Will Douglas Luiz be the answer to Arsenal’s midfield problems in January?

Though it is unlikely to be a January transfer priority, Mikel Arteta may explore adding a reliable central midfielder given Thomas Partey’s injury struggles.

Douglas Luiz is one of the midfielders linked with a move to the Emirates. The Aston Villa 2022–23 player of the season is off to his best start to a Premier League campaign, with five goals and an assist in 10 games this season.

Mikel Arteta was interested in him in 2022, but the deal didn’t go through. Looking at the 25-year-old’s outstanding stats thus far this season, I can’t help but think the Arsenal manager is thinking to himself, “What if Luiz was in my squad?”

Well, he might not have to ask himself that question for long if he signs a deal for Luiz during the winter transfer window.

Paul Merson believes the Brazilian is underappreciated and believes his strength is that he can do it all and is dependable. As he stated on Sportskeeda, the ex-Arsenal pundit was no doubt providing Mikel Arteta with some compelling reasons to capture Villa’s midfield powerhouse.

“As I said last week, Douglas Luiz is the most underrated midfielder in the Premier League currently,” said Merson.

“The lad can do it all and shows up every week; it’s not hard to see why Arsenal wanted him earlier this year.”

Do you believe Luiz is the final piece to Arteta’s midfield puzzle?

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  1. The midfielder’s story has legs may not be Douglas’s Luiz, but certainly Zubimendi, Trindale or the sideline Real Madrid Tchouameni got to be in the mix if we are serious about the big jug.
    Any of these players are perfect foil for the former West Ham man.

    Out muscle out played in the middle of the park the West Ham hane couldn’t have come any earlier.

  2. Luiz is an all rounder and would look good along side rice and odeguaard in midfield as he can defend and pass and has an eye for the long pass and long shot. If we cannot get the world class Tchouameni then Luiz would certainly be an option. His remaining length of contract and his over valued price would suggest that for and extra few million, we might as well bid for Tchouameni from cash needed Real Madrid, and see what happens. The problem is that a strong ball winning targetman is Arsenal’s priority with junior, partey and smith row covering the midfield gaps for now. Plus if Nelson fails to fit in on the right, we will need a right winger as well.

  3. I like Luiz. The most important bit about him is that he is PL proven unlike some of the names we’ve been linked with.I think he could free Rice to play further forward.Because of his low centre of gravity,he is nimble and press resistant like Partey- this makes it easier for him to receive the ball while facing the goal,turn smoothly to evade the press and progress the ball. Rice,though excellent in everything else,is not adept at this in my opinion and it isn’t something that can be trained-you either have it or you don’t. As a plus,he can be useful in an attacking sense- has an eye for goal and excellent deliveries from free kicks/corners. That said,I doubt Villa will be willing to let him go midway through the season, except for stupid money,which Arsenal won’t be willing to spend. I guess the club should just wrap Partey in cotton wool,hope that he stays fit then reasses their options in the summer transfer window.

    1. He has a little nastiness about him too that wouldn’t do us any arm, maybe we should have paid the few thousand dollars extra back then, but maybe Smith Rowe could be thrown in the mix and sweeten the deal.

        1. Smith Rowe is out injury now and the gaffer don’t trust him, I hate to say it but it now appears he will be blighted by injuries .

          We knows how Unai Emery like to break bread with kids, he may well be his only saving grace.

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