Will it take Arsenal top 4 failure for Wenger to leave?

It does still seem that the continued future of Arsene Wenger as the Arsenal manager is firmly in the hands of the Frenchman. The board seem quite happy to let the manager dictate the terms of his own departure and it looks like the only thing that will see Wenger not complete the final year of his current deal, at least, is the decision of the man himself.

As he has said many times in the past, though, the boss would make that decision if he felt that he was not the right person to take the club forward anymore, or if he felt that someone else could do a better job. But a lot of fans have been thinking that way for some time and there is growing talk in football circles that the time may have come.

I have heard people talking about a staleness that can creep in when the players are dealing with the same man at the top for so long and to be perfectly honest I am struggling to remember when the problems both on and off the pitch for Arsenal went on for so long.

Even in previous seasons of disappointment we always bounced back with a good run and some great football but when was the last time Arsenal really impressed? Unless the team gets out of it’s current rut soon I can see us missing the top four for the first time in a full Wenger season, but is that what it will take for Wenger to realise that it is not working anymore?

I know some fans want this to happen to force the issue but I am not sure that even dropping out of the Champions League would make Wenger pack it in. Just how bad do things have to get?

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  1. gazing at the poll results so far below and i can’t help but wonder

    who exactly are these 93 misguided voters?

  2. See, let me put it this way.

    What did Leicester even change since last year? The squad is the same. The stadium is the same. And I’m positive it’s those same fans. The only thing that changed was the manager. A manager who just infused confidence into an average side and grilled them to play every game like it was their last. Ffs he didn’t even change the team or formation for almost the entire season. Surely, it can’t be that simple?! But it is. Just look at them.

    We have not lost any of our 7 games against the Top 3 this season which points to the fact that the squad is definitely not a problem. The quality of this squad is alone to take this league by a country mile and look at where we are rotting.

    I know people have sympathized with our manager for all these years because of the stadium. But in my heart I stopped supporting him 8 years back. Surely, a manager who can produce the Invincibles at a time when teams like United and Chelsea were a force, is capable enough of winning the league at least once in the last 10 years, stadium or not. It’s not like he was laying the bricks himself.

    Our manager has lied and fooled us all fans for more than a decade giving us empty promises and withered hopes. And only now are the people opening their eyes and reacting. Kick him out before he pushes The Arsenal into the abyss.


  4. Nope.

    Recently, Wenger has mildly downplayed the significance/importance of UCL qualification to the club. They don’t so much as before need the finance from participating in the UCL. In any case, you can’t expect the club or Arsene to care about these stuff that much.

    Mostly it depends partially in the reaction of the overwhelming majority fanbase (in London especially).

    Only Spuds winning the title will make Arsene even consider the possibility of leaving. Because only then will the entire fanbase (AKB, AKS, AK-Whatever) show they’ve had enough of it.

    1. Exactly my point. That’s the reason I hope Spurs win the league so that the majority fans erupt and force these goons (Board & wenger) to evacuate.

  5. One whose destiny seems to become increasingly clear, however, is Arsène Wenger.
    Say what you will about his parsimony or his stubborness.

    Even his recent loosening of
    the purse-strings comes with an asterisk:

    Real sold Özil in part to purchase Bale.

    Barça sold Alexis in part to purchase Suarez.

    Chelsea sold Čech because they had Courtois.

    Peek behind that veil, and we’re
    still stuck in the stingy mode we’ve been in for far too long. It was one thing to usher the club through the financing of a new
    stadium…that move was pregnant with potential, after all…it’s quite another to continue to pretend that we’re hamstrung by our own chequebook.

    Leicester, after all, have essentially won the Prem on a shoestring.

    Tottenham look set for the best
    finish in a generation.

    Man City have laid waste to the “injuries” excuse.

    What we’re left with then is the remnants of those excuses. We’re not finishing behind those who have outspent us. We’re finishing behind those who have outplayed

    God HeLp us!

    1. Real talk @SoOpa.

      “We’re not finishing behind those who have outspent us. We’re finishing behind those who have outplayed us.”

      Those words of fact just puts a huge question mark on what the manager led us to believe in all those years of “austerity”.

      And that is without even mentioning the advantage we had over the other traditional top 4 clubs this term i.e stable and capable squad led by the most experienced manager with 20 years experience in the league and absolute control over football matters in the club. Unlike Pellegrini, LVG and Mourinho, Wenger never had to worry about uncertainties over his job.

    2. “Even his recent loosening of the purse-strings comes with an asterisk:
      Real sold Özil in part to purchase Bale. Barça sold Alexis in part to purchase Suarez. Chelsea sold Čech because they had Courtois.”

      Can you explain your problem with this. World Class players signed for fair prices due to changing circumstances allowing their availability. What exactly is wrong with that? You want us to pay £60 million for £30 million players?

  6. With all due respect, the way some people behave is just primitive. I won’t be surprised if this comment vanishes, but it’s cool. Is it the fault of fans that guys like Giroud cannot even dribble a dead peacock? Is it our fault that Arsene makes the wrong substitutions and constantly refuses strengthening the team when neceasary?

    Why pick on someone just because the person wants something you dont? If something is dead, it becomes innefective and the best thing to do is to put it away and replace it with something functional.

    People Should Stop Saying Or Asking Stupid Questions Like “WHO DO YOU THINK CAN REPLACE ARSENE IF HE LEAVES?” How can he be replaced when he has not left?

    1. True! Very true.

      But it’s going to take a looooonng time for all of those stars to align.

  7. Wenger has failed plenty times and yet the board has kept him, in all Arsenal failure Wenger is the common denominator, Leicester has less talented players than Arsenal but what is the different it the manager Arsenal players lacks fire and drive that comes from the manager not the board or finance the problems in the field is the manager’s fault, why is he not playing campbell what did he do wrong than Ramsey or him beloved Theo, this team is dead because of Wenger, the players are so comfortable, they just dont care, great example is what Theo did when he pull out the tackle when the goal was needed.

    1. He probably coulda been in a physioroom right now as we speak!

      (Choosing His health over the goal)

      Should you blame him driving himself into a firmly stomped brick wall in the form of Kaboul?

  8. I don’t think we should propose players or suggest any player…
    Personally,I don’t think Wenger can win the league with the best players…

    Leicester have shown that you don’t necessarily need ‘world class’ players even Spurs.
    Pls analyse their player for player..I will name just two: Kane and Ulloa..
    Kane was from the Academy and do u guys remember Ulloa, I think we played against his championship team like 3years ago(Brighton,Brentford) but look at him today…
    With proper motivation, almost any player can come good..m
    We need a motivator, a disciplined tactician before we consider buying new players imo.


  9. Probably, spurs winning or finishing above us and no champions league.

    He should ha stopped and seen seen long tim ago that he can neither take us forward, nor bring anything as good as AFC as a least half a dozen other managers.

    Merci, mais as revoir!

    1. Honestly I don’t care if Spurs finishes above us because finishing above them for some time now never brought EPL trophy to our cabinet.
      Let Spurs be please. they earn their position on the log.

  10. In 2009 I was one of the very few people that suggested Wenger’s resignation and got crucifed. You probably know how I feel now, anyway,
    The board are already preparing a new contract for Kamikaze manager, so forget it.

  11. I think that the capitulation of the team this year is such that Wenger should realise he has to go. It is the many missed opportunities. We get in to good positions like 2-0 up away to west ham and then bottle it. Losing to an injury ravaged manu, liverpool equalising late in game, the list just goes on and on. Plus a general failure to score goals at critical times.

    I know wenger has been criticised for not signing more players last summer, however we know that money was not available from current expenditure in the summer due to deferred payments in existing players contracts (payments to their old clubs). I think that Kroenke would not agree to releasing funds from reserve funds. However, with the poor performance of manu, manc and chelsea this season we had enough talent to win the PL.

  12. My major concern is who will be Arsenal’s next manager because that is the crucial issue. Calling for Wenger’s departure is half the story. The full story should be who will replace Wenger? To us fans it matters who the next manager is because that is what will determine our success. I remember about three seasons ago when some of our fans were calling for the club to recruit Roberto Martinez as manager. Imagine if such a thing had happened, where would Arsenal be? Hence it is not enough to call for Wenger’s departure without calling for the appropriate response. Everyone can see that Wenger has really lost the plot. He no longer has the magic wand to make Arsenal win the EPL. He seems to have become senile too soon and is no longer able to motivate the players to any higher level. He looks someone who has reached his level of incompetence. He is no longer that manager with fire in his belly but just someone on routine duty to be in the top four. Wenger’s stubbornness is amply exhibited by his preference for some substandard players such as Ramsey, Giroud, Walcott at the expense of hardworking and focused players such as Campbell. His insistence on getting the so-called technicians instead of players with a direct style of play is another weakness of his. Also, his inability to enforce discipline through rewarding hard work and punishing laxity has led to many players behaving as if there was no authority to enforce discipline and order in the team. Wenger’s lack of urgency is yet another issue that has greatly cost the team titles. When discussing Wenger’s departure, therefore, one also needs to discuss the suitable replacement to take the club forward rather than just changing guards for the sake of it.

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