Will doubts over ‘Wenger trophy’ hurt or help Arsenal?

One good thing you can say about Arsenal since we last won the Premier League title is that, unlike other big clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City, the Gunners have always finished in the top four and have always secured a place in the elite European competition that is the Champions League.

That is why the football media hilariously (not) dubbed a top four finish as the Wenger trophy, blithely ignoring the fact that this was actually the desperate desire or distant dream of every Premier League club. And the fact that the prof managed it on a fraction of the financial power of all of the big boys and many of the lesser clubs is one of his major achievements.

We have moved on from then, however, and a top four finish is certainly not enough for the Arsenal fans, but that does not mean to say we do not mind dropping out of the top four and the Champions League. The problem for Wenger and the players now is the possibility that the top four might not be enough, as a Sky Sports report explains.

Now that the Europa League winners earn a Champions League spot it is possible for one country to have five clubs in the Champions League. But that is the limit, so with Man City still in it and Liverpool still in the Europa League there is a chance that the fourth placed club in the league could miss out.

However unlikely this may be there is a chance it could happen and that will not have escaped the attention of Wenger and the Arsenal board. The question is whether the extra pressure to finish third will make Arsenal perform better of affect us in the same way that title expectations appeared to this year. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. we always pull our socks up when the wenger trophies at risk.
    as sir zip-a-lot said….
    go fourth an qualify!
    we have it in the bag ask jeeves.

    dont forget tonight we can watch arsenals abandon shippers an enjoy the quarter finals of champions league.
    psg look a team.
    there.no arsenal fc but they look pretty good

  2. The team always seems to perform when CL spot is in jeopardy or when last sixteen in CL is in jeopardy.

    We do not seem able to perform to win the PL, even when golden opportunities are presented to us. We bottle it at critical times.

    I suppose it should be no surprise, the majority shareholder has told us that he is not “involved” to win championships. The team is responding to the aims and goals set by the owner.

  3. I see that we are not the only deluded ones.
    I visited a westham site and they said this is their combined team
    bellerin reid koscienly cresswell
    kouyate noble
    payet ozil lanzini
    6 to 5 and you still wonder why they are still 2places below us even with pur struggles for injuries this season

  4. HT2:0

    c’mon u Volkswagen! *Tongues*

    Lets see if the dn’t eff up the 2nd half of the game

  5. Arsenal’s English fans have to be the most passive fans I have ever seen from a top club. You guys pay the highest prices in England yet Arsene Wenger disrespects you by not listening to your demands year-in-year out with his arrogant remarks about fans affecting players performances.
    It’s going to be another top 4 “strong” finish this year, with the Wenger and his board talking about next seasons prospects. I’m sick of this to the point were I have actually sopped watching the remaining games this season.

  6. Football remains a mystery

    Is this not the same Wolfsburg we beat 1:0 in the emirates cup back in the day?

    Look what they did to R.madrid 2nyt!

  7. man city are a different side with de bruyne playing
    etihad will be tough for us

    big fan of de bruyne – watched him when he was bundesliga player of the year-
    immense player

  8. Monreal is Mr reliable. The dude is so freaking consistent, he has to be the best left back in the country. We are blessed with our two fullbacks, it doesn’t seem all that long ago we were asking for better defenders. Some want an improvement on Per and I can understand that. I rate Per but you need to be set up for a certain type of performance to see the best of the man. I like what Iv seen of Manolas, but it sounds like Chelsea have him. I doubt we even inquired, never mind a bid. I would still want to keep hold of Per though, even after we sign what will hopefully be a solid CB. We were supposedly on the lookout for a CB during the last two windows. The Italian youngster seemed to be the main target, so hopefully there’s truth to our interest in this position. People said Arsene couldn’t spot defenders, he’s laid that one to rest.

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