Will fans mind if 2nd string Arsenal flop in Europa League?

After facing our fourth game in the English Premier League this weekend, Arsenal will face the first of the six group games in the Europa League and if Arsene Wenger is true to his word it is likely to be a much changed team that lines up for the Gunners and that could well mean that we do not get a good result, but will the Arsenal fans really mind or will we accept that Wenger needs to focus all his attention on the EPL games?

Saturday sees the Gunners take on a struggling AFC Bournemouth side at the Emirates Stadium and there is no doubt that the boss will be fielding a strong and Arsenal side as possible as it is vital that we add another three points to those gained in the opening game against Leicester, while also getting the home fans back on side after a slow start and a frustrating transfer window.

Even if we do beat the Cherries as expected, Wenger may feel that the players and fans need another confidence boosting result ahead of the away clash with Chelsea next Sunday, but with the Thursday evening European game seeing us up against the German Bundesliga club Cologne, that will not be easy and Wenger will want his key players to be fresh for Chelsea.

If the Frenchman sees that as more important than a Europa League result we are likely to see fringe players and young Gunners take on the Germans so do not be surprised if we get beat as Cologne are likely to take it much more seriously? How do you think this will go down with the Gooners?



  1. HA559 says:

    Short answer, no. Just make sure to put Walcott, Iwobi and Welbeck in those games and Reiss Nelson. You will see how much better Nelson than the rest of them.

  2. Eddy Hoyte says:

    Let’s not kid ourselves, Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham are the top 5 teams fighting for the top four. We have no chance. I prefer we don’t joke with the Europa, because it’s a more easier route to UCL next season. Not an easy task but easier than the top 4. it’s not surprising that for now I don’t even look forward to our matches. Not until I see a changed Arsenal

  3. Brian Smith says:

    A mix of Youth, Fringe 1st team players and out of form but fit 1st team players (Ramsey, Bellerin, Mustafi to name a few) Should easily be enough to get out of the group we are in. If the next 2 rounds are favourable draws then stick to that mix. Semi’s and Final, then full strength. But i am of the opinion, if it goes woefully wrong, then so be it. The Epl is far more important. We need to get back in that top 4, and that must be our priority.

  4. ArseOverTit says:

    I won’t mind at all, as I half expect it to happen.

  5. Mr pat says:

    As usual people getting wrong priority the European is for me s priority we have to win it and get back in the champions league that makes it easier to attract top class players, the epl is in my opinion out of our reach and I hope I’m Wrong because I’m a gooners, two things europa league and Fa cup now that would be a successful season because I don’t think the top four last season will achieve any double

    1. Brian Smith says:

      Priority EVERY year is to finish as high in the league as possible and hopefully win it. We all know we are weak at the moment, but who knows, we could just start to gel again. Remember 2 years ago we finished 2nd behind the freak year of leicester. we have a similar team now. WE CAN GET THIS BACK ON TRACK. Europa is a joke of a cup and its embarrasing to be in it TBH. Europa is for spurs! Lets support the boys that pull our shirt on, and get them going. i do believe we have a squad that can win things. they need our support.

  6. the barrel says:

    Just put these players on the bench during Europa: Ramsey, Ozil, Giroud, and Xhaka
    Put this in: Walcott, Welbeck, and Elneny
    My first 11 will be: Ospina
    Bellerin, Mustafi, Kos, Sean
    walcott, Elneny, Wilshere, Welbeck, Sanchez

  7. the barrel says:

    We didnt do good in champions league. If we dont win the Europa league, then its goodbye to signing good players

  8. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    With Wenger in charge the team were going to flop anyway. Might as well give the youngsters a chance so they can get some experience before the next, and more competent, manager arrives

  9. arsenal4life says:

    Out of the ECL+ underdogs in the PL
    is a great opportunity for
    Arsenal to rebuild the squad.
    Use the 21 senior group for the league
    Cech Ospina
    Bellerin Debuchi Monreal Kolasinac
    Koz Mustafi Mertz Chambers
    Coquelin Xhaka
    Ransey Ozil Sanchez Wilshere Walcott
    Giroud Lacazette Perez.
    Use 19 younger players for the cups.
    Macey Illiev.
    Niles Holding Bielik Chambers Bramall.
    Mcguane Zelalem Bola
    Nelson Nwakali Crowley
    Adelaide Iwobi Willock
    Akpom Wellbeck Asano.

    1. Brian Smith says:

      point is????

      1. arsenal4life says:

        Point is Brian.
        The senior squad will
        all be gone in 2 years.
        The younger squad will be
        the senior squad in 2 years.
        Its called forward planning

        1. Brian Smith says:

          2 years??? are u kidding? you really think that our 1st team squad will all be gone in 2 years and that your 2nd string squad will be out 1st team? such a pointless comment. dont even know why i am bothering to answer it. unless your 12. then i could kinda understand

          1. Nothing changed says:

            Where have been Brian? Ramsey will go to Barcelona for £200. Laca will go to City to replace Aguero. Bellerin will retire and become either a track and field athlete or a ballerina. Lolosinac will be suspended in 2 years for steroids abuse.
            Theo will take over from Pochetino. Giroud will retire and manage a very successful hair style salon which he hopes to turn into a chain. Wilshire will be in jail for punching the next player who brakes a bone in one of his toe. And all the other players have “Championship@ clauses in their contract leaving them free to leave after relegation. So yes our first team squad will obviously be gone in 2 years, but worry not Wenger will sign an other new contract in 2 years and will be around to steady the ship and lead this great club (that will be renamed to “Arsene’sall” as part of his contract extension) to a better future.

    2. Marty says:

      You’ve got players in your cup aquad that aren’t even at the club any more, either sold or out on loan !!

  10. Vlad says:

    Arsenal fan for close to 20 years now. Haven’t missed a game (league, cup, CL, etc.) in about 8 years. But …. I really, and I mean REALLY hate Europa League, and am not looking forward to Thursday nights at all. I’m actually seriously considering NOT watching those games as I don’t give a rat’s arse about the outcome. And even though it might seem like a harder task, I think we should be concentrating on the league, and getting back into top 4.

    1. Nothing changed says:

      Doesn’t happen often Vlad 😉 but I agree 100%.

  11. summerbreez says:

    Last year I mentioned the need for Arsenal to climb back to the top by winning the fa cup the European cup than the premier league and than the champion league my personnel priority my view would be to defend the fa cup and win the European cup for this season and try to come up in the top 4 …in other words have our foot solid on the ground and move up with strength and confidence …its very hard to win the league when you have not won it in over 10 years building confidence and strengths by winning different low stages until we become ready for the high stage
    Arsenal has lost the unity between supporters players and club we will need firstly to unite together as one entity to have back what we lost at Highbury and build a fortress at the emirate stadium

  12. summerbreez says:

    And above all we need to stop the negativity and start being optimistic winners

  13. Kenya 001 Ars fan says:

    Let be honest n realistic we r a middle table at best wenger has lost it we have been regressing 4 some tym…. How about may b we hve 2 coaches wenger to take charge of pl n lehman in europa we could hve a chance then just f4t

  14. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    we ain’t won Shiit in Europe yet…and we never winning the league this year..how about we start somewhere and win the europa league, it gets us straight to the CL anyways just ask man-u.
    it will feel good to win something new for a change

  15. Kenya 001 Ars fan says:

    I believe we arsenal fans support our team hearts out…but we dont like the direction our beautful club is headed we have opionions no negativity. .damn wenger /gazidiz

  16. Turbo says:

    FC Koln are a solid and very serious club, we need a strong team selection against them. Against our other two group stage opponents, we SHOULD be able to succeed with some heavy rotation if the tactics and motivation are right (seems a big IF from reason matches). Down the road, there are some real quality teams in Europa this year, and some of the third place dropouts from ECL are likely to be quality also. We can’t half-ass it and expect to do well.

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