Will current crisis inspire on loan Arsenal star?

Something has to give with Arsenal´s young German forward Serge Gnabry, or the player that showed such promise before he picked up an injury and missed the whole of last season. At the moment, Gnabry cannot even get on to the West Brom bench and the loan deal that was supposed to bring him the regular football that would help to progress his career has so far yielded just three appearances and 12 Premier League minutes.

Some Arsenal fans might have thought that Arsene Wenger might want to bring him back to north London to help the Gunners cope with the mini injury crisis to players like Walcott, Ramsey and the Ox that has left Wenger with a big problem on the right flank, where Gnabry would normally operate.

But as reported by The Mirror that is not going to happen, as the boss explained that loan deals between EPL clubs do not work that way.

He said, “Serge Gnabry is on loan for the season. We cannot get him back before the transfer period. Loans between Premier League clubs are season-long loan.”

Even if we could bring him back though, I do not think that the boss would have much use for him because Gnabry is clearly not in the sort of form or even physical shape to help us. He seems to have gone onto the doldrums and needs to snap out of it.

Wenger went on, “I heard that Tony Pulis is not happy with him. He has to change the opinion of Tony Pulis because I think that Serge Gnabry has the quality to play in the Premier League. He has shown that.

“It’s good that he faces this kind of battle because it will make him stronger if the turns the opinion of Tony Pulis around. I hope that he’s facing the challenge and is putting the effort in.”

Perhaps the right wing problems of Arsenal right now will ring a bell with Gnabry and get him thinking that he would have had a great opportunity if he was still in our playing squad, but if he does not pull his socks up quickly then he might never play for the Gunners again.

What do you think of the Gnabry situation Gooners?

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  1. Listen Baby Please.

    Gnabry has only played one match
    Tony needs to play him more for him to prove himself

    I like Gnabryyyyy on a dailyyyyy

    He has played well for us in the past
    I support you Gnabry. I know you will make Pulis eat his words

      1. used to like ur slogan
        now u sound like drenched rat…no offence to master splinter
        we all know u were on here under a previous alias

        i will do this for you ADMIN:
        muff please refrain from personal insults, also can i have my tv remote back u handsome man you.
        your welcome admin, your welcome 😉

  2. anyone remember that game where gnabry frightened the spuds in the fa cup?
    he looked scary, a hybrid of theo and the ox……and sephiroth from final fantasy 7 (miss those days)

    havent been keeping tabs on him,
    the more injuries we get the more this site will grow with transfer rumuors in desperation- i despair…
    pass me my rhubarb crumble an custard jeeves

    1. yea muff………. And sure i remember when gnarby used to be the only one who could shoot!….back when carzola had lost his shooting boots and we team were all bootless

  3. Listen BaBy Please

    Lets take Gnabry back in January if Pulis doesn’t use him and Welbeck is still injured or send him on loan somewhere else.

    It defeats the purpose of sending him on loan to gain experience

  4. My sympathy is with Gnabry for the injury he had and was sidelined for a whole season field action. He is now struggling to regain his lost top level form he was. And Tony Pulis confirning him to inactions on the field of play, will hinder Gnabry progress to regain his lost confidence and subsequently regain the top form he was before he got injured. Oh dear me! However, let Gnabry keeps forging on. As it is written: “This is hope for a tree”. By the way, why have the FA and the Premier League authority decided not to help to reschedule the Premier League fixtures of their 4 clubs that are playing in the Ucl? Across the European Premier Leagues this night, I can see some top clubs like Bayern Munich bring their game ahead of tomorrow Saturday fixtures. By taking this action, Bayern Munich are going to have a 4 day rest as against their next Ucl opponents – Arsenal, who will have 3 day rest after their Premier League match against Swansea City AFC tomorrow Saturday. With this extra 1 day rest which Bayern Munich will have, Bayern are likely to be fresher on the field of play on Wednesday night’s than Arsenal would be. But despite that Bayern’s extra 1 day rest over Arsenal, the Gunners will still win the game against all odds.

  5. i think we shouldnt call him back.. i understand the reasoning of babyplease for example that this way he wont get the playing experience, but thats one of the biggest thing i critisize peope/footballer of countries like england germany switzerland etc. that its made too easy for them, and that they are treated like babies/stars if its too difficult we want to change the scenario so that its better and easier for him..
    A big NO from me, they should learn a bit mor like the people of south america and asis/africa and fight for things they want and do it the hard way.. if he cant do it.. well too bad but even this will strengthen him and form his character

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