Will Euro 2016 help Ramsey secure Arsenal first team role?

Arsenal still have our on loan keeper Wojciech Szczesny in the Poland squad as well as the French international pair of Laurent Koscielny and Olivier Giroud and the Germany play maker Mesut Ozil to look out for at Euro 2016, but after Jack Wilshere could not prevent England from crashing out with an abject display against Iceland yesterday, Aaron Ramsey is our only central midfielder left in the tournament.

And the fact that Rambo has been a major factor in Wales surprising everyone (except maybe long suffering England fans) by winning their group and making it to the quarter-final stage could prove to be a big boost for Arsenal and for the player’s first team chances.

There is a lot of competition at Arsenal in that central area, especially now that Wilshere and Santi Cazorla are fit again, but Ramsey is doing himself a big favour with his performances for the Welsh team. Even if they go out in the next match against Belgium he will come back for pre-season very happy with his summer and will surely be more confident and in form than his English of Spanish team mates.

We have the new signing Granit Xhaka to consider as well as Francis Coquelin but I expect they will be fighting for the deepest lying midfield position and the same could be true of Mohamed Elneny, so will his Euro performances see Ramsey as a first choice starter for Arsenal next season?


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  1. Wenger was always starting with Ramsey, anyway, even when he was playing ?!! ?

    Personally, Even though Ramsey scored and assisted one, for Wales, I’m still unconvinced with his ability.

    Haven’t you noticed how 9 times out of 10 he passes the ball behind his team mate, when in an attacking position, just so that he can run into the box to receive the ball back again,
    He rarely gives a forward pass in that situation, his too selfish and greedy! … it’s all about me with Ramsey.

    I hope that some mug offers big bucks for him, since Jack wheelchair didn’t do us any favours to enhance his chances of being sold. ?

    Just when we thought it was safe, the Bellerin and Sanchez rumours are starting to make some noise again. ?

    Can someone give Wenger a nudge, I think his nodded off again ?

    1. Did you even watch the game ? Allen is the one that keeps passing back, Ramsey keeps passing forward and trying to go forward. Personally I know Ramsey can be one of the best IF and ONLY IF the manager tells him to remain disciplined instead of trying to show off every time he has the ball.

      1. Obviously, I couldn’t explain my point properly lol ?
        Yes, he passes the ball forward but not in front of his team mate, Ramsey passes it slightly behind, so that his team mate has to stop his run and track back a few feet to receive the ball.
        It’s the old greedy bolloxs tactic which deliberately stops your team mate from attacking the opponents goal while it gives you the chance to run into the box and gain the glory when the cross comes in… i hope that made some sense? ? ?

        1. Absolutely spot on Ramsey is one if the most backward passers of a ball around the top clubs … My worry is xhaka might have same fault … Though he does put in some decent long passes as well … But Ramsey should be sold to the highest bidder ASAP … Otherwise he will be unveiled by the wenger as part of his brood of right wing options… Walcott Ramsey ox and Campbell filling this position is a recipe for another failed season

        2. I completely agree. What it does is that it leaves space for a counter (since he is out of position). Ramsey brings a creative spark yes but does not score enough to compensate for his indiscipline. Unfortunately tahats probably not how wenger sees it. To protect Ramsey he will never buy a genuine world class winger.

          Every season Wenger tells us there aren’t players in the market who can improve the team. Now why are we not going for Mkhitariyan or Mahrez is beyond me.

          The more I think the more it appears to me that the real problem is Wenger. Unless he leaves everything will be the same. With Conte, Pep and Mou, the first 3 positions are gone. We are again going to fight for 4th with Leicester, Tottenham and Liverpool

    2. You are not wrong about Ramsey’s passing tendencies in general. But I believe he is still a valuable player for Arsenal.

      In a sane world, Wenger would make Ramsey EARN his way into the starting lineup. THAT is the main problem.

      Ramsey never has to worry about his sometimes-chaotic play because he knows he will always start anyway. Wenger would put Ramsey at GK if there was no other place for him.

    3. AW were looking for balance of play every time he played Rambo as winger. Thought he actually never play as winger. I must say that he didn’t hit “the balance” value that AW expected him to do last season. He seemed running around useless whether in defend or attack. Somehow AW still believe that Rambo will comeback to his best.
      However, with the return of Santi, presence of Xhaka, Coq, not to mention Elneny, AW will rethink to sacrifice one winger for Rambo, because definitely our center of midfield area will be in balance. Prepare to play from the dug out Rambo!

  2. When I watched Wales, ramsey was playing the no.10 role, whilst when I was watching Germany, ozil was alternating between the flanks and alexis was player of the tournament playing up front.

    May be just may be it’s time to revisit alexis playing up front, either alongside giroud or with ramsey/ozil or even campbell. Obviously this is all assuming Wenger doesn’t bring in a new striker.

    Whether we go 433, 1 up front, 2 up, I don’t know but one thing is for sure if wenger doesn’t buy a new striker, we cannot go in another season with giroud as our only option.

  3. Am just happy about our midfield options,it will surely last us throughout the season barring any calamitious injuries..
    There is also dynamism and high competition which is only good for us…

    Concerning Ramsey,I can’t imagine him on the bench as Wenger will somehow sneak him somewhere…Ramsey’s Arsenal spot is not affected by his performance with Wales..if Wenger changes and puts Ramsey on the bench,I will be happily surprised….

    1. Agree…….. completely. Ramsey must FINALLY earn his way into the starting lineup. THAT is the key.

  4. How Ramsey plays for Wales is not relevant to his play at Arsenal. If he continues to play poorly for Arsenal the Euro performances mean very little to Arsenal fans.

    Just read an article wondering where Ramsey should be played. The article suggested Ramsey is always excellent in every position. WHAT?? Is the author watching the same Ramsey.

    The reality is there is NO room for Ramsey as a starter at Arsenal only because there are better choices for every position.

    That said, Ramsey is too good to be cast out of Arsenal. Ramsey should stay with Arsenal and earn his way onto the pitch for a change.

  5. It’s really just about Ramsey earning his position as others had said. Wenger likes to start him even when he’s not doing well and out of form. Wenger will probably do the same thing with Wilshere when he returns. Walcott is another player who gets minutes for being bad. Have to stop with the favoritism of British players. Reality is they were not good for us last season.

  6. One of my biggest concerns with arsene wenger, is His favoritism towards some of the british core, ramsay, wilshere, walcott and to some extent ox, waltz right back into the team after injury, when other players are performing far better in the same position.

    It is also the reason he does not buy better players, because of this so call british core, he fears it will stagger their development, BUT WHAT DEVELOPMENT, and there lie the problem if they are not competing for a position,how can they get better, when they freely step into the squad after injury, how can the team grow when they are pet and pampered

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