

    Arsene Wenger… Strengthening Manu since 2012. Payed 16mil to manu to enable them to sign Falcao.

  55. mike1977 says:

    Enjoying a few tins of Stella whilst waiting for news (preferably good) to arrive in the next one and half hours. A line from John Lennon’s Imagine comes to mind lol.

    1. davidnz says:

      All we are saying is
      give Dan a chance 🙂

  56. chenrob2 says:

    Not the Cavani or Falcao but you know what his movement is always good and with the chances we create, will score more than Sanogo, LOL, he has speed and quite tricky, so lets see. Bit relaxed now, especially that at least one more singing has to be made to sure up our defense.

  57. RSH says:

    16MILL? now i feel stupid for ever saying we shouldnt have gotten Balotelli…

  58. LoCkAy says:

    We still a CB and DM… 1hour and 30mins left…!!! I think that is it for us.

    Another sh*t season ahead of us….!!!

    Thank you Wenger and f*ck you, you silly managerial twat!
    Just fed up with the guy and his vague useless full of bullshits statements…!!!

    This squad is full of injury prone midfielders with no power and cutting edge.

    We have seriously regressed since 2006…!!!

  59. mortal says:

    danny welbeck only got speed and nothing again,sometimes he piss me off in when watching man u game.

  60. davidnz says:

    We will sign a quality
    central defender.
    If we don’t get Carvalho
    we may sign Reid till
    we can get a top player
    at our price.
    Or may be go back for Kheidra.
    I am sure we will land someone
    they are just working the options
    to get the best value for money.

  61. rock88 says:

    We may need 2 strikers if we let Campbell go. Sanogo will never score a EPL goal.

  62. Ks-Gunner says:

    How about we try our luck and tabe also 20m for Tom Cleverley

  63. Goontz says:

    I thought Welbeck is a decent signing. Until I read the price. For £16m, it’s ridiculous considering we’re offering that money to United. He better do a Sturridge.

    1. davidnz says:

      I reckon Danny will do
      a Wellbeck 20+ goals.
      City watch out 🙂

  64. Invincibles49 says:

    I hope Danny’s fee is 1.6 and not 16. That would make sense. Lol

  65. LoCkAy says:

    £16millions for Welbeck… We paid £42millions for Ozil which was already a rip off…!!
    We got Chambers for £16millions when we could have brought Dany Blind for £13millions !!!

    Wenger thinks he knows what the f*ck is doing even though the all club looks like a mug institution…!!

    We still need a CB since we only have 6 defenders for the four competitions we are involved. That is just not enough…!!!!

  66. brpowers23 says:

    The problem lies in the expectations of the Arsenal fans. We believe that the Board want to win trophies and that this is their highest priority. It’s not. The board want to make money. And from their point of view most of this transfer nonsense makes sense. Finish 4th, keep expenses down. Profit, profit, profit. Sure it’s a gamble to hope that Spurs, United, and Everton are not good enough to finish fourth, but I believe that the board seem to have performed some sort of risk assessment. The cost of finishing in the top two was deemed too great.

    In contrast, Chelsea, ManU, ManC, want prestige and glory over profitability. They are willing to spend whatever it takes to finish first. Manager simply states a need and gets immediate approval to buy at any cost.

    In contrast to both approaches, I think you can spend intelligently and win. My disappointment is in the fact that we have not spent wisely. At a minimum we should have addressed the depth issues. We have too many games this year to play the same players every game. There were plenty of players available that fit our obvious needs at reasonable prices.

    Wenger is the figurehead of the Board. He may not be able to make offers at anywhere close to market value, but he sure can make a better effort with what he has. I will not excuse him for poor management. He needs to realize that the boys deserve a better managerial effort and so do the fans.

    1. No10 says:

      Best post today by a million miles.

      1. davidnz says:

        No, my posts are always
        the best on here 🙂

        1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

          Second best 😉

  67. rock88 says:

    We surely need either a quality striker or CDM this season.

  68. goonerwineverything says:


  69. Twig says:

    BOOOOOM! Danny Welbeck. Top player. Will get us 20-25 goals. Awaiting official confirmation from @arsenal.

    1. RSH says:

      lol top player? You have been completely tricked by Wenger. He just waited for the final hours so we could all get desperate. Average, panic buy signing.

  70. LoCkAy says:

    Sanogo is just not ready and never will be because he will get injured again… That is just what he does best… being on the sideline!

    We also need a DM, but I cannot see that happening 🙁

  71. Invincibles49 says:

    Wenger just dont want to remove Giroud as the first choice striker. Obsessed and in love. LOL

  72. No10 says:

    Just forget Balo, he’s a bad seed and the whole team will have suffered for it. Even Mourinho said the lad is unmanageable. I prefer a player who put all his energy into the game like Wellbeck although he definitely not on my wish list.

  73. Twonk says:

    Ok if we got Welbeck we should welcome the guy and without a doubt he is better than what we have, he has pace and strength at least. Fingers crossed he links nicely with our midfielders and has a point to prove.

    If AW gets a CDM then perhaps he has pulled this round a bit….

  74. Mick The Gooner says:

    With the loan deal for Miyaichi, we have 2 open spots for foreign players in our squad, 3 if we remove Giroud until January. Why aren’t we at least getting any replacements? Let alone improvements.

  75. LoCkAy says:

    2 players have left the club: Ryo and Miquel.
    2 players are leaving and one is coming !!!

    CHEAP AND EASY… I RECOGNISE “MY DEAR” WENGER RIGHT THERE… Always looking for a bargain and the fans can go f*ck themselves…!!

    1. bomber says:

      So in a previous post you said Wenger wasted money overpaying for Ozil, Welbeck and Chambers – now this?

  76. mike1977 says:

    According to Wiki (not reliable i know) Welbeck has only scored 20 goals for Man Utd in 90 games since 2008. That’s pretty poor. Weird how Vela wanted to stay at Sociedad when we could’ve used him, perhaps he feared not getting enough game time. Same can be said of Campbell, who sounds desperate to leave for the same reason. Why does Wenger get these players if he ain’t ever gonna give em a chance? And now we have Welbeck, 20 goals in 6 years. Hmmmmmm……………… Bet that geezer flies straight into the starting 11 for the City game.

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      Because he doesn’t play through the middle at united.

      Rene just said a while ago on Sky that he isn’t a prolific scorer. He is someone that is technically good, fast and strong but his strength is his link up play. His England performances are more indicative of what he does more than his club career.

      Rene was actually complimentary and said Arsenal are the perfect club for him because of the system played (midfilders being able to join the attack).

  77. Invincibles49 says:

    Honestly I am more concerned with out defensive depth right now rather than Welbeck. To think that only 7 defenders (including bellarin) for 4 competitions is extremely worrying.

    1. No10 says:

      With Miyaichi gone and Wellbeck in we still have spaces for one CB and one CDM. Maybe one tonight and a 4th CB on loan.

  78. reddb10 says:

    welbeck is just another last minute panic buy like arteta.
    teams around us have top strikers like of falcao, costa, balotelli we have giroud and welbeck.
    total BS

  79. Twonk says:

    To be honest I work with two southern Manc fans (aren’t they always) and they love Welbeck!

    So on reflection it might be ok for us.

  80. rotimota says:

    Danny Welbeck In, maybe another 1 or 2 more to go. That is every Arsenal fans wishes. DM and CB…probably. Arsenal Fans deserve better treatment than these…

  81. Daedric_Lord says:

    bye bye premier

  82. rock88 says:

    Welbeck can score 15-20 goals atleast.

  83. SD says:

    Agree. Also think people have to reassess that price based on the fact that he is from a direct rival and that he is English. We HAVE to have homegrown players because of that rule, and Welbeck is one of the better players we could get that satisfy that. It gives us greater flexibility to sign a player from elsewhere if we are sending out a homegrown player as well.

    That is why there is a premium on English players. Even moreso that he is going to a rival. Considering the risk and the financial situation in Italy, I think Welbeck is worth at least what Baloteli is.

  84. RWRW says:

    In fact, you know what I am going to say it

    GET IN THERE MY SON. WELLBECK SIGNED. Lets start smashing those goals in

  85. Goontz says:

    Danny Welbeck works his socks off like Alexis Sanchez. With players like these, it’s time to get rid of boring tiki taka and go for total football à la Dutch.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Tiki taka is a form of “total football.

  86. Bigvalbowski says:

    Is this an Arsenal fan board? Ive never been an AW apologist, honestly if it was in my hands I would of canned the old, senile fool years agi but saying Danny Welbecj sucks and isnt Arsenal quality is simply assinie and emotive in nature. Yes Englands National team had been and unperforming joke tje last few decades but DW is still @ 23 a constant selection to the team. If given the same amount of game time @ Mau U as OG12, WB10(Swansea) or MB45 I really believe his numbers would b quite comarable. Hes fast, physical, technical and yes again F*CKIN 23. IMHO his best football is ahead if him as a Gunner.

    To the pitchfork brigade, slay away! Lol

  87. Mick The Gooner says:

    No wonder Wenger left the country, gonna be a real backlash from the fans if we end up with just Danny Welbeck at the end of the night.

  88. keller says:

    Why spend 16 mil on welbeck when you could’ve gotten balo for the same amount and remy for half less? Sold all d cbs including the reserve ones and yet not bidding for anyone else. Wenger has lost it seriously

    1. Bigvalbowski says:

      Balo is a head case and a 16M roll of the dice by
      Pool. He may turn out to be the steal of the transfer
      window but history suggests his goal tally(minus PK’s) will not exceed 15-20.
      I do like Remy and believe Arsenal should of signed him @ the beginning of the window but he is somewhat injury prone and @ 27 is 4 years DW senior.
      With first team football @ his disposal each week for the first time in years I prefer DW potential ceiling to both of these former targets

  89. Big Head says:

    We are getting a donkey…All hail the best coach in the world Arsene Wenger!!

  90. tonyz says:

    Welbeck welcome to arsenal, and to all you cunnnttttsss slagging him off totally out of order he has not even kicked a ball yet.

    1. Gunner Gyzinermouth says:

      fair enough- nobody will boo when he plays (if he signs) but surely you expected more from Arsene and Ivan? If not, you certainly have low expectations of what is needed to be a title winning team, and if so, I am sure you can appreciate a few of us want more like we were promised.

  91. brpowers23 says:

    From what I have seen of Welbeck, he is a good choice for our current sad situation. Yes, he struggles with finishing (so did Walcott) , but he has a tremendous amount of energy, intelligence, and has a good touch on the ball for a taller striker. He would fit. He can get behind the defense and he can hold up the ball. He is a team player and would add to Arsenal chemistry.

    He is not Cavani, but he is a major upgrade to Sanogo (just not ready). The fact that he is English is actually a positive benefit based on the rules of the league, so he may cost a bit more.

    I’d be surprised if ManU let him go to Arsenal. We’ll see.

    1. Tas says:

      I’m acutely happy he (Welbeck) can help us on the left wing where we are week and in attack might not have the dribbling skills but we have so many of those in midfield, Yes welcome Welbeck

  92. NIKK says:

    Desperately Need a proven goal scorer ie like Costa but looks like wenger is adding another good honest work horse to the stable to keep Giroud company!

  93. Tope says:

    God, pls help. We still need to sign a cb and dmf but the time is on usain bolt speed rate.we now have 2slots for non homegrown. I am already running temperature. It is well

Comments are closed

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