Will Bukayo Saka ever get the praise he deserves from the English media?

Where’s the praise for Saka?

In a game that seemed lost for England, Arsenal’s Starboy Bukayo Saka managed to save the day by scoring a fantastic goal in the 80th minute to draw England level with Switzerland and sent the game to penalties where he then slotted his home and sent England to the semi finals of the euro’s, but as per usual, the English press haven’t given him the praise he deserves and it feels like it’s just Arsenal fans that have to scream from the rooftops about how good he is or else he wouldn’t get any praise.

I’m not sure if it’s a race thing or because he’s an Arsenal player, but when Saka came on against Iceland for 25 minutes in the pre Euro’s match friendly, Saka was put on the front cover of the papers and made out to be the problem and this isn’t the first time. Obviously when Saka missed the penalty in the last Euro’s, along with Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford, all three were abused and “football passion” was taken to a disgusting level and we saw some vile things said on and offline and the papers didn’t make it any better, making them the scapegoats.

Even since arriving in Germany this time, Saka was singled out to be dropped for “unbalancing the team”, and even moved to left-back to make room for England’s “better strikers”

But then last night Saka saved England from sure defeat and just when everyone thought it was all over, Saka produced a bit of magic and got us back into the game and was probably our best player and best chance creator the entire game, but the young man doesn’t seem to ever get the respect and praise he deserves. In my opinion, Saka is one of the best players in that England team, he’s one of the only players who can and does create chances, he’s never too greedy and is always looking for what is best for the team over himself and has grown so much in the last 2 years and it shows.

Arsenal fans get to see the best side of Saka every week and know just how vital he is to the squad and it’s sad to watch some fans not give him the respect he deserves. It would have been very hard for him to come back to this Euro’s after the last one and to step up last night and calmly put the ball into the back of the net from the spot, would have be massive for his self confidence and could give him the spark and confidence to play his best for the rest of the tournament.

With Saka at his best, England could go all the way, he said in a video the England Instagram posted shortly after the match “listen, I think it’s my best night in an England shirt for sure, but I got to stay focused because we’ve got 2 games to go, that could change our lives” and I think that shows the level of maturity and his mentally, at such a young age he’s become such a leader and a pleasure to watch grow.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae


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  1. Got to question your motive
    BBC have an article called ” Saka , World Class Special Night of Redemption ‘

    1. They certainly do!!!!!!
      Saka is getting the praise from all corners. Stupid article and totally made up.

      1. I’ve read 4 newspaper publications this morning and they all had saka as the star player

  2. If it were Kane that scored that equaliser and then the penalty the whole country would go agog…….

    That’s England for you.

  3. Saka is getting the plaudits he deserves from everyone, tv, newspapers , on line and of course England fans, so where’s the problem?

  4. Prior to the game yesterday, I’d say that Saka had been criticised. He wasn’t the only one but there were calls for him to be dropped in favour of Palmer who did well in his cameos.

    The fact that he was absolutely brilliant yesterday has brought out considerable adulation.

    I don’t buy into it being a race issue at all and I saw no reason to put it out there. We belong to a multi cultural and diverse society and are better for it imo

    1. I read this morning that Kane should be dropped for Watkins or Toney
      I guess thats racism ? Lol

      1. Dan
        Kane should not be undroppable regardless of whether it’s in favour of Toney or Watkins. I get your point of course.

    2. @SueP
      It’s just draining when people try to turn many things into a race issue.
      It’s such low level reasoning. When people were calling for Conor Gallagher to be dropped for Mainoo then it must also have been due to race etc..
      Smh 🤦‍♂️

  5. Why do people want Saka to be praised just for the sake of it?
    This reminds me of our own fan (Arsenal fans) always crying about how we are being singled out by referees, the media and FA on all kinds decisions.

    Are people this needy and weak and always want to be worshipped, praised and told that they are the best all the time?

    I say, grow some balls and stop being snowflakes..

    It’s so cringeworthy.

    1. It’s hard to tell and it cannot be ruled out, if it is racism or just anti Arsenal or Saka jealousy.
      But Saka has been unfairly criticised for sure.
      Some of the options like yours seems strange coming from an Arsenal fan with your comments sounding slightly biased against other true Arsenal fans comments, thinking they are over supporting their team. Very strange, but like me, you are also entitled to your opinion.

      I remember that It was you and a few others on this site the other day that said that I should take off my tinted Arsenal Glasses when I said you were wrong in suggesting Saka should make the sacrifice and switch from the Right side wing to a defensive Leftback.
      I am sure it was an annoyance from your opinion when I also said that the no goal contribution Foden adds zero to England’s attack should not be dropped because he misses Saka’s runs on the right and makes poor decisions to pass down the conjested left instead offering Saka no support.

      Your strange opinion in particular favoured the no goal contribution Foden ahead of Saka, when I said Foden should be dropped and from reading your strange comments you were getting upset about it, which is strange for a true Arsenal fan to react that way.

      You agreed with the “just arsenal” article, that said it is no insult to replace Saka at Right Wing in favour of switching (the twice player of the year) Saka to Leftback. I solely disagreed against that article and got a lot of criticism for it.

      Also you agreed with the article that said Saka should make the sacrifice and be more versitle and be grateful to play for England at leftback. This surprised me coming from an Arsenal website.

      Anyway, Southgate agreed with me and ignored all the bloggers like yourself and TV pundits who suggest Saka play at Leftback.

      He agreed with me and a few other true Arsenal fans and must have came to his senses and decided to play Saka back in his natural position of high wide right, despite everyone calling it right wingback, which it is not when he stayed high right for 80% of the time with a rightback playing behind him. More like a wide right winger with a back four behind him as mentioned during the game by the TV commentators.

      Anyway, I was right and you and the versitle leftback campaigners were wrong, I am happy to say.

      If Southgate listened to some of the bloggers and the TV pundits, being Neville, Keane and co. then England would have been knocked out of the competition and on their way home.

      I love karma, and you must feel embarrassed along with the writer of the Just Arsenal article, who wrongly agreed with the TV pundits that Saka should be sacrificed and play leftback and that it is not an insult Saka being dropped from Right wing to leftback.
      Ha ha ha. How embarrassing for you that he was man of the match, when playing high wide right.

      1. I stopped reading mate halfway through
        What’s any of that to do with Saka not getting credit for yesterday ?

      2. @daveg
        You are the one being biased because you have convinced yourself that Saka is being targeted due to race or that there is a conspiracy against Arsenal.
        That’s needy… Always trying to find things to play the victim.
        Why should I make up victimhood nonsense for Arsenal or any Arsenal player just because I am an Arsenal fan?
        There is no conspiracy against Arsenal, any Arsenal player, Me or you as individual Arsenal fans.

        But you are not alone. Most rival fans also think that their players and clubs are constantly targeted by the Referees, Media and all Footballing bodies.. Just take a minute and go to any Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, City, Spurs, Villa, Leicester etc fans forums. They all think like you do. You all seem to live in these needy / precious cotton-wool bubbles.

        As i keep saying, you all need to Grow some balls.. This tough, nuanced and complicated universe will continue to chew at you emotionally if you don’t man up..

    2. Are you even serious with your comment Goonster?Do you have something personal against Saka?

      1. I certainly didn’t read his comments like that at all
        If Saka has a stinker then saying so shouldn’t be classed as being anti Saka
        I read so much on JA about having the right to criticise Arteta on individual matters but loosely saying that Saka is untouchable isn’t acceptable. I think that Saka is one of our finest and constructive comments should be respected on a game by game basis.

      2. @cliff
        I don’t have any thing against Saka. I just don’t buy into your ridiculous made up conspiracy nonsense / race baiting bullcrap. That’s that.. I don’t do cognitive dissonance or player worship like many do. Always identifying their favourite players and making them out to be victims if criticised about anything.

        Some advice for you my friend. Don’t try to always be on the lookout for things to get you all emotional and into your feelings. This world will chew and spit you out if you are always looking to be a victim or deem others as victims with no evidence.

        There is no conspiracy against Arsenal or any of our players ( black or white). If there is then you have got to produce the compelling evidence to support your claims.

  6. Saka scored an unstoppable cracker, which makes it necessary to remember this performance. He expressed his happiness about it, and England was certainly pleased.

  7. Saka is the one player on the England team that gets special treatment, two men on him sometimes even a third. No other English player gets treated like that. It’s probably the biggest compliment of them all

  8. I am not an Englishman but I believe there is a time when a nation must speak with one voice on an issue of common interest. I believe this is one such issue. There have been calls to drop some players for poor performance but if there has been
    a player that deserved to be dropped Harry Kane is a sure candidate! Why haven’t we heard such calls? I wouldn’t call this racist, but the vanity of trust that certain individuals cannot go wrong! It is inconceivable for many English fans that the captain and hitherto top scorer should be dropped for any game when he is fully fit. This is human nature. People take long to accept certain things. However credit should be given where it is due.
    Thus, Saka should be recognised as one of England’s top performers currently.

    1. And literally Saka has been praised and literally there have been calls for Kane to be dropped
      I can send you links if you want

      Based on Saturday Saka has been called man of the match
      As a tournament on the whole none of of our attackers have been amazing

      This is issue with some Arsenal fans though
      They over hype players
      Saka had a great game period which is being said everywhere but for some Gooners that is not enough

    2. A fair point of view David
      The only reason I can think of for Kane not being dropped is that he’s the captain and his scoring record historically has been excellent. He hasn’t been able to really impact the team in this tournament but others have also fallen short- although I’ve not been impressed by Southgate much of the time.

      1. Yeah it’s hard enough to battle racism without people making racism up when it’s not happening
        Actually offensive to those who are being racially abused

        1. How was it racist?
          I’m the last person to find racism acceptable. DR did not say anything racist but instead highlighted – in his words – a vanity of trust. My take on that is very much that Southgate trusts his captain ( in the same way that hardly any changes in the starting 11 have been made) even though most see that he hasn’t been that effective. Southgate is cautious and that is what I read into his post

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