Will Jack Wilshere ever come back to Arsenal?

Jack Wilshere arguably remains a fan favourite around the Emirates, despite the fact he hasn’t been able to feature too often on the pitch for the Gunners. Contraversy has also surrounded his Arsenal career, but after a strong season out on loan, it seems that the player has a big decision to make in regards to his future.

This week, whilst Premier League training was partially halted due to the international break, Jack Wilshere was understood to be back in London, but not for talks about his Arsenal future. Wilshere’s loan of course still runs for a couple more months down on the south coast and it would be fair to say this season has been a great opportunity for the player. Wilshere has been able to regain his form and fitness with Bournemouth and although he suffered a slight issue a few weeks back against Manchester City, the midfielder is back in contention to play his part with the Cherries for the rest of the campaign.

The move has been highly beneficial to all parties, because Bournemouth have obtained a player who can make quite an impact on the pitch, whilst for Wilshere himself, he has been able to get regular playing time, without persistent injury concerns. For Arsenal, Wilshere’s loan has shown promise in the sense that we will most likely be looking to see the midfielder return in the summer, ahead of a campaign in which we will hope he is a part of.

Wilshere however has a big decision to make on his future, especially with his contract also being in a similar situation to the likes of Ozil and Sanchez. The Englishman has reportedly not had negotiations with Arsenal over a new deal whilst being away on loan, but he may be worrying as to whether the Gunners are going to be looking to sell him on in the summer. AC Milan have reportedly shown an interest, whilst of course a permanent move to Bournemouth may be on the cards.

When asked about whether Wilshere could remain with Bournemouth, manager Eddie Howe stated: “Jack will be the one who decides his future, in conjunction with Arsenal. It was very clear at the start of this loan he was going to make his decision in terms of the next steps for him in the summer.”

Although Howe may be quite coy over the matter, it would not surprise me if he was interested in talking to Arsenal about a permanent deal for Wilshere. The player has had a great impact with Bournemouth and it has been previously reported that the Cherries boss is keen to keep that midfield partnership Wilshere has with Arter.

Personally I think a move for Wilshere could be the best decision for his career. This is because of the persistent injury concerns he seems to pick up at Arsenal, in comparison to a single season spent away from the club. In addition to this, Wilshere isn’t likely to be a regular starter in this Arsenal midfield, like he was once expected to be. Therefore with potentially more playing time likely elsewhere, Wilshere could consider a move away from the Emirates to be the best decision for him.

Arsenal have some very pressing issues surrounding contract negotiations, particularly towards Wenger, Ozil and Sanchez. Wilshere therefore isn’t likely to get much of a look in just yet, however despite thinking a move away could be best for the player, I do fully expect the Englishman to be back in the squad, wearing the red and white of Arsenal next season.



  1. RSH says:

    Better question is he even good enough? Doesn’t start for them anymore. No goals, one assist when he was a starter for half a season. Right now he’d fit right into our underachieving club I suppose. I think it’s pretty funny the majority of Arsenal fans are still hung up on what he did when he was 19 years old. That seems to have been his prime. Why add another English player to our squad that routinely underachieves and isn’t good enough? Cause he’s academy? Not good enough of a reason.

  2. Ramterta says:

    wilshere isnt good enough.
    If a new manager comes in it will signal an end of his career along with chambers gabriel mertz
    ramsey sccz campbell and sanogo

  3. Break-on-through says:

    We need a new British quota. I hope we go out looking for good English and Scottish defenders to fill it, Holding I’m happy with. Get a good English GK for our no2. There will be some young Brits that become tough competitors, no-nonsense types, we need to try and spot these before the others do. I have a feeling our quota players coming out of the academy are gonna have all the same difficulties we seen with this group over the last 5 plus years. Trouble ahead if lessons aren’t learnt.

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