Will Arsenal and Man City’s European games have a big effect on the title race?

Arsenal found themselves in the title hunt after dominating the Premier League for the majority of this season. At the present, the championship race is between Arsenal and the defending Premier League winners.

In terms of the race to beat Manchester City to the Premier League championship, their latest victory over Leicester is a move in the right direction. Pep Guardiola believes it is still unclear who will win the Premier League in 2022–23. He teases when his main opponent this season, Mikel Arteta, might see his team lose points.

The Manchester City boss believes Arsenal will be vulnerable once they restart their European exploits in the Europa League round of 16. “Many games, still many things are going to happen,” Pep said on BBC 606, when discussing the title race.

“I know how good they are; I know we cannot drop points, but now they are starting to play Europa League as well. Many things are going to happen.

“They are going to drop points. We are going to drop points. The team who drops less points will be champions.”

Looking at Pep’s claims, one thing is clear: even playing to a draw will not help Arsenal in the long run; they must continue to win.Arsenal needs to win their next game, then the game after that, then the… The route to the title may then appear to be easier.

If the Gunners can go into the March international break with only wins, avoiding defeats or draws, and still be top of the league by the beginning of April, we shall surely be Champions-elect.

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  1. No effect the biggest effects will be PGMO the ref cabal which are instructed by howard webb the united has waited long enough for a title and they will give it to them by hook or by crook hence every game we get super dodgy ref decisions against us.

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