Will Europa League loss put off Arsenal’s transfer targets?

Arsenal’s dismal defeat to Chelsea in Wednesday’s Europa League Final means that, not only will we have a reduced transfer fund, but we will also be less attractive to great players that are desperate for Champions League football.

When asked if he thought that our lack of Champions League participation would impact on our transfer plans, Emery said: “Maybe, but I think we are a big team.

“I think Arsenal is a big name in the world of football. A lot of players want to play here.

“We are in one process and we need, in this process, to be strong in our idea, to be strong in our way. ‘It’s the reason we started this season. The idea was to get more competitive like a team, be closer to other teams, and we did that.

“At the moment, it’s not enough for our target, but the next week and next year that idea will continue in our minds.

“I don’t know our targets for next year, but the club is working to improve and do everything in our way.

“We have a lot of players who have the possibility to improve and grow up with us. For example, we have given a lot of youngsters their first experience of a final.

“I am positive for our future, creating our way with young players who are getting better in our way.”

That last statement would seem to suggest that we will have lots of youngsters to promote, so maybe we won’t have many big transfer dealings anyway, but if we were competing for targets with, say, Tottenham, who would the player choose to join first?



  1. I’m in total meltdown.. we’re going nowhere fast.. why would anyone want to sign for us? No money, crappy attitudes.. I will still renew my membership & will still go, as they’re my team & I’ll always support them, but right now they’ve let me down & I’m bitterly disappointed

    1. Yeah I’m still hurting as well, and I might hit the bottle hard tonight if Spurs win! Will this nightmare never end?

      Hang in there Sue. We will definitely be a lot better next season once Emery gets “his” type of players in. We may not shift all the deadwood this summer, but I think the majority of them will be gone.

      1. Cheers TMJW, keep the faith, hey?! Although I’m pretty sure you’ll have other things to fill your time, what with your move… think of us at the Emirates, amidst all the doom & gloom… while you’re sunning yourself, surrounded by koalas & kangaroo’s… can’t be bad!! I hope all goes well with your move, btw ?

    2. Sue I will be supporting Liverpool secretly. Please no one should tell pat, or else I will be in trouble ????

      1. ..even if for some strange twist of fate the spuds win – we can only look at our own failure to deliver when it mattered most. One thing to be rectified within the new setup is that silly and ridiculous notion that we’ve lots of leaders (or captains) among our ranks – i’d take issue and disagree we need a captain, someone able to lead by example, tell it like it is and address our failings on the pitch so as the risk of season defining losses are put in place. Whatever this experiment (project) was of assembling the current crop of 1st team players is an experiment that even a blind man could see has gone dreadfully wrong.

        For all our woes i will sit down and enjoy a champions league spectacle (tonight) knowing the participants playing both distinguished themselves against all the odds, have earned the right to be considered among europe’s best performing teams. We were runners-up and though we’re not playing at tonight’s level it can still be said europa league runners-up are not left entirely without hope. Changes have to be made and we’ll go after it once again..

        1. Ummm waal2waal, very wise words. Proper wisdom and maturity. I hope to follow your footsteps but I still feel to bruised to do that just now. Am just so angry that we have absolutely nothing to celebrate considering where we were in the top 4 race few weeks ago.

          1. @Pat – guess we’re all deflated – even ashamed, i tried hanging by the neck but fortunately the cotton snapped.

            Again we’re found in a position awaiting another side to do what we’re unable to do ourselves – How’s that for a reality check. Stay safe Pat.

            Waiter!! – Pour me another tripple gin 😀

        2. What a refreshingly mature and human post without any of the rather spiteful bitterness posted by so many of us. Leaving all bias aside it is plain that both tonights teams are real TEAMS and not a sad collection of misfits as so much of our squad is. It is painful to admit BUT unless and until you are prepared to admit the truth to yourself individually , you will never be a truthful person. It takes real character to admit something is true which hurts you but it should and must be done, unless you wish to stay an emotional child all your life. Unlike some Gooners, I “hate”(dreadful misuse of that word, hence quote marks used) neither club and rather admire Liverpool as a proper fans club with owners who really care for their club and fervently hope and believe they will win, even though I obviously hope we beat them both every time we play them. No oil money to buy success at Anfield. Nor at Spuds , to be honest!

          1. …thanks @Jon Fox – i’v a healthy appreciation of how you commit your thoughts to these threads too. ..but you and countless readers here will already know that. It’s patently obvious – Keep writing JF

          1. I will think of you tonight though, Pat… you’ll either be overjoyed or absolutely devastated, as will Pat!!

    3. You’re right SUE the bloody players let us down I hope Emery gets shot of most of them useless B*****ds

  2. Promoting youngsters Is NOT the answer. Just a small part of it.
    Yes Reiss-nelson and Smith-Rowe should help improve our team but we need experience and quality too. We need to sign experienced players in their early to mid 20’s who are better than Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Xhaka, Elneny, Sokratis, Leno, Bellerin, Iwobi

    COME ON LIVERPOOL later tonight

    1. Reiss Nelson, Smith-Rowe should continue going on a loan to gain vital experience

      Rumours are going out very strongly, Liverpool is expected to win the champ league just like Utd in 99 and their win in 2005….

  3. The lack of Champions League will definitely have an impact; however the greater influence will be the transfer fees and contract conditions/salaries that Arsenal will be able to offer. With the player managers requiring their cut, money rules unfortunately.
    As well as developing from the academy, Arsenal has to rely on finding the £1 million – £20 million players before they become £30 million plus players. Other clubs have succeeded in doing this; why not Arsenal
    The positive thing is that Arsenal’s U23’s and U18’s both won their respective competitions this season.
    BRING BACK DENNIS BERGKAMP; he is available now and would bring his experience with the academy at Ajax, as well as the skill set we all know he has, to Arsenal as Technical Director.

    1. I don’t mind DB coming home, don’t mind at all, but I think others made a great suggestion with Freddie Ljungberg.

  4. for me it’s over let’s forget the past !
    The management should spend and bring back our lost glory

  5. Spurs are in the champions league final without signing a single player. So how is it all about signing players ? United have more clean money than anyone else, City have an unlimited supply of dirty money as long as EUFA doesn’t enforce FFP. Makes it pretty difficult for anyone else to buy success with less money.

    1. Spurs will not win the champ league.

      The winner has already been decided

      Liverpool will win the champ league

  6. Stan may be pissed off the way the club is managed. CFC to get 100+ million for Hazard, we get 0 for Ramsey and Welbeck. We spend 350K for a playmaker, Tot. spend a fraction of that on Erikson. We sign at inflated rates, sell cheap (remember Perez, Gabriel). Pay inflated wages (Ozil, Mkhi, Leich) zero output on the field. Useless loan deals, useless scouting network, useless signings (Leich, Socrates, Mustafi, Elneny, Xhaka, Kolas., Torrera is going down the same way). I feel Stan should get actively involved in the clubs operation and bring back sanity in the system.

  7. Why we are here pissed off and grieving about the lack of respect shown to us buy the players and the coach with that sh***t performance. Do anybody knows what is going behind the scene. I mean the silence is deafening. At least some true infos as on how the club generally takes that defeat and course of action intend to be taken should have slipped down from Raul to appease the fans. By now heads should rolling. Put out the list of the players we want to lay off. Let them know they are not wanted so that they can looking for other options. They can be enjoying their holiday why fans are grieving.

  8. Agree with Bob Stevens and Mobella.The lack of communication from “above” is a matter of extreme frustration for fans who are the life blood of Arsenal and without whom Kronke’s investment would be worthless.Maybe it’s about time for us to put pressure on the Directors and Management who seem to take our support for granted?

    1. Completely off topic, but I just heard that Jose Antonio Reyes has been killed in a car accident.

      Such a waste.


  9. OT:sad news today,Jose Reyes aged 35years old and part of the invincibles died in a car collision?,thank you for the memories,you,ll never be forgotten and always will be part of our club history RIP big man!

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