Will Coronavirus lead to increase in summer transfers?

Football has been halted to a standstill amidst the current world epidemic, and while we await the return to action, we are all left to ponder the implications of what has been happening around us.

Players have been grounded and not allowed to return to their home countries, and refused permission to travel to see their families amidst the Coronavirus crisis, and in fear of future pandemics, players could opt to play closer to their families.

We currently live in limbo, with little very little knowledge of how long people will be forced to limit their socialisation, or from certain players perspective, how long they will be forced to await the return to action, before being able to return home to see their families.

A number of our South American and European players asked for permission to do just that, considering the season is currently suspended, but no such permission is going to be granted. I can see this likely piling pressure on those with loved ones in countries heavily infected at present, such as Spain and Italy, although the situation of being isolated in homes away from parents, siblings and children will highly increase anxiety.

Luckily some of this weight can be taken away thanks to technology and social media, but the worry will not go away especially when we consider the age of our parents, and the way this virus takes its toll on them.

Chris Smalling is claimed to be keen on a return to the Premier League this summer, despite enjoying his spell in Italy, and the virus may well have been the deciding factor in his wish to return to England. It would be no surprise to me to hear that a number of European players tried to return to their home countries this summer, which

He is supposedly favouring a move to Arsenal, but as with most reports currently, we must take them all with a pinch of salt. Keep safe.


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