Will Kieran Tierney have a hard time walking away from Arsenal?

Arsenal are set to be busy this summer. All the focus may be on who they will sign, but with players coming in, others must make way. Kieran Tierney is among the players who could be in their last few days as a Gunner.

The Scottish international has lost favour at the Emirates, and the thought is that he ought to go and revive his career elsewhere.

Man City, Aston Villa, and Newcastle are reportedly on his case. There is no indication Arsenal will prevent him from leaving, but the question is, is that what the left-back wants?

Dean Jones, speaking to Give Me Sport, doesn’t believe the 25-year-old would be enjoying the fact that he has to leave Arsenal.

The PL pundit notes that the left back must wish he had what it takes to continue with Arteta’s project, saying on Give Me Sport, “Big decision to be made there for Tierney and the club. You know, other clubs would definitely be interested in him if he wants to make a move.

“But for him, it’s a hard time to walk away from a club that’s shown such ambition, and they’ve been on the verge of something great.

“You don’t want to take a backward step, but also, if you don’t fit in completely, then it might still be beneficial to look elsewhere.”

Most Gooners who’ve had the chance to taste Arteta’s project would want to see it through to the end. Thus, it is understandable that Tierney or any other current Arsenal player may find it hard to leave anyway; sometimes, “tough decisions” must be made.

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  1. KT loves the game too much to be content with sitting on a bench.Unlike many others, he is not strongly motivated by money and the prospect of picking up a substantial salary whilst being deprived of making a meaningful contribution on the pitch will not appeal to him at all..I believe he will move on without much regret and go on to prove that our Manager has made her another error of judgement.

  2. Think the lad will cease the opportunity to move on, we seem to forget he’s a top defender that is approaching his prime , his best days is just ahead of him.

    Had he been at Liverpool nothing under £40 mill would have been touted.

    Going into the new campaign, am suggesting the gaffer needs help from a steady hand preferably a season campaigner alongside him in the dugout, one who commands his respect.
    Man Management is an art that increasingly paramount in the modern game.

  3. Wouldn’t have thought so ,even when theirs a spot free he seems to get overlooked ,best for both parties if we can get a good fee maybe 30 million ,which is a little more than we paid for him .

  4. I would find it hard if he does leave The Arsenal!!

    LB ‘s of his quality just don’t fall off trees and, at the moment, we simply do not have anyone to replace him – Zinchenko is obviously not the answer.

    Furthermore, letting him go to a club that will be challenging us for the title, is nonsense.

    If this DOES happen, MA needs to explain why.

  5. In Tierney’s early days at Arsenal when talking about homesickness ..he said as long as he is playing football that keeps him happy and he would survive.
    The man management and tactical skills of Arteta were exposed as the season drew to a close. Being a PEP parrot with inverted full backs was good but he had no inkling as to when to change tactics and what to do with substitutes (timing or choice) or rotating the pool of players properly That demonstrated a weakness that will be repeated I reckon.
    It’s better that Tierney leaves Arsenal and finds a manager and team that appreciates his talents and shows him more respect.

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