Will James Milner IMPROVE the Arsenal squad?

The most versatile player in the star-studded Manchester City squad is undoubtedly James Milner, who shows his English grit and determination wherever he plays, and he generally plays SOMEWHERE in nearly every game even filling in as a centre-forward recently.

He has matured a lot over the years, and despite being 29 years old, obviously has a wealth of talent and experience that could improve any team. Arsenal have been linked to Milner for some time as his contract has run down, and the latest rumours say that he is considering offers from both Liverpool and Arsenal ahead of the summer.

The City manager Manuel Pellegrini is very keen for Milner to remain at the Etihad, but he doesn’t seem at all confident that he’ll sign an extension. Pellegrini said in the Express: “When you are trying to sign a contract you need both parties to agree to it, so that is why it is not so easy to get it signed.

“But I repeat the most important thing is that the club wants Milner to stay here and he has to decide what he wants to do with his future.”

At this moment in time I would have thought that Arsenal would surely be favourites over Liverpool (going by current League positions) but most articles also seem to suggest that the important thing for Milner is the promise of a regular place in the starting line-up, so if the rumours of an offer from Arsenal are true, would we have the space for him to play regularly?

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  1. The thing is, I definitely think he could add something to our squad. But if he’s not signing an extension at City because he doesn’t feel important and/or isn’t playing everything I wonder if he can find that at Arsenal. As he’s such an versatile and hard-working player, every squad can use him but there are (better) specialists at clubs like Arsenal and City for most of his preferred positions.

  2. Yes i think he would definitely improve us. He is the player i hoped Wilshere would become but thought Wilshere would be better assister and goalscorer than him. I can see him getting games at liv but not so much with us… unless we sold Arteta Wilshere or one or two others.. and i cant see Wenger doing that. Funnily enough i dont think he would get as many games with us than he has got with manc.

  3. Hell yeah, when he was in Martin O’Niell’s Aston Villa side I wanted him at Arsenal.

    He will be versatile, a buyng point for Wenger, and he is works very hard plus he is English which adds to the core Wenger is trying to put in place before he leaves.

  4. Not world class but has steel which is what l keep going on about.
    If the monies right go for him.
    Problem is our shirts are a bit small.

  5. Rather have Lansbury back…playing well with grit and determination at Forest.
    In fact Wenger should buy him back and get rid of Flamini and Arteta.

  6. He’s become ALOT better this season. At the moment, he would fit. He’d give Wenger options and would act as a placeholder where we lacked a player of the moment. CAM would be out, but he could slot in as a B2B, Second DM, Right Back or Winger. You’d imagine he’d be most utilised on the wing or as a B2B but I honestly couldn’t say he’d absolutely cement a first team place. I don’t think he’d get more game time then at City though but he’d struggle at Liverpool too. He’s versatile and unless he drops into a team like West Ham/Southampton he wouldn’t become a guaranteed starter.

    1. His poor performance have come from cm
      We have better quality in ATt positions
      Would he add to our squad ? Yes
      First team ? Hell no
      He wants first team football that’s a Spurs, Everton or liverpool move

  7. Some players are just suited for certain teams and playing style even though there good.

    His a strong and versatile player I agree though where would he play/suit in our team. I believe his looking for more 1st team chances but who would he displace in our team? If he can play b2b (and is a specialist at it) I would be happy if we got him as we all know Ramsey and Wilshere cant seem to play half of the games in a season.

  8. City will keep Milner and pay a lot. City lacks home grown players.

    Clichy, Hart, Lampard, Milner are homegrown. They will not let Milner go, they will need to purchase home grown players and they cost a fortune.

  9. I seriously doubt City will let go of him for reasons stated above.

    But of course I would be happy with him. I love hard workers on the field with passion

    That’s why I love Alexis. He is Not just top quality and talented but he plays his socks off on the field. He is passionate and wants to play every minute of whey game.

    Seriously, Sanchez is a rarity. He is a keeper

  10. Naaah. And the minute he does join the lot above stating how great he is will be the first to throw him under the bus and proclaim Wenger as a useless manager for getting him.

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