Will he, won’t he? Two-Year contract waiting for Wenger’s signature….

Arsenal fans (and the players) have been kept in suspense for long enough, and it is about time we were told the truth about Wenger’s future. According to ESPN, they have spoken to sources at the club who have leaked that the contract has been simply been on the table waiting for Wenger to give his final answer at the Board meeting this week, and (let’s be honest) we all know that Wenger will be riding on the back of yet another trophy, and will be putting his name on the bit of paper.

As Wenger himself explained after lifting the Cup, that there is a Board meeting this week for the Board to decide whether they are happy for him to continue (they are), and then it is up to the Frenchman to decide whether to sign or not (he will). The 67-year old was asked if he would be preparing a presentation to bring to the meeting, and he replied: “The best presentation is to watch the game.

“I’ve played until the end of my contract, which is today basically. I think I have shown you that I have exactly the same commitment.

“For me, the contract does not have special meaning but, because of the debate, maybe I should have sorted that out earlier.”

….”I love my job and I love to win. I love to build, I love to get people going and I love what I do. I invite you to live with me one day and one thing you cannot question is my commitment.”

When he was asked about the protests from certain sections of the fanbase, he said they only come from a tiny proportion of supporters, and he will forgive them (as he does every year!) “I am a forgiving man,” he said. “You cannot be in this job [if you are not forgiving].

“This job is basically trusting human beings. If you cannot forgive, you cannot trust. The only bit of advice I have for young coaches, if you have a tendency to be paranoid don’t do this job.

“I meet many Arsenal fans who are absolutely fantastic. It was maybe one percent. Ninety-nine percent of our fans are absolutely fantastic. We play for the 99.9 percent.

“That’s why I said it’s not about popularity, it’s about consequence. It’s the board who has to decide who will lead the club in the future. It’s for me afterwards to decide, if they want me, whether it’s yes or no.”

As we all know, Wenger lives and breathes for this job, and the Board love his ability to keep them in the Top 4 (sorry top 5) every year, so I cannot see any other outcome than Wenger signing the new contract. What else would he do with the rest of his life?



  1. McLovin says:

    Jesus his arrogance have no limits.

    He forgives Arsenal fans?! For what?! For wanting this,club to be an,elite club rather than above average Top 4 club?

    And he plays for 100% of the fans because we are the ones paying his salary and not getting enough in return.

    F### you Wenger. You are the most arrogant, deluded person I’ve ever seen.

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Yup, he plays for 99.9% of the fans ?? and that 0.1% that he doesn’t play for, is probably us lot on here? ??

      1. Galen says:

        lol hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Unfortunately! ?

  3. John Legend says:

    Such a pity
    I would be over the moon if he does not.

  4. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    It’s done and dusted, we have two more years, two more forking years! ?? Get well soon, my fellow Gooners!

    1. Galen says:

      Lets get behind the team and move on. Simple as that. banners and planes won’t change anything. All it does is to creat a toxic atmospher and affect the players. The 3-4-2-1 formation has given me hope for next season. I will supoort Arsenal till I die regardless of what happens.

      I know people who were happy when we were losing games, I saw some even at the stadium. Thats the shameful thing. These are not Arsenal fans. How can you love Arsenal and yet u want us to be beaten? or lose the FA cup final ? just to say I told you so. shameful

      I would support this team always.

      1. ks-gunner says:

        The end justifies the means they say and you are in no poz to tell someone what a real fan is all about

        1. Galen says:

          I guess u win then. For me i think its all a waste of time. he would sign. Whats the point? fighting again for another 2 years. personally am done complaining.

          is not as if i like the fact that Arsenal finished 5th, or getting beating 3 nil at every away game. I am just more of a positive person. We can complain and fly planes every game. It won’t change a thing.

          I decided not to complain, believe me i sleep better this days.

          1. ks-gunner says:

            They want the kind of fan like you potray

            Smart enough to pay, stupid enough not to question

            This is what Arsenal is all about

          2. AsburtonGrove says:

            Exactly! Mugs like Galen are the reason we finished 5th this season – co-signing Wenger’s mediocracy!

            I blame you Galen! Thanks a lot for the Europa League. You just cost Kroenke 20 mil Galen, nice one Galen, grow a back bone!

            Wenger out, Galen out!

      2. Guneal says:

        For the next two years i will be holding a placard that says ” wenger out ” while watching arsenal in my living room.

  5. ks-gunner says:


    hahaha, old man needs the club way more than we club needs him, he knows, therefore he wants to stay at all cost, bec his life is almost over and there are not many things left for him to live for besides continuing playing manager

    1. Galen says:

      Thats a bad Joke. Didn’t they teach you about respect? Who knows tomorrow? How can u speak about death so freely. nah man am not having it.

      1. ks-gunner says:

        Go cry then bec the truth is no jk

        1. Galen says:

          saying that someone’s life is almost over is wrong on all levels. Simple as that. Wenegr in or wenger out, i don’t care, there are just certain things we are educated not to say about people.

          1. ks-gunner says:

            This has nothing to do with this childish wenger in wenger out fuss

          2. Adienl says:

            Don’t throw your opinion around as fact. Just because you were brainwashed into thinking it’s wrong, it doesn’t mean others will agree with you.

  6. khangunners says:

    Haha next year February we will be here. With wenger how many guys are confident we will challenge for pl next year? I can bet my money on us challenging for top four only and this tells me we are in four a ludicrous transfer market. Anyway we deserve it coz we keep entertaining mediocrity.

  7. ojay says:

    Adams has come out to give us another insight on dealings going on at our beloved club.he says Wenger is so greedy taking 8 mil while other coaches are on 30 grand.even Chelsea coaches are on 90grand.he even suggested le prof taking a cut of 1mil just so others could get a raise in pay.Wenger makes money for the club hence his reward.he has no friends.Wenger only looks ot for Wenger unfortunately.the board has turned him into a dictator.sorry guys we stuck with him.

    1. ks-gunner says:

      told it already so many times, money is not a matter to him, rlly seems to have nothing in life besides the club

      he hismefl said it once by comparing himself to fergi mentioning his horses where he has nothing

      wife left him too sadly

  8. Nassan from uganda says:

    Nothing lasts forever except the kingdom of God…one day sooner or later he Wenger will leave our beloved club…

    1. bran99 says:


    2. DANDY GUNNER says:

      I have been an Arsenal Fan since 1969 I love this Club but if Wenger gets another 2 Years and that another 2 years of putting his fingers up to the fans because he won’t change and if anyone thinks he will they are as deluded as him. I for one can not take another 2 years of Wenger so I will not be renewing my membership , going to games or buying any Apparel. As a form of protest I will not be supporting Arsenal or any other team until this man is gone from Arsenal. I know people will say I am not a real Arsenal supporter but they are wrong this will hurt me bad to do this but as I said I just can’t take any more of Wengers smug Face sprouting he usual CXXX. Sorry but that the way I feel.

  9. This old man be tripping. for some reason am still surprised he agreed to stay two more years. he really does have no life aside football

  10. John0711 says:

    No surprise and you have to blame some fans who cannot see past history. I appreciate what wenger has done but all clubs move forward. I would support him a lot more if he admitted his mistakes, however he hasn’t and won’t. Even now it’s two signings and we can compete. Get used to this season and more excuses and blaming everything but himself
    Oh and get used to more empty seats

    And don’t forget the promise of money which won’t come

  11. ArseOverTit says:

    Wenger should leave the club.

    How quickly everyone forgets and does an about turn on Wenger , wanting him to stay because “who else is there” and ” but what will happen, it will be so different and uncertain”.

    I thought Wenger might do the recent thing and go out on a high but he looks desperate to cling on to what he believes in his own mind is his own club. Now I and others like me hope that the board/owner can see the wood for the trees, but I doubt this very much as it is mainly dollar or pound signs that fill their eyes.

    We are a club of little ambition and we will continue to slide downwards whilst Satan Kroenke is at the helm and he is willing to keep AW in employment.

    I certainly will never visit the stadium again while they are there so let the season ticket renters, day trippers and half and half wearing football tourists fill the Emirates to watch the soulless and mid table AFC whilst lining the pockets of SK and his overly paid board and technical staff.

  12. John says:

    It feels good to see Tony Adam taking shots at Wenger……….the part about what Arsenal pays the coaches is sad and embarrassing…….relative to Wenger’s salary………greedy man………Wenger must go……..

    1. stubill says:

      Adams was a legend at Arsenal, but he has turned into a bitter and twisted man.

      He has totally failed time after time as a coach and yet has the nerve to say Wenger “couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag”, amongst other things. Then he get’s all gobby because he was stopped from holding a book signing at The Emirates, you don’t slag off one of the most senior people at any place of business and expect to be welcomed back with open arms.

      Everything I’ve heard seen and read what Adams has said over the past few years makes me think all that alcohol has pickled his brain, he’s gone from hero to zero in quick time.

      My advice to Adams is; Keep your head down, your mouth shut and get some psychiatric help!

  13. Bur says:

    What other club would let this drag on? Will I, won’t I? It’s a friggin joke that’s what it is, it makes a mockery of the supporters who spend their hard earned cash in following the Arsenal. He will get 8 million a year and the poor results will continue. But there is one silver lining in coming 5th this year and that is we won’t be humiliated in the champions league.

  14. gmv8 says:

    There is no hope Wenger will be leaving. It is too late, there is no structure put in place to manage the multiple jobs he does within the club, and Kroenke knows he will never get another manager who put his profit above success on the field. It appears that even the board are against Wenger, wanting a transition plan to be put in effect, yet Kroenke has entirely backed Wenger, according to the BBC – no director of sports, Dick Law stays, basically same old cr@p. The only way we will get rid of Wenger, or at least get the club back to the top again, is to kick out Kroenke, and have an owner who puts success on the pitch above his own profits. Wenger works to the owners specifications, so if Usmanov or someone else came in who was willing to spend, or at least not take out and use Arsenal money as collateral, Wenger may change as well.

    1. bran99 says:

      Good point but Wenger will never change, it’s not directions from SK that makes him uncompetitive, that’s the last of his I-worked-my-a**-off, he can’t offer any more of what he offers now. It’s like wanting him to compete with Bellerin on a 100m race, he can sprint a bit but it will reach a point his body will reach its highest ability and his speed will be final to the finish point. A new owner and a new manager can take us out of this man (Wenger) made misery we all go through

  15. Nwaneri says:

    I only blame our fans in England and especially those who attend games every week,. They have never protested massively against this old man and the board. It seems mediocrity runs in the blood of our English fans. They are at home with this level of performance, they only come online to bark while remaining very quiet and afraid at the Emirates stadium. BIG SHAME!

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      You are clueless, really clueless.

      You have no idea if the realities at AFC obviously not the complexities involved.

      As I said clueless.

    2. Ta says:

      Shut it and concentrate on Enugu Rangers

  16. RSH says:

    with or without FA Cup he was going to sign. 2 more years or nonsense.

  17. Robert Newton says:

    2 more years of pain.

  18. ManMulo says:

    If Arsene stays, which im sure he will, this 100 MILLION Pound they are supposedly gonna give him is by far not enough, we need firstly a top striker and that alone would be 50 million going upwards, and then left back, a top Defensive mid to play along Xhaka and a Right wing player and only 100 million “KROENKE OUT”

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