Will injury scupper Arsenal’s 20m deal for striker

The end of the transfer window is nigh, but even more importantly Arsenal’s Premier League campaign kicks off next week at Brentford, but the Gunners are still struggling to clear out a shed load of players that are hardly going to get to play this season .

Arsenal can hardly bring in any more players until our bloated squad is reduced to a manageable size.

We were given hope of at least one sale yesterday, as The Sun reported that the Brighton boss Graham Potter has set his sights on Eddie Nketiah in a 20m deal, and wants the deal  completed quickly as Danny Welbeck is set to miss the early part of the season with yet another hamstring injury.

Welbeck scored 6 goals for the Seagulls last  season, but it was hoped that the summer would give Welbeck time to recover fully.

“It’s a little recurrence of what he picked up at the end of last season,” Potter told Sky Sports this week..

“It’s frustrating for him and for us but we anticipate him coming back the other side of the international break.”

But as luck would have it, Arsenal then released a new injury update and have reported that Nketiah has also sustained an injury to his ankle in last weeks Mind Series game against Chelsea, and he is also set to miss the first month of the season as well.

This will put Brighton in a difficult position, as they will only have Neal Maupay available as their South African forward Percy Tau is on his way to Al-Ahly imminently.

It looks like Nketiah is unlikely to be a target for Brighton now….

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  1. fairfan says:

    Acccording to reports Brighton are prepared to pay a maximum of 3 mill to buy Nketiah but would prefer a try and see loan deal with no obligation to buy.
    The loan fee is set at 2 mill per season.
    I think we should keep Nketiah with rumours growing that Lacazette and Aubameyang are to be allowed to leave on a free to get their salaries of the books.

    1. Longbenark says:

      I prefer we sell Nketiah, he’s had his chance with no results,

      We have Martinelli, Balogun, Pepe and Nelson would do well as false 9s with the right midfielders,

      I say sell Aubameyang and Lacazette, bring in Joaquin Correa, Bruno Guimaraes and Kulusevski,

      Stamina with skills will help us go far.

      1. chris says:

        Sell Nketiah. As you say he has many chances – many more than (say) Balogun …. without delivering.

  2. Nigel Hill says:

    I think arteta is doing an amazing job! Look at what he inherited… A bunch of overpaid underworked jokes. With hindsight look at ozil and all his mates look at how much they have leeched and continue to leech from us. I cannot believe we are paying players a million plus a month to not even make bench and we cant get rid of them on some breech of contract? Underperformance? When you hire an employee you do so expecting a certain level of performance from them and if they dont hit those expectations i send em home and thats end of it. No payoffs no nothing just gone why doesnt football operate like this? If i player is not performing then the clubs should be able to fire these players without massive payoffs

    1. fairfan says:

      Mind you Emery got a tune out of all those under worked jokes and made the EL final as well as finishing a point off top 4 in his only full season and that with no English.
      Why is it taking Arteta so long with better players like Gabriel, Partey and a fit Tierney while Saka and ESR brought in by Emery are flourishing. Even Guendouzie and AMN Niles had stellar seasons under Emery.
      Yet we still spent 50m on White 17m on Lokonga and brought in Tavares and more are expected.
      I thought Arteta was a coach.
      Apparently cheque book manager is his role.

      1. Phoenix Gunner says:

        Nicely said and I agree with ur view totally 😊

        1. Dan kit says:

          “I think Arteta is doing an amazing job “
          How some of our standards have dropped .

          That’s nearly as funny as when someone once described Iwobi as the Nigerian pirlo

          Enough internet for me today SMFH

      2. Ozziegunner says:

        Hopefully, with time more people will appreciate what Unai Emery faced following Arsene Wenger into the Emirates and what he achieved. A good manager and coach thrown to the wolves by management after bring undermined by unprofessional players, who objected to his discipline.
        My concern was always that throwing Emery under the bus and not addressing the underlying issues at the Club, would start a progression of managers through the door. Mikel Arteta didn’t have the CV of Emery, so who is Arsenal likely to attract after Arteta?

    2. jon fox says:

      Nigel At long last I have found a kindred spirit. In case, as I believe , you are fairly new to JA, let me explain my life long loathing of laziness in elite sportspeople, indeed in all life generally.

      I have long maintained, almost entirely without a single word of support, that we should long ago have sued Ozil for breach of contract in a court of law.

      I maintain we had ample evidence video of his breach of contract by not trying and OBVIOUSLY SO, plus his regular faking of injuries.

      Contracts are never just one way. In law, two or more parties sign them and if either or any side defaults, then the other(s) has recourse to legal redress.

      As a knowledgeable man on consumer and contract law I have long argued this case. I am not a lawyer but have extensive knowlege of certain types of law. Certainly Auba too falls into the category of being sueable and were I in charge I would definitelty start proceedings.

      I much agree with your post, all in all.

      Such actions whenever needed would really put the cat among the pigeons and ensure no more fakers and coasters on huge unearned money. Or else take them to a court of law!

  3. lcebox says:

    Isnt it nice to not have any bad articles about our players this summer.
    Like the last few with players unhappy and just all round disrupting news each year.
    Any ways we do need to offload a few players , and althoght id love all our youth to come through and become 1st team , they all cant and we need to get rid of some on loan or sale with a buyback or sell on added.
    Its time we started making money on our players instead of handing them out for peanuts.

  4. Crowther says:

    Someone was telling me that messi can play two games and he will score more than what nketiah can in a full season when he’s fully fit

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