Will FA cup inspire Arsenal to victory over Hull?

It was inevitable that the next time that Arsenal and Hull City met on the pitch after the great day at Wembley on the 17th of May, the subject of the FA cup would come up. Of course we Arsenal fans are hoping for the same result when the final whistle blows, but I would rather it does not turn out to be such a nerve wracking encounter.

Jack Wilshere has been talking to Arsenal Player about that famous clash at Wembley and although he claims that the Arsenal players were confident we would lift the trophy, it was evident on the day, and in the semi-final with Wigan, that there were a lot of nerves around and a lot of pressure on the Arsenal players because of the well publicised nine year wait for a trophy.

Jack said, “It was a fantastic day for the whole team. We played against a side we expected to beat but it was a cup final and they were always going to be up for it.

“They got two early goals but we always felt that if we got the goal before half-time we’d go on and win it – thankfully we did.

“Our players were tired in extra-time so we needed a lift. I’ve read since that the boss didn’t want it to go to penalties because he’d taken his penalty takers off. We knew we had 15 minutes to win the game.

“Me and Tomas had been warming up since half-time and the boss knew we would get the ball and run at the defence and we did that. Tomas and I were involved in Aaron’s goal so it was a good effort from us.

“Hull were a good team last year but they’ve improved their squad and they’ve got a year of experience in the Premier League. They’re going to be a hard team to play against because their players will want to do well at the Emirates.”

I am sure that Wenger and the players will focus on that great comeback and it will help if we do go behind on Saturday, but we should play with more freedom than we did at the cup final and maybe it would be better to think about the Premier League game a little before that final, when we went to Hull and blew them away 3-0. Can we do it again?

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  1. When I was a kid it was said that some clubs didn`t mind losing every match of the season providing they could beat Arsenal at Highbury. Now we know that was nonsense but it gave you some idea of how high the Arsenal was regarded in those days. Hull may just have heard this myth and I`m expecting them to turn it on. With the Arsenal defense as it is I reckon the lads from the north east will be chomping at the bit.
    I`ll plug for a draw 2-2 , we`ll see!

  2. Some people still talk of Khedira 😯 😯 😯
    Do you want our medics to be ever fatigued and have high blood pressure ❗ ❗ ❗
    With the pile of players under their care and the heavy flow of more players inwards, we surely can’t be that cold hearted and add them Khedira!! Have sympathy pals, lets not over-burden the medics.

    1. OMG! I feel f*cked!!! I posted that on a recent article and here it is in the latest article. My phone now teleports or what?

    2. I thought I was the only one seeing that, you find comments. you come back later and find most the old gone. And some of the deleted were on topic, not insultive nor bad in any way. There seems to be a problem with this site

      1. Bro, I really don’t get it with this site. Some times u see stuff like, “You are posting too fast, slow down.”

        What u said is true, this site used to be very interesting becuz of the plethora of both stupid and sensible comments that u would find. Now I know some comments can be overly vulgar, but that’s where the ratings come in. Such dumb comments get massively thumbed down and hidden. But what I don’t like is admin removing certain explicitly truthful comments, particularly ones that criticise articles which can be said to be dumb articles.

        1. Really?? I am among the most loyal fans here and I read all articles(some here just come to comment) I give very wise comments and get lots of thumbs up.. I think you somehow know me personally and you don’t like me 🙁 🙁 But am cool. No grudge with you, I love all and hate none 🙁 🙁 🙁

  3. Spell (Chick) 1.2: Hill will ?
    be out for revenge.
    Surely you mean Haywill
    will be out for “revege” 🙂
    Yes shrek (hic) your
    swyping before you prest poste 🙂

    1. i neber worry about my spelling or tipos in here to be honest, hope at least i am being understood.
      for instance, i ve always meant i hate Giroud
      LOL hahahahah

  4. oh dear , do we have to be inspired to beat hull ! . oh dear , are we really gone that bad.bring back george graham if that is the case .

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