‘Will get hammered’ – Pundit predicts one-sided Arsenal-Liverpool clash

Former Premier League striker Chris Sutton has claimed that Arsenal will earn a convincing win over Liverpool on Sunday.

The Gunners have been in fine form so far this season, winning seven of their opening eight in the Premier League, as well as being two from two in the Europa League,

This weekend would be deemed our biggest test yet on last season’s viewings, but the Reds have been a shadow of their former selves thus far, and we deserve to go into the game as favourites.

Sutton goes as far as to predict an astounding win however.

“It felt like Lawro never predicted Liverpool to lose at all in more than 20 years of his predictions,” Sutton told BBC Sport. “but I don’t just think they will get beaten on Sunday, I think they will get hammered.”

Whilst predicting a 4-1 win for Arsenal, he added: “I think Liverpool will score, even though they have not quite clicked yet this season, but Arsenal’s attacking talent are going to cause them a lot of problems at the other end.”

I’d love to be as confident as Chris is, but Klopp’s Liverpool have been a thorn in our side no matter what our form has been going into previous clashes. All fingers point to a win though, but I’m not convinced it will come easy.


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  1. Even though my Dan’s prediction says Arsenal will win, I’m not totally convinced, I want us to win but I feel we will put on a good performance but not a win, I do hope we win, it would really do us a lot of good, most of all, I hope Partey stays fit till January.

  2. Wll Patrick , at least you “not being convinced we will easily beat Liverpool” seems to me to be sensible. I PREDICT OUR NARROW WIN.

  3. Let the game flow and those red cards always given to favour other clubs should or must stop when your bull is fighting another bull you don’t push your bull from behind to win to prove who is who let the game go by the way it’s supposed to be thxs arsenal fan

  4. Given the relative form of both teams, we should feel confident of beating Liverpool, but after years of generally being second best to them, part of me would take a draw now.

  5. Although Arsenal has not faired well against the Reds in there recent encounters.
    I think this Sundays dwell will be different based on current form.
    The gunners has lost a game against Man United against the run of play this season but has garnered nine wins in both the Europa and the Premiership and that speaks volume.Let’s enjoy good football.

  6. Suddenly everybody is making Arsenal favourites for this game. And I’m not comfortable with that.
    I’d prefer it when people give us no chance and we go out there and surprise

  7. Just got a funny feeling something big will happen.

    I share the writer sentiments, this is a mouth watering one that try as I may, can only see it going one way.

    Wish Durand was around to predict this one as I cant see a one nil or a close game.

  8. MA better be cautious of the speedy counter by perfect recipe for Salah and company.
    Lopp has siad Melo may not play. I will believe it when hes not in the team sheet.
    Its about time Arsenal beat Pool

  9. The thing is Gabriel in a one on one could be exposed by the speed of the Pool strikers. He has conceded two penalties . Better be careful.
    Anyway its about time Arsenal get one over Pool .
    Believe me, Klopp will flood the md and hit on the break.
    Hopefully ,MA wont be like Wenger going all out on the attack.

  10. Oh I forgot about the match officials. Arsenal have been hard done by mo in the past in the MC and Pool games last season.
    It would nt surprise me if robust tackles are overlooked .
    Pool are a wounded beast and could lash out. MA better be careful on the atttack

  11. On current form we are suppose to win this pool side but I still have my reservation about our big game mentality

  12. Our boys will put up a good shift but I’m not adding the three oints yet. Liverpool are beatable. That I don’t understand how we lost to Man U up till now doesn’t allowed me to add the 3 points yet. Well, we’ll beat them.

  13. Liverpool will go into this as a must-win game for them. In other games they’ve been expected to win and come up short a few times, but this will probably see them with their heads properly in the game.

    Form isn’t a great help in this kind of situation – anything could happen. And in a relatively low-scoring game like football, one bad decision can make all the difference (and often does, sadly).

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