Will crowds back in the stadium help Arsenal this season?

The Emirates has tried to live up to the ‘Fortress Highbury’ in history, but last season yielded an amazing SEVEN home defeats for Arsenal, the most in the Premier League era.

Obviously the whole of the Premier League teams were affected by the lack of home crowds, and in fact it hardly mattered wether you were playing home or away in the very strange campaign.

But hopefully we will be back to full capacity and there is going to be trialling of the “vaccine passport” which should allow nearly full houses in the coming season. Tomorrow, Chelsea will be coming to the Emirates for the first match of the Mind Series, a triangular pre-season tournament in which Tottenham are also involved, and they will be playing in front of a near-capacity crowd for the first time in 16 and a half months.

Many Gooners, including Mikel Arteta, are hoping things can get back to normal-ish and we can start winning more games at home again.

We were given an insight into how much the empty stands affected the players last year when Rob Holding gave an interview to the Guardian. He said: “When we were playing every three or four days and had no crowd, going again in front of an empty stadium, it did feel like a slog,”

“With fans coming back now, it’s crazy how different it feels, how much more energy there is on the pitch. When you make a tackle or a block and a big cheer goes up, then you’re excited for the next bit of play rather than just blocking it, hearing nothing and then thinking, like, ‘Oh’.”

So, tomorrow is going to be a big day for the Gunners. We may have had two easy wins against lower level teams, but these upcoming games again top class rivals can hopefully give us more insight to where we are in fitness and in confidence.

It will great to see and hear a full crowd at the Emirates once again, hopefully to see us play to our very best….


  1. Well I hope the crowd get mikel the sack and same with edu because they have not got a clue

    1. What a disgrace you are! That is not the comment of a true supporter at all. You should be ashamed and YOU are precisely the sort of person so many of our decent true supporters despise!

      1. Jon
        Will you stop jumping in and taking the words right out of my mouth
        I had to do a double take on Tom post.
        Sorry Tom
        Poor choice of of words
        You are in the minority

      2. Well I paid good money to watch arsenal over the years and this manager as not got a clue everyone wanted Wenger out but I didn’t but the crowd got him out so we need mikel out because if you believe we finish higher than last season you or kindling yourself because we or not

      3. So you think MA should stay for another year and finish outside top 6 again fans pay good money to watch arsenal and we get this crap I pay 1000s a year and we or going down hill fast with theres clowns in charge so go and clap MA and see wot happens

        1. So, to be clear, you want fans to boo Arteta to make sure he gets the sack?

          Sorry, I’m just trying to get my head around what you actually want….

        2. Tom
          I do want him in but time will tell on how he gets on
          We finish 8th BUT we finished 6 points outside the top 4
          We improved Defensively by a long chalk
          Paying good.money over the years doesn’t warrant you to wish we lose and MA gets the sack
          That goes against the grain of any loyal supporter
          So if you get your wish and we lose every game and MA gets the sack who would you like in
          I loved AW but his time was done

          1. Alan Ball You have far more patience than I ever will with a so called fan who actually wishes our team harm to get his perverse wish.
            I SAY HE IS NOT WELCOME ON JA at all and definitely not a true GOONER.

            The entire reason I SO LOATHE ALL LAZY PLAYERS IS BECAUSE THEY HARM OUR CLUB. Maverick non fans, posing as Gooners, are in the same CATEGORY as far as I am concerned. They and lazy players are a disgrace and harmful to our club . THAT is why I turn against them so much!

          2. Remember the 100 pound bet@
            1st of jan mate ,
            4 place ,you me and Ken 1265 .
            I’ll keep my negativity in a jam jar till then .

          3. Jon
            Everyone is entitled to there opinion regardless if we agree with it or not
            I beleive Tom is a secret spud in disguise
            He brags he spends 1000s of pound and then complains about he is not happy what he watches.. Answer.. stop going. You only clap and cheer when we concede so I don’t think you will be missed Tom
            Better off spending your.money down S**t Hart Lane
            I hope and want MA to do well because he is the manager of our beloved football club
            Never have I heard of a true fan wanted your team to lose so the manager can get the sack
            Very sad Tom

          4. Mr kit
            How can I forget
            I am hoping to take yours and kens money for 2 reasons
            1. I want MA to smash top 4 because if we are up there the feel good factor will be in the air and we will go from strength to strength
            2. Taking your and kens money and giving it macmillan cancer will feel even better then proving you 2 wrong

          5. Well said
            Why would any Arsenal supporter want their manager to fail? Going further down the league makes a return to the top even more bloody difficult

          6. Alan.. you should’ve been on here when AW was manager. You’d be surprised at who wanted us to lose so he’d be sacked…

          7. Yeah right Alan like no one wanted Wenger out but some of you did but I didn’t .I don’t think MA is good enough for arsenal but am wrong for wot I say because if you believe mikel going to put us in the top 4 again well think again but we will see at the end of the season

      4. A jon I been a arsenal fan for 42 years and never boo until now because MA is taking arsenal down hill fast. Anyway I do remember some of you wanted Wenger out before the end of the season so wots the difference between me and you lot please tell me if you can

    2. What a disgrace you are! You are precisely that type of non SUPPORTER, that so many decent Gooners despise. Grow up and learn about how life works, you spoilt child!

    3. We’ll have to be out of top six to see Arteta and Edu sacked

      Are you willing to sacrifice our beloved Arsenal just to have a revenge? Bear in mind that it could happen if the likes of you keep spreading negativity before the season even starts

      1. GAI, no true Arsenal supporter, or supporter of any club, should want their team to not win for any reason. This is not a case of “the end justifies the means”.
        One can always be concerned about how things are panning out. Expressing that concern and frustration should not be construed as negative.
        Everyone should support the Club, the manager and any player he puts on the field, whether you agree with the selections or not.
        “Victory through harmony” .

      1. Sorry GAI, my response was in response to the very first comment on this thread that was made from the gutter.

    1. Only the lower tier Sue? Are you saying only the lower tier is open as website gives prices for all areas?

        1. Arsenal Fixture News
          26 Jul
          The Upper Tier will now be closed for Sundays Mind Series game against Chelsea

  2. The feeling will be sensational especially for the players. The home fans will be ecstatic – after a long period devoid of watching live games at the Emirates. Hope the players do well

  3. I very much doubt that we and other clubs will be allowed a full house, the way Covid is going. So many selfish younger folk have chosen to put off being vaccinated and we will all pay that price now.

    Covid passports only work if ALL people work together and a stubborn section of society simply refuses to think of others welfare. Hope I am wrong but I doubt it!

  4. Given the data on the Delta variant, its too dangerous even for those who have been double jabbed. In fact, in some studies, its the vaccinated that are struggling more with this variant.

    Given the obsession with most on here to believe ANYTHING they are told on the dangers of Covid, I’m sure most will agree it to be massively irresponsible to allow vaccinated people back in the stadiums.

      1. I expected from you, one of the most respected visitors in JA, a request to the admin to remove this kind of unverified statements regarding the virus and the vaccination that may cause panic among our other visitors.

      2. @jon fox

        My bad, I forgot to say vaccinated and unvaccinated into the stadium. So no one basically. Surely you must agree though Jon, because like many others on here, you’ve said safety first since day one, at any cost

        Given your response to my comment, you have changed your mind now? You don’t want to control the spread of the virus anymore?


        Unverified, by who? The mainstream media? Hahaha! Check out recent report from Massachusetts. One of many in regards to Delta.


        Luckily, I’m not in Victoria where they’ve done a fantastic job at prolonging the virus with 5 lockdowns. Not to mention economic ruin for small businesses, not large corporations though, because as we now know, the virus is ineffective in those stores Haha!

        In Sydney this deadly virus recently killed 2 people, both in their 80s, yet a lockdown and now the army have been brought in. Its insane!!!! Its sad they lost their lives, but at that age, they are in the key demographic for any virus. First time in history we lock up healthy people, whom are not in danger. We are actually causing more health issues WITH lockdowns and forced experimental vaccinations. The federal and state premiers have been disgusting over here, especially Dan Andrew’s.

        More die from the flu in Sydney every year, so why wasn’t that deemed a pandemic? They are even forcing people to mask up in a park and have increased fines for not doing so, and have admitted they are not even following the science on that one. So they openly admit that that measure is about money and control, not health.

        For all of you promoting the vaccines, please tell me what the long term effects of the vaccines are then? The FDA in America don’t know, the TGA here in Australia don’t know, so how do YOU guys know they are safe?

        1. TMJW, I live in Lake Macquarie (Newcastle) where we have no cases. I had my first inoculation last Tuesday (slight quezie stomach only side effect). I can’t visit my 98yo Mum in Sydney and thankfully she has been vaccinated and stays at home.
          Criticize the Australian State Governments all you like, but the cases and deaths in Australia pale into insignificance compared to the UK and USA. They must be doing something right and I’m glad I live here.
          I would recommend everyone see their doctor and get vaccinated. No one wants to lose a loved one and once hospitalised it’s too late.

          1. @Ozziegunner

            Can you please explain to me whilst previous flu outbreaks, where far more die, yet no lockdowns, no army, no fines? How is one a pandamic, and the other not? We don’t care about flu deaths, but we destroy society for lesser dangerous Covid? Not one person has been able to answer this question yet.

            I find it complete double standards how the unvaccinated are deemed to be selfish and responsible for death, yet you, like many others are promoting vaccines which we have no long-term data about the side-effects, and are suppressing the risk. Clearly you got lucky with your jab, whereas others have died, hearth attacks, nerve problems, etc. Where there is risk, you should have choice.

            Why are the risks NEVER mentioned?

            Also, how many lives do you think we’ve already lost to the lockdowns, and boarder closures, and how many extra we will lose? Death and disaster oganiser in Eng has apparently planned 3 extra deaths for each Covid death.

        2. One of our senior scientists- Jonathan Van Tam – took a question and answer program and was asked about any side effect issue in the future. His reply was that as so many millions of vaccines had been dispensed worldwide that any cause for concern would already have appeared. An example is the extraordinarily rare blood clots that happened. Even they were minuscule in the scheme of things
          I weighed up the fact that without the uptake of the vaccine the UK would have lost many thousands more to Covid so I’ve done all I can to protect myself and was double jabbed in May

        3. TMJW, how much you misunderstood my REASONS for posting as I did in those early days of Covid.
          Back then I was, like all normal and decent folk everywhere, concerned for societys (at large) good health and safety.

          NOW we have a vaccine that a number of mainly younger folk have selfishly chosen to not use . This has protected the most vulnerable and helpless to a great extent and this has been a game changer. If you fail to see that point then you are denying the REALITY.

          Plus we have the anti vacc brigade with their ludicrous micro chip theories. We cannot afford to let lunatics run the asylum, in other words our lives in general and we all need as much freedom from regulation and government control as we can afford, PROVIDED that the nations health is secure.
          You and I often think alike on Arsenal matters but on public health and sensible policy we are poles apart.

          I am by nature a libertarian but one who freely accepts there is always a limit to the amount of so called “total freedom” which any mentally and physically healthy society can ever accomplish.

          Double vacced folk are as secure as it is possible to be now, though not 100%, as all realistic folk know. The REAL danger comes directly from those who refuse vaccine, for WHATEVER reason, and it is those I condemn as selfish and stupid.

          1. Don’t get me wrong Jon, we should do all we can to help the vulnerable, but we have to draw the line somewhere, otherwise you’ll end up sacrificing everything to save the few. It’s insanity allowing governments, employers, and in some cases, schools, control of our own bodies. Because that’s what’s happening.

            You argue that not having a choice of our own bodies because of governments is perfectly fine, yet in the same breath, scoff at the notion of micro chip theories. Well, what if government then brings in a new public safety policy to help catch killers for example, and the best way to catch these killers is via micro chipping.

            With control of our bodies via a vaccine already in place, bringing in any other measures, would actually be relatively easy.

            Some facts for you to chew on:

            Have the vaccines been properly approved: NO
            Are the vaccines safe: NO
            Can you die from the vaccines: YES
            Are there safer alternatives to the vaccines: YES (Ivermectin, largest study in Mexico City recently produced excellent results, and there has been small scale tests of high dosage vitamin D, again with very good results)
            Have the lockdowns caused more harm than good: YES
            Can you still get Covid even if vaccinated twice: YES
            Can you still pass Covid onto others even if vaccinated twice: YES
            Can you still die from Covid even if vaccinated twice: YES

            Those facts are not opinions of my own, they are hard facts.

            Ultimately, I don’t care what you put into your own body, that is your decision, as it should be my decision to what I allow into my body.

          2. I forgot to mention one the most obvious alternatives to the vaccines, your immune system.

          3. TMJW, after reading your reply to my post, full of half truths, false claims and deliberate misconceptions, I have to conclude that further debate is pointless.
            We plainly inhabit very different planets, As a pragmatist and realist, I remain firmly on Earth but goodnes know which planet you live on. It cannot possibly be on Earth!

            Happy to carry on debate on Arsenal matters but not humanity in general.

          4. @Jon fox

            You claim I am talking rubbish, yet you didn’t debunk a single thing I said. Why? Because I was telling the truth.

            Clearly you have been brainwashed by the mainstream media and government. I agree, it’s pointless debating those like yourself, who clearly cannot think for yourself. Do you also believe we’ll all be dead in 10 years because of climate change? And I understand why you do not want to carry on a debate on humanity issues, as you clearly do not care about human rights.

            Mindboggling how anyone can think it’s acceptable for governments having control of our bodies. What’s next? Forced abortions to keep the numbers down in over populated areas?

            Two more facts for you to have a look at:

            Are we dealing with a deadly virus: NO (99.98% chances of surviving)

            Government wants EVERYONE vaccinated, which includes babies/children, despite the fact they are not in danger at all from Covid. The flu can kill them, but we don’t jab them. Work that one out!

    1. Don’t you give up?

      Living in Oz where you virtually don’t let anyone in or out, and still have a ridiculously poor uptake on the vaccination you are no longer in a position to pontificate to the rest of the world who were totally inept a year ago. Do you expect to stay in your Australia bubble forever if like you, Australians have a low belief in the vaccine ?

      Glad you keep fit and take vitamins but if you think that will save you due to your healthy lifestyle then think again
      As for the double jabbed they make up the vast majority of the UK population so any incidence of Covid will show up more in that group. Good old statistics . Try reading about the Queens hospital inNottinghamshire where the YOUNG and UNVACCINATED are taking up the critical care beds. It’s not the old who valued the amount of time they have left of life and got jabbed but those who like you who referred to it as overblown . Please do not mention your stats either. You really do not have a clue.

      1. Well said SueP, you said it exactly right and I wish I could have come up with as good a response but I was so angry the words would not come together!

        1. Declan
          We are living it and it’s b”””””dy awful. By now we all know someone who has passed away or had terrible after effects. Thanks, as I did expect a negative

      2. SueP, the issue in Australia is not a reticence to be vaccinated (although we do have some anti Vax nut jobs), but a shortage of vaccine. I am 69 and the earliest I could get my first jab was last Tuesday.
        Unfortunately what this pandemic will bring with all the misinformation being disseminated, is “Darwin at work”.
        Some people will prove that they are too stupid to live and will die selectively (Fox News watchers and Republicans).
        Fortunately countries like South Korea New Zealand and to a lesser degree have shown the way with restrictions to movement and contact tracing.
        The Governments have tried to mitigate the economic impacts in Australia despite TMJW’s comments. By the way the UK is also an island nation and maybe they should have closed their borders quickly, rather than believing in “herd immunity”?

        1. Ozziegunner
          By not following Australia and locking down quickly enough the UK made a hash of it. The best thing they did was to spend on vaccine development and the speed of roll out once the regulators approved it. Uptake has been amazing- apart from in the younger generation and they are suffering the most now
          Your government did so much right but the slow roll out has been a costly error.
          Not being able to see family and friends for months on end has taken a terrible toll on us all. The sooner we all get vaccinated the better for humanity

          1. SueP, hopefully the impact of this pandemic (the worst since the post WWI Spanish influenza) will be for the Australian Government and industry to raise self sufficiency in essential materials such as medicines. After WWII, there was virtually nothing Australia (the unsinkable aircraft carrier) didn’t manufacture. For example the Australian car industry was bigger than Japan’s up until the 1960’s. Unfortunately overseas head offices and lack of government support have killed off manufacturing. Like the UK much of our public infrastructure and utilities have been sold off. Newcastle with arguably the best coking and steaming coal and access to iron ore deposits from WA on the planet, no longer has a steel mill. We stupidly just dig it up and sell it overseas for others to add value. We have to have oil refined in Singapore. The inability of Australia to access vaccines has been a real wake up call, concerning the country’s vulnerability to the external supply chain.

    2. another riveting news update from the ultimate algorithm pawn…good luck with your latest misguided “rabbit hole” crusade TMJW

  5. I much doubt we will be and other Prem clubs will be allowed a full house for some time yet. The selfish brigade who have chosen not to be vacced will cost us all the atmosphere we need, not to mention the extra gate money too.

  6. Our sore-loosers fans might come back to bite us this season…i so much appreciate watching celtic&liverpool fans who usually unite to cheer their teams even in defeat but for arsenal fans,the less said,the better.

  7. So after chasing out Wenger our greatest manager same clueless fans want to tell other fans not to chase out Arteta for the diabolical football he is offering. Man better come good august 13

    1. Jan son
      I have missed your comments
      Do hope you have been keeping well
      AW is still our Greatest manager ever in my opinion but he was done.
      Weather some of it was down to financial restrictions, having to sell off our best players but we were never going to challenge again.
      He should have seen out his last season and then moved up stairs. we should have retained his knowledge and experience up stairs
      MA . frustrating at times . Naive, predicable football but one thing I can say is we are.moving out dross players
      Building from the back again
      If he doesnt hit top 6 then you will get your wish and he will probably be gone

  8. I think this is a non article article in as much as the crowd will be behind the team 100% unless the team underperforms. Then they will give them the proverbial rocket up the jacksy. The team will get all the support they deserve if they perform as they should.

  9. If you check the clueless manager’s stat after the toxic players had left.. Then you will the rebuild we are talking about..
    i really want MA to bloom since he one of our own..

  10. Yeah right Alan like no one wanted Wenger out but some of you did but I didn’t .I don’t think MA is good enough for arsenal but am wrong for wot I say because if you believe mikel going to put us in the top 4 again well think again but we will see at the end of the season

  11. Will the chasing out of Arteta from Arsenal be the sweet revenge the q”ARSENE WENGER IN BEST” brigade have been looking for, for the chasing out of their idol Arsene. Who the “ARSENE WENGER OUT BEST” brigade chased out of Arsenal? But is revenge our resolve now that will profit Arsenal in their PL campaign next season, or if the Gooners become united in unison to always support their darling Arsenal team in games.?

    Anyway, I think Arsenal will tomorrow Sunday at the Emirates Stadium beat Chelsea in the Mind Series pre-season big game match encounter.

    And the beating of Chelsea by Arsenal that tomorrow will serve as the precursor to the defeat that the Blues will suffer at the hands of the Gunners when the Thomas Tunchel’s coached Chelsea team return to the same Emirates Stadium to competitively face the Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal coached team very soon in a big game match encounter in the Premier League.

    Covid-19 is being fought relentlessly to eradicate in. And will continue to be fought without abating in the war-fight against it until it is stamped out completely habitating among the living.

    The football stadiums cannot continue to be fans unattended in watching football games as the war-fight against Covid-19 continues.

    Therefore, enthusiast football games watching fans have to be allowed returning to the football stadia to watch and support their beloved teams in action. While in the process of their attending games, the football loving fans should strictly adhered to the Government directives on Covid-19 Protocol observance. So as to protect themselves from being attacked by remnants of the deadly pandemic plague.

    In the light of observing the Government directive on Covid-19. I beseech all Arsenal Emirates fateful to always observe the Covid-19 Protocol as being directed by Government.

    In their going-in to the Ems tomorrow, the Gooners and other football fans, staff and others attending the Arsenal vs Chelsea match should do all the necessary needful for the avoiding the catching of Covid-19.

    1. Unai Emery must be sitting in sunny Villarreal, managing a team which won the Europa League last season, with his Arsenal contract termination payment in the bank and a broad smile on his face.
      He knew what happened to Arsene Wenger, he experienced the “treatment” himself and now he watches how things turn out for Mikel Arteta with the element that disrupted his tenure gone and a lot of new players brought in.

      1. Ozziegunner.

        I like your comment very much.

        I was of the opinion at the time, and remain so now, the dressing room lost Emery as opposed to the other way ‘round.

        Look who has been cleared out since – coincidence ?

        I never have time for other teams, players or managers , but I certainly have much respect for Unai Emery and his efforts in many ways at our place.

        1. AJ, I do too.
          But I am and was also realistic enough to know that his language difficulties became a stumbling block that lost him respect both within the dressingron and with our fanbase.

          When “fans” at large are so unpleasant and feeble minded as to mimic and poke fun at your speech, then the game is up, wrong and unfair though that is.

          That does not change the fact that in his own country or where Spanish is widely understood, – which in insular Britain it is obviously not – he remains a top manager.

          ESSENTIALLY HE WAS NEVER GIVEN A PROPER CHANCE, just as so many so called “supporters” are determined to deny Arteta too.
          Much of our online fanbase is toxic, unpleasant and unfair. Sigh!

          1. Agree Jon.

            I fully accept I am about to over simplify matters but “Good Ebbening “ etc all too soon became as funny as toothache., and was hugely disrespectful to what was to all intents and purposes a talented and decent man.

            And then of course there is the perennial argument re’ Bielsa at Leeds using a translator (maybe to just avoid those probing post match interviews ? ) whilst Emery was determined to shun that option.

            Did our rather “troublesome”
            squad of the time “play the language card” ?

            Sadly U E never got the opportunity to prove otherwise via results.

        2. Emery was a far better coach/manager than we have now, at this moment BUT he for obvious reasons was not an Arsenal manager. A great appointment at the time but because of language barriers, he is better suited to his own country. He is a top top coach/ manager but not for us. Barca and Real must be blind!

          1. Gutted how it turned out Reggie.

            What bugs me is we interviewed the guy, what did he use … sign language ?

        3. Thank you AJ, jon and Reggie for your support. Emery made a fatal mistake in not taking the same road as Ponchettino when he first came to England and Bielsa in using an interpreter/translater.
          I was disgusted by the comments of people, who probably butcher English themselves, as well as not speaking any foreign languages, denigrating Emery, who could be understood in Basque, Spanish, French and English at least. These same people were probably the same ones, who mocked Roy Hodgson for his speech impediment, something not his fault. Both these men have achieved so much in their lives, regardless of these imbecilic detractors.

          1. Bravo OZZIE! There are(of course speaking VERY broadly, as I much dislike lumping so called “groups” of people together) two distict categories into which humanity falls.

            Mercifully, that first category is the decent and evolved HUGE majority globally, of fundamentally decent and concerned folk who care about our fellow creatures and will stand up and be counted in doing so.

            The other unpleasant category includes all bad people everywhere, such as Trump and his ilk, tyrants who run all non free countries and (though lesser in causing widespread harm), the non evolved and spiteful fans on JA who hound and deliberately wound decent people doing their best, such as MA.
            I do accept that all of us are passionate and say things which are hurtful, at times, I do myself and freely admit it, as it is true.
            But ALL of our race are fallible beings , though what separates the good from the non evolved is the ability and DESIRE to really think and to see how vitally valuable and precious our race at large actually is.

  12. I can’t wait to see when you lot want MA out because we or down the wrong end of the table then I will give you stick like you did yo me .p.s I took your names so you better not say you want MA out

  13. Why cant we unite as one this season or at least until we have kicked the first ball in anger. I personally wasn’t happy with arteta last season but he is our manager so let’s back him and the players and see what happens. I have a funny feeling this will be a great year 🏆

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