Will even a change of coach make things better at Arsenal?

My opinion on Arsenal fans opinions! by Dan the Cannon

So, it’s been a while since I’ve taken time to write another article but given the fever of opinion and imminent manager change at Arsenal, I wanted to use my voice again.

At the time of writing this, Emery may already be packing his boxes but I’m not so sure a manager change is going to improve our situation. Now I’m not saying Emery is the right fit, I’ve said since about game 4 this season he isn’t, but genuinely who is out there as a replacement to improve us, and more importantly who would want the job given the tensions between club and supporters.

As an Arsenal fan for 41 years I can’t recall a more toxic atmosphere amongst us supporters. We have to take some responsibility with our “no patience” approach to absolutely anything we deem not quite right.

AFTV is not a great advert, and sites such as these are full of negativity, I include myself in this, so is it any surprise our team also feels it.

The board are ok, they back when they have needed, the manager was ok but has lost it now, the players are good on the whole but have no confidence, playing with fear which inevitably leads to basic mistakes. It’s helped to lead this lack of identity.

It’s going to take a very good manager to link everything back together. The fans, the players, the identity and the positive environment that any club needs to thrive.

We don’t run the club, but we have it in our hands to bring positive change, rather than a negative environment.

It is my view the club will make the changes when it is right, and the fans reaction has little bearing on that. I am trying to be positive although with lower expectation, so what difference will you make?

Dan the cannon


  1. Jim wall says:

    Of course it will ,we have gone backwards since he became manager ,they were no style no heart in the end I think players are glad hes gone ,me personally I would go for either 1/ nuno…wolves manager.. 2/ arteta
    3/ freddie

  2. Counsel says:

    Arsenal fans are blind to change,change is finally at the club but can’t be appreciated yet change is what majority of fans purport to demand. The management structure of this club is new let’s give Freddie and his team time without putting them under unnecessary pressure ,to do the job.Emery was a failure but all eyes on the interim boss now am excited he’s in charge. Arsenal fans are professional moaners just wait to see if they will be patient with the Freddie or will now start throwing all sorts of name for a new manager.

    1. jon fox says:

      I am sure all the fans will pitch in and support Freddie BUT let us not forget he has not his coaching full badge yet and so can only stay for 12 weeks as things stand. I AM SURE THE CLUB WILL VERY SOON APPOINT A NEW FULL TIME MANAGER, PROBABLY ESPIRITO SANTI. The bookies clearly have inside info, so expect Nuno and very soon.

      1. patH says:

        Jon, I wonder how much Wolves will ask in compensation and even if they will release him from his contract. It must be borne in mind Wolves are doing very well on several fronts and from their management point of view they will certainly resist his going. Also, it can not be ruled out, that he does not want to take on the mess at Arsenal. I think Arsenal will have to pay him big bucks and that makes, in my opinion, his appointment less likely.

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    It won’t sort everything going on at the club but it’s a great start to fixing the team.
    Guys please let’s get behind Freddie and the team now since I believe we’re all happy with letting Emery go

    P.S: If you were expecting Van Dijk to win the Balon D’or forget it.
    Messi’s been selected, it’ll be his 6th Balon D’or.
    Only thing remaining is the official announcement.

    1. Lenohappy says:

      I will really be surprised if van dyk win the ballon d’ or, I agree Liverpool had a great champions league season but Messi goals in that competition cannot be taken for granted, the guy is just too good even at 32.

  4. ozziegunner says:

    Let’s now see what reaction Arsenal supporters get from these players whose individual performances have been a disgrace to the Club.
    Many of these players have underperformed under both Wenger and Emery. Now that two managers have taken the fall they have no where to hide.
    Which highly credentialled coach/manager would be prepared to come to the Arsenal now unless a lot of money is on the table for personal terms and transfers?

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