Are Arsenal using Campbell’s loan to snare this wantaway striker?

Joel Campbell has joined Sporting Lisbon on a season-long loan deal which will come as a surprise to some Arsenal fans, but could it be part of a bigger picture?

The winger had impressed last season, and had appeared to have earned his place in the Gunners playing squad, but following the emergence of Alex Iwobi, the Costa Rican was limited to only three substitute outings in the league.

Campbell has now agreed to move to Sporting Lisbon for the season, but the deal comes within a week of their striker Islam Slimani reportedly handing in a transfer request.

Arsenal were linked with the Algerian back in June, but the rumours have slowed in recent months, while Alexandre Lacazette and others have appeared to be more strongly of interest to the club.

But following the forward’s supposed transfer request having been handed in, and with Joel Campbell seemingly having joined to replace the forward, It leads me to believe we may have had an ulterior motive in the deal.

Slimani scored a huge 27 goals in 33 Primeira Liga outings last season, and at 28 years-old, should be coming into his prime.

With Lacazette’s price-tag seemingly rising having scored five goals in his two Ligue 1 matches already this term, which appears to reduce the likelihood that Arsene Wenger will be able to striker a deal to bring the French forward in.

We have started the season with Alexis Sanchez filling the void up front, but he has not got himself on the scoresheet, and the tactics employed have not filled our side with confidence, nor has it returned us with a win from our opening two matches.

Could Slimani be the answer to our problems? Do you think he could challenge Giroud for a first-team role?

Pat J

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    1. what ? u nevet heard of imsham sabaji?!
      *friend whispers in muffs ear.

      i mean imsam slanani!
      *friend whispers again

      imsha…isma…imsla…is…ahhh the guy from lisbon,
      u know. two legs set of eyes

  1. I have a wish that even more important than buying a striker, DONT by Evans he can’t even get in the West Brom team at CB. What would that say about our ambition. If Wenger buys Evans it confirms the club is ripping fans off, at least if he came out and said holding will be given his chance it would be more comforting but Evans stinks of cheap and easy

  2. So we go from rumors of getting Lewandowski, Aubameyang, Benzema … to … Lacazette, Icardi, Chicharito … to now … Slimani?! How the mighty have fallen. The only striker we’re getting is NOAH WAN. Yes, him. At this rate, I’m not even sure we’ll get another CB.

    1. Slimani scored 27 goals from 33 matches
      How does that make him lower than the names you mentioned?

      1. Silimani is average striker
        there is one Algerian player who could be a world class
        “Yacine Brahimi” and he is better than Mahrez

        1. He is easily worth the £40 million (asking price)
          Porto left him out of their champions league qualification game, last week, because the player wants out and it looks likely that he will be sold.
          We are linked, along with Chelsea and Liverpool.

    2. Vlad, we started with Vardy. Then Slimanis name came about because lei were going to replace Vardy with him. The Lewy and Auby rumours came later, which everyone laughed off. Then came Lacazette and Icardi, I don’t think there was a real Hernandez link. And now we have come full circle.

      To be honest, I don’t care what name a player has at this stage. If we can get one who can score when Giroud goes off the boil, and compete with him when he’s on song, that will do for now. He’s gonna need a bit of pace though. But so long as we improve our chances, that is the main thing.

      1. We gone from being linked to everyone at the start of the window to not signing anyone of note to now being linked to no one of any real significance a week before the window closes. That is really going full circle.

  3. If campbell is part of a deal for slimani to come to arsenal then it would be all sorted out at the same time. We would not loan campbell to sporting lisbon in the hope that they would be “nice” to us over a player transfer to us.

    The football transfer market is a snake pit not a village fete.

    1. Reports coming in that Arsenal tried to cancel the loan move of Campbell, but in the end they agreed to pay a percentage of the players wages.

  4. I will finally give up on Arsene Wenger in any transfer window if he signs another midfielder before the window ends….Hopefully, it will be his last transfer window with us after January transfer window…

  5. this window is hysterical.

    we couldnt close a deal if it was coffee from starbucks.

    david dein must be turning in his grave….what..hes still alive?!!!


  6. Has Cambell really gone?

    That’s a shocker. Genuine good player, good passing, scores goals, pace, skill – I just don’t get it.

    He’s way better than Ox, Walcott, and Iwobi (who also looked good)

    Seriously getting fed up with it all. Unhappy Gooner!

    1. Aligned with his defensive qualities compared to Theo, Ox etc, would have thought but not Wenger, an ideal player to have playing away especially in Champions League.

    2. This ridiculous treatment of Campbell’s Arsenal career is a transparent illustration of Wenger’s inept ability to recognize and play talent. He has repeatedly hitched his wagon to the overrated, injury prone English core @ the Emirates foolishly believing that individually or collectively there anything better than AVERAGE EPL players. Even when fit and in form Wilshere, Walcott, Ramsey, Ox Welbeck and Gibbs are nothing more than FA or Mickey Mouse Cup caliber players. Campbell never had a realistic chance and finally saw through Wenger’s BS.

      Ozil and Sanchez will be next

  7. @ Simon, truly sad.. .and when Ramsey recovers, Wenger will find a way of starting him on the flank or in the middle no matter what. Not saying he is a bad player but it pisses me off when even he is not in form, he still starts game ahead of some players..

    Wenger knows best.. .lie! Right now, Wenger knows worst.. .

  8. I don’t understand why Lacazette wasn’t chosen for the French Squad. He is a prolific striker

    1. We don’t make them. We loan them to other clubs to make them for Wenger.

      The academy is basically a pyramid scheme now.

  9. Lol if we go in for this guy it just goes to show how hypocritical our club is.we are going only for players who add value lol embarrassment thats what they are turning our beatifull arsenal into.
    Worse is as the day goes on we keep on becoming alaughing stock.wengers recent comments about 300 or is it 600 employess make us luk so it only arsenal that has employess?

  10. My memory isn’t that good but I thought Koscielny had his best game for Arsenal in the game against Leicester.

  11. Silimani has the same style of Giroud
    but Giroud is better than him
    I can’t guess what wenger will do in the next 10 days
    but I’m sure we will not win any trophy with Wenger even if he buy Messi

  12. completely and utterly depressed regarding all matters , arsenal !

    If we get anybody , it will be a centre back , but I don’t think there’s any chance of a centre forward whatsoever …

    Wenger is a genius , he’s actually got us all looking forward to giroud being available for selection.

    Seriously , how many other top clubs would not move on a striker that went 15 games without a goal last year ?

    What (performance wise) have you got to do as an arsenal player to be deemed surplus to requirements ? … Walcott , ox , giroud are good players , but that’s it , just good !

    We have no chance of winning the title , what am I supposed to get excited about this year ? it seems we are the only ones who care , because wenger and the board clearly don’t !

  13. Palace have signed Benteke for £27 million + another 3 million in add on’s.

    Surely he was worth a gamble at that price? ?

    1. Haha telling u we no go buy any one.infact our best player cohesion just went to barca for afree transfer.i knew we shouldn’t hve sold him to liec last season.

  14. @ Admin

    Has my phone caught that Zika virus? or is there another reason why these smileys have deformed heads ➡ ?

  15. remember, all this attack on Wenger through social media won’t change anything unless fans unite and protest against him and the board in London and Emirates.
    Fans in England please unite for Arsenal’s gain, do not be divided for the gains of few individuals. 60000 voices at the emirates will surely be heard.

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