Will Europa League win save Arsene Wenger’s job?

There has never been more pressure on the Arsenal manager after our highly unimpressive season, but Arsene Wenger has managed to win three FA Cups in the last few years to stave off the naysayers.

This year the only trophy left that we could win is the Europa League, and the draw giving us Atletico Madrid could be the final hurdle for Le Prof. But Alexandre Lacazette thinks that winning the trophy could save Wenger’s job for yet another year. “It can be the way to keep the manager because he did so much good for the club. It will save our season because in the Premier League we are not doing well,” the French international striker said.

The Final is to be played in Lyon, which is where Lacazette learned his trade, and he is doubly keen to play in his hometown. “I really want to be in the final to play in front of my family and friends but it’s not only that — I came to Arsenal because I want to win trophies,”

The Gunners keeper Petr Cech also believes that we have to go all out to win it, saying: “There is a big responsibility for everyone because we know with the position we are in the league.

“Someone would have to have a big meltdown in the last seven games to give us a chance to sneak into the top four.

“We know this is our chance to book our Champions League spot but, not only that, you play a European competition for a cup and for a cup the club has never won. This is another opportunity to add a great trophy to the cabinet.

“You need to keep the progression. You keep that not only on the pitch but by winning things. A club of Arsenal’s size and history belongs in the Champions League.”

So despite all the protests against Wenger, who thinks that a Europa League win will ensure he is with us for at least one more year?

Sam P


  1. pires says:

    The same articles over and over again…Boring

    1. Admin says:

      The same articles?
      If you think you can do better send me one of yours……

      1. jon fox says:

        I thought that in order to get bored , you first had to have a degree of intellect. Hilarious comment by Pires then!

        1. Phil says:

          JF-Its the same drivel from the same people who just can’t accept that Wengers days are numbered.It makes NO DIFFERENCE whether we win the Europa Cup or not.Wenger must NOT be Manager next season

    2. Jhud says:

      the question should be, can Arsenal hold onto 6th place. Burnley have European ambitions of their own and have Arsenal in their sights. With our focus on A Madrid I can see us dropping some premiere league points. Newcastle now becomes a pressure game.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Top seven will get in to Europe unless Southampton win the cup

  2. AndersS says:

    If achievements determined Wenger’s fate, he should have been out long ago and winning the Europa League doesn’t change the fact, that with him we have fallen miles behind the likes of Liverpool and Spurs in actual playing standard.
    With Wenger we will be looking at another failure in the league.

  3. Arnold says:

    No he needs to go we need to build arsenal the liverpool way with clever attacking players Firmino,Mane, Salah and also they have Keita waiting for next season what the good technical team!

  4. Shinoda says:

    It all depends on the board & Stan. Do they have the balls to sack Wenger? If they don’t, I think it will prove to many that the management has no ambition as far as footballing success is concerned. How do you reward mediocrity & failure? Yes, we may have won a few cups recently & but a big club like Arsenal should be up there with the Madrids & Bayerns. Why should he stay, so that we can have a repeat of this season? No… Whether he wins or loses the Europa League, I want him gone at the end of the season.

    1. Arnold says:

      I do think with Sanlehi coming in i think wenger lost some power in transfer business for Auba coming in january that wasnt wenger decision and Giroud, Coq, Walcott, shown the door. Sanlehi has been to Barc for over 15 yerars oversee 5 managers come and go and why not wenger who thinks he knows everything and engage other on daily basis operation – for new setup to work successful they need a new head/manager who will work under CEO/Sanlehi not the other way around.

  5. Arnold says:

    The biggest problem for Arsenal for over ten years has been Wenger himself and its unacceptable to let a player with Keita quality slip simply like and that tell all his way of thinking in modern football reached a bar and cant go past what is doing right now – being sorrounded with incompetent people in transfer side who cant even push a deal on closing line. The biggest lie of the year was not be able to sign Lemar for 55mln and bidded 92mln on last day of the transfer window and the only way forward is new manager regardless we win Europa cup or super cup he needs to leave.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      You know what Arnold, he’s so badly lost the plot that actually believes, why sign a player like Lemar when we already have Iwobi. I honestly fear for his sanity

  6. Sue says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Arsene sees his contract out, regardless of whether we win Europa or not

    1. Arnold says:


        1. Me says:

          The trouble is that the half empty stadium this system didn’t really impact because they were already paid for – fans just couldn’t be bothered anymore.
          Assuming he stays the empty seats next season will be because no one wants to pay the ridiculously high prices to watch the garbage we call Arsenal FC.
          No club will EVER put the manager before attendances and revenue – its business suicide..
          No fans equals no money equals no Arsenal FC

    2. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Without a doubt Sue, he will never quit, it just remains to be seen whether the board sack him or not. He’s so stubborn nobody can tell him anything, he still thinks he’s doing a decent job.

      1. Sue says:

        So bloody frustrating ain’t it Kenny!!!

  7. Howard says:

    Wenger has been a failure. The league is the best measuring rod. Liverpool, Spurs are all ahead of us now. He complains about the spending power of City, Manu and Chelsea but our wage and our spending is far ahead of Liverpool and Spurs but look at where they are.

    This is a man who has never won the CL before and also the league since 2004 and we still worship him

    Our standard has fallen and the club has stagnated. Arsenal is the only club whose manager is paid higher than any player in the club.

    1. Sue says:

      Sorry but I don’t worship him. I love Arsenal.. not Arsene. Whatever does happen though, I hope we buy the players we need

      1. GB says:

        Yes Sue it’s Arsenal fc we support not Arsene fc.

        1. Sue says:

          Exactly GB ?

    2. Arnold says:

      Even A.Madrid dont have financial power compare to Arsenal but look what they have doing for years! its a manager simple as that

      1. Sue says:

        I’m looking forward to having a new manager that’s for sure!

        1. Gunner22 says:

          This tie is a test for Simeone, lets see what he can do at the Emirates, as many (me included) want him to succeed Arsene. Yes i support Arsenal and want us to beat them black and blue en route to Lyon

          1. Sue says:

            I’d be happy if Simeone took over

          2. Me says:

            We don’t have the players for that system.
            Christ we can barely call our defenders actual defenders.
            It would be a complete turn in the philosophy of the club – our philosophy has been free flowing football (not so much recently) but under Simeone it will be compact, defensive and counter attacking – a bit like George Graham but with more flair.
            Maybe he would be good, but its never that simple…

          3. Sue says:

            Well I’m hoping we bring some new defenders in in the summer & a gk

  8. Howard says:

    Why should we allow him to decide his own future when the club is slipping away.
    Do we wait till the club is relegated before we sack him?

    1. gotanidea says:

      Because he has brought a lot of trophies to Arsenal and saved a lot of money by buying cheap players in the past (and brought a lot of money as well)

      Arsenal also paid him a lot to stay, which I think would end after this season is finished. Arsenal seem to have changed their penny-pinching transfer policy by buying expensive players like Aubameyang, Lacazette, Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi, Sanchez, etc

      1. How much time does winning a trophy buy a manager? A yera? 2 years? 3 years? Am asking because managers at big clubs like Real Madrid, Bayern, Man utd and Chelsea kick managers out on their back side even when they finishs season with doubles. This imposter at Arsenal has been entertained for far too long. Season after season he has been given he even throws them away as we saw earlier with him shamelessly admitting his contract situation threw a spanner in our campaign last season. All the money he saved us he wasted it on Mustafi, Xhaka and the countless overpaid deadwood he accumulated over the years. This fraudster deserves no mercy and should be flogged out whether we win Europa or not. He should have left the day we lost 8-2 to Man utd. OUT WITH THE IMPOSTER OUT! OUT! OUT!

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Well said Quantic Dream

    2. Arnold says:

      My only hope when is when Sanlehi said at AST meeting that more changes are coming and i can see LUIS ex-Bar coming in as our new manager i hope so

  9. gotanidea says:

    Relax guys, I don’t think Wenger would miss his best chance to leave with pride, if he wins the Europa League

    But if Arsenal cannot beat the mighty Atletico Madrid, Wenger could stay longer to prove himself

    1. Me says:

      Is 22 years not long enough to “prove” yourself then ?

      1. Phil says:

        “Wenger should stay longer to prove himself”.I believe I’ve heard it all now.You@Got an idea really have NO IDEA of how a Football Club should be run do you?Do you seriously believe this Manager who has allowed this club to go into an uncontrollable downward spiral should be allowed MORE TIME?To do what? Take us even further down the Premiere League table.To see if he is able to guide us through next season to finish above the mighty BURNLEY?ARE YOU MAD?Just how do you even seriously expect Wenger to take us forward to challenge yet again for major trophies when he has overseen 12 seasons of utter failure?For gods sake wake yourself up to the reality of the position this Fraud of a Manager has led us to.He MUST NOT be allowed to continue past the final day of this season.If you disagree with this please book an appointment with your Doctor on Monday because there must be something seriously wrong with your mental state

  10. Adewale Lolowo Olowoporoku says:

    A club like Arsenal should not be struggling in the premiership as witnessed lately,and this goes to show that Arsene Wenger has suddenly become clueless as a coach and tactically rusty. He needs to take a sabbatical to rediscover himself or simply throw in the towel to enable a seriously-minded with good grasp on the mental-ity of the players take over the job.Arsenal needs coaches like Klop,Guardiola&Diego Simeone.

  11. Durand says:

    His fate based on results? Not last year or this year, that’s for sure. Unless the bar has been lowered.

    Let’s be clear, its money and the bottomline is what he has been judged on, not titles or top 4. No titles in well over a decade, miss out on CL, available funds no longer an excuse, and given 2 year contract?

    Despite some on the board and CEO wanting him replaced, stan ignores advice and gives that contract anyway.
    Why? It’s the money he helps the club bring in.

    However, empty stadium seats continue, apathy steadily rising, and this year further behind in table than last year; closer to the bottom than the top.

    Money doesn’t talk, it SCREAMS! We’ll see what stan considers more important this Summer.

  12. Howard says:

    Let’s compare same period with what Alex Ferguson won
    Also let’s look what Mourinoh has done
    Arsene’s achievement is over hyped and there’s nothing exceptional to write home about.
    He’s a specialist in failure

    1. Jeremy says:

      Howard, spot on. Honestly, he is looking increasingly like he was called.

  13. Shinoda says:

    A manager that loses 8-2 should not be allowed anywhere near a top team, a manager who loses 5-1 three consecutive times to the same manager & again concedes 3 goals for two consecutive matches against the same opponent shouldn’t be managing Arsenal. Football is about pride, bragging rights & on-pitch success & that stems from the manager. If you can’t give the fans either of those, you are useless.

  14. Howard says:

    We’ll see how season tickets sales perform this summer

  15. jon fox says:

    NO! IT WON’T. THE DECISION HAS ALREADY BEEN TAKEN BUT FEW ON HERE BELIEVE THE CLEAR TRUTH despite all the many signs leading to his sacking over this season. If I thought for one moment winning the Europa would save his job, I would be praying to get knocked out. But I want to win it, though know we are extremely unlikely to do so with all the many regular second rate players WENGER PLAYS EACH WEEK. But I still hope, but hope only, not expect.

  16. John0711 says:

    I could have copied and pasted from my last comment on a Sam P article

    Usual Sam P click bait ?

    Il be glad when schools open up again

  17. CorporateMan says:

    Wenger is not at risk of losing his job any time until, at least, the summer of 2019 when his current contract runs out. So, save your breath or look for something else to talk about. Maybe we should spend a wee bit of energy supporting our team not vilifying the manager. That adds absolutely nothing to the fortunes of our beloved team.

    1. John0711 says:

      An apt name

    2. jon fox says:

      Utter nonsense and if you are so sure, then why not have a private bet with me? I say he will be out this summer for SURE. MINIMUM STAKE £200. iF YOU ARE STILL SO SURE, JUST ACCEPT THE BET ON HERE AND WE WILL SEE WHO KNOWS BEST.

  18. Nothing can save the dinosaur’s job, nothing! HE MUST GO AND HE WILL GO come the summer! No more next season no more next time we have to change now and start challenging for proper trophies like Liverpool has done!

  19. Howard says:

    So my understanding is that Wenger is bigger than th club and can do what he likes and still stay as manager of the club.

    This is why Arsenal is failing and Wenger bringing down the club with him

  20. Jeremy says:

    He survived the sack because of financial reason (He brings in the money). Financial reason may be his downfall too (Fans stopped going to matches). Those who lives by the sword shall die by it.

    1. jon fox says:

      You are speaking historically with your claim that he brings money in. THIS season he will again miss the CL qual and he has left a regularly half empty stadium with the certainty of this continuing but worse still next season if he were to stay. As I am now tired of telling non – clued up people, (not you of course) billionaires like Kroenke do NOT get and stay rich by making financially suicidal decisions. Hence the certainty of his sacking after this season is done. Within days from the final Prem game. So many people completely overlook this, to me, blindingly obvious course of action by Kroenke. The regular empty seats have sealed the fossils fate. Hurrah!!! I am counting down the days til we have the cure!

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        I hope you’re right Jon and they do it before the season ticket money is due, end of May, beginning of June, otherwise I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of people caught in two minds whether to renew. However that could be precisely the reason you could be right

      2. Jeremy says:

        Haha I’m actually a Financial people by profession.

        Kroenke came not fueled by love for the club by rather greed. He can only leave the club or act on things for two reasons, more money for him or his money is at risk.

        Otherwise, the old fool would be given a perpetual role as a specialist of failure.

  21. Durand says:

    Wenger has himself to blame. His power and control are being dissolved away. Majority of fans no longer buying what he’s selling.
    I thought Ox turning down £180k a week to go to Liverpool was a damning indictment. Ox obviously felt to improve he had to leave. Ambition, sound familiar?
    All he’s left to do is manage, and he’s failing at that. He’s no longer developing players like in past years. Too many young players are regressing, no need to list them. Not to mention with top managers now in PL; ( Pep, Klopp, Jose, how does he compare to them?
    Don’t say money, when we spent well over £100 million on 2 strikers in same season. Sure money was spent by other clubs, but it was spent wisely!
    We collect average midfielders like they are going out of style.
    Lastly, since when have we become so boring and styleless in our play? Last match there were about 10 good seconds with Elneny, Welbeck, and Ramsey. The other 90 minutes was bush league scramble against Russian league team.
    We should have put them away twice 4-1, we should be levels above them. But no, we scramble and claw back a 2-2 Draw. Sorry, not impressive or praiseworthy and certainly below our level of performance.
    These results aren’t one offs anymore, they are the new normal. They will continue to be until a new manager arrives demanding results, competition, and new standards.

  22. Nothing changed says:

    To me, and I have said this many times, Wenger should leave based on the last 5-10 seasons not based on one season. So winning the EL should not save his job.

    We have steadily regressed over the past many seasons and the same goes for this season. The best gauge for a teams strength, even in Wenger’s words, is the PL which measure a team’s performance of one entire season. Once again, despite the fabulous investment in the squad, Wenger has taken us backward this season in the PL.

    An EL victory might put his legacy back up for discussion but should not save his job. The EL should not be a measure of our strength, the competition is too weak for that. We should be more ambitious than that.

  23. Jeremy says:

    Anyway, this year is WC year. That old fool will have WC windfall working for TV. If he stays on, the summer, as usual, he won’t have time for transfer.

    He and Kroenke will congratulate each other for another “successful” transfer window again.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      I would welcome Simeone with open arms, because he can coach team defending like George Graham. The attack has been substantially addressed (a specialist winger/wide attacker would be nice), now attention has to be directed at the midfield and defense.
      There is an interesting rumour that Simeone has fallen out of favour at Aletico Madrid; given what he is achieving with the budget it is hard to believe.

      1. Sue says:

        I read that Allegri is taking English lessons

  24. Ozziegunner says:

    By the way I have three wishes for the remainder of the season:
    1. Arsenal wins the Europa League;
    2. Arsenal wins the rest of its games and overtakes Chelsea; and
    3. jon fox wins his bet!

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