Will Chelsea-Arsenal FA Cup result decide Wenger’s future?

Arsene Wenger is expected to announce whether he will be signing a new Arsenal contract in the coming days, but will the result against Chelsea help to decide that?

The Frenchman has been in charge at the club since 1996, and after 21 years at the club, could be set to step down this summer when his current contract ends. Reports claim he has a two-year contract awaiting his signature, but he is yet to make his official decision on whether he will extend his stay in charge.

Arsenal have endured their worst Premier League finish since Wenger took over the club, and will face Europa League football for the first time since it’s creation, and this has fed calls for him to resign from the club. Fans have been protesting for a few seasons now, but this season has been the strongest yet, with planes flown over matches, as well as planned marches organised by fan groups.

Wenger had announced that a decision would be made soon, but that was some time ago now, and he will have to announce his decision following the FA Cup final this weekend, with the club needing to know his decision so they can plan for the new campaign.

Arsenal take on Chelsea at Wembley later on today, which could pose as a chance for the manager to leave on a high, with a trophy win, whilst also saving what has to be described as their worst campaign, despite a strong tally of points received this season.

A win over the Blues could also get a raucous reception from Gunners fans however, which could convince him that staying at the club was what they wanted, with the club’s supporters likely to be the only reason he would consider quitting.

Would a win over Chelsea make his exit more or less likely? Has he already made his mind up?

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  1. Mel Bestley says:

    I am a Arsenal fan have been for some time longer than Wenger has been Manager, do not get me wrong but I want Arsenal to lose the final, reasons being that hopefully Will be the only time Wenger would wałk Wenger has to go enough is enough if Arsenal win Wenger and the board will say that there is no problem with the setup here at Arsénal nothing needs to change Wengers got it all in hand for next season Blah Blah Blah ect groundhog day all over again.

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