Will Lacazette to Arsenal transfer only happen if Alexis leaves?

The latest Arsenal transfer rumours are claiming that the Lyone and France international star Alexandre Lacazette could be the next player to sign for the Gunners this summer, after it was confirmed yesterday that the young Bosnian left back Sead Kolasinac was joining from German club Schalke on a free transfer.

Apparently it was Lacazette and not the Monaco starlet Kylian Mbappe who was the reason behind Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis flying in to Nice airport and there are positive signs that the striker could be about to swap Lyon for north London.

His proposed move to Spain to play for Atletico Madrid is off as the La Liga club have got a transfer ban and as reported by The Sun, Lacazette is not looking at Arsenal’s failure to secure a place in the Champions League as a deal breaker, but it does sound like he wants assurances about his role in the first team.

The 26-year old forward said, “The Champions League is important but it is not a deal-breaker for my next club.

“The Premier League is interesting and I will look for a club where there are not too many players in my position, so I will not be benched.”

Arsenal do have a few options up front but you would assume that Lacazette would be ahead of the likes of Giroud and Walcott in the pecking order, but could Alexis Sanchez be a problem? The Chilean now appears to be settled and happy in the centre forward role and that could be an issue as Lacazette does not usually play on the flanks.

So would the Frenchman only sign for Arsenal if he knew Sanchez was about to leave?



  1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Wenger still wakes up screaming wondering why AFC almost squandered 99p on the Suarez transfer.

    Off course Sanchez is leaving. He can play for a winner.

    1. muff d... says:

      no he isnt payslip
      alexis hold me and never let go u skillful midget of mordor
      his dogs like pedigree chum- not available in germany!!!
      he loves challenge tv channel- hard to get outside uk

      so many reasons ppl

      1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

        Wenger prefers to feed his dogs Cedigree Phum. Apparently a fraction of the price of Pedigree Chum and who cares about the cheap price if he thinks it is top top quality dog food that improves his dogs diet and you wouldn’t ask where a bottle of wine is from if you liked it even though Arsenal have a failing British core of players.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Let loose the dogs of war. Alexis should feed Walcott to his dogs, not exactly pedigree, but a nice dogs dinner all the same.

          Lacazette, people keep mentioning his penalties, was wondering how often it’s him who’s winning them.

  2. Arsenal FC says:

    I BLOODY HOPE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!.

  3. Henry says:

    I don’t know why we aren’t in for lukaku??

    Proven premier league scorer
    Young age
    Target man who can finish
    Good pace and dribbling

    Available for the right price.. so why the hell haven’t we made an offer.. if it’s true he going to Chelsea atleast match there offer.. give him a decision to make

    1. stubill says:

      The right price! Everton have said they want £100 million for him, he’s not worth half that.

      His goals tend to come in batches, usually when they’re not needed and his first touch is awful, his feet are like the flippers on a pinball table.

      He goes missing in games where things don’t go exactly as he likes, and looks moody.

      Interesting fact, if you take all of his goals away for the past season, Everton would still have finished 7th, not exactly a game changer is he.

  4. ArseOverTit says:

    I think it’s goodbye Sanchez , hello Lacazette or maybe just a baquet!

  5. Arsenal FC says:

    It’s reported in DS that wenger is offering only 35mil for Lacazette to Lyon chief.If this is true then i think Wenger will do us fans all over again in the transfer window yet again.Also it’s reported that Sanchez is adamant to leave and Man City is top top priority.

    1. lcebox says:

      And what if he gets him for 35mil will you give out then?
      Will that make him less a player?

      1. Arsenal FC says:

        You dumb or something?Lyon wanted over 40mil last year for him so they will be wanting 50mil or over this year.Prices keep going up you not down in case you don’t know.

  6. Geekaybee says:

    Alexis stated some time ago that he would delay a decision on moving until he knew if Wenger was leaving. The general consensus was that he would stay if Wenger stayed. I thought he opposite, that if Wenger stayed then he was going. I still think k that.

    1. Arsenal FC says:

      Lol i can’t wait to hear the excuses of AKB’S and Arsene FC fans if Wenger and his cronies sell Sanchez to Man City or the Rent Boys.

  7. Arsenal_Girl says:

    What’s the point then?
    We need both Alexis AND Lacazette
    We need to strengthen the team

    1. yagoonersya says:

      Couldn’t agree more we need both. Love you @Arsenal-Girl I will date you when you grow up be Arsenal-laday

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

        Hahaha ?? is that before or after his little trip to Thailand ? ? You have been warned son, unless of course your into that kind of ting ??

      2. Disgusted1 says:

        Are you sure that Arsenal girl is really a female?

        1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

          I’m sure it’s GoonerLad … He found the cure for all the thumbing down he was getting lol ??

  8. GoonSquad says:

    How about instead of Wenger using a 3-4-2-1, you tweak it into a 3-4-1-2 ? Sanchez and Lacazette up top, and Ozil behind them in his favoured #10 role. I don’t see why that couldn’t work. Even with Ozil’s lack of defensive contribution, there would still be a four man midfield behind him to help cover up that fact.

  9. yagoonersya says:

    Thank you Southampton for reporting Liverpool on its illegal approach for your best players.They already Given up on signing vagil can’t afford good scouts like yours what are they smoking at anfield they messed our Suarez deal by adding 1m #frauds

  10. yagoonersya says:

    Real Madrid have turned down an offer of 52m from man utd for Alvaro morata they want 78m the sky understands

  11. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    The article makes it sound as if Lacazetti is very keen on coming to the premier league ?? But Bob forgot to mention the part where he said ” That doesn’t mean that I will go there (to the ELP) and that also doesn’t mean that I won’t” ?? you also need to remember that Spain was his original choice (A.Madrid).

    You also need to understand that Arsenal did actually bid for Mbappe ? yet to suggest that the real reason for Wenger & Gazidis’s adventure in France (Nice) was just for Lacazetti, is very false and premature.
    And it would also make more sense in Arsenal signing Mbappe in a record breaking deal to appease the fans in the absence of Sanchez.

    The Latest update was that Arsenal are waiting for a response from Monaco after submitting an offer of £130 million. The player is on international duty at the moment and Monaco will wait till after the game on Friday before responding… Hold tight.

    1. lcebox says:

      Bob Hope and No hope to that..

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

        ?? Two hopes are better than none.
        As Wenger would say “look” ? ?the old goat has promised that if Arsenal flop in the premier league next season, he will quit. The board have instructed him to spend the war chest (£160 million) and to get his transfers in early. Since when have Gazidis & Wenger both gone shopping together? Never,that’s when. So considering all of the above, we have to assume that something will be done that’s completely different from what we are used too. There’s no way that Wenger will pull his old tricks during this window. He has awakened to the reality. Arsenal need to win the league.

  12. MPDwn says:

    I get that Mbappe looks like a talent, but seriously £112m!? Come on. Lacazette has score more than 22goals in the last 4 seasons, (i know french league is shit but Mbappe is playing there too!)

    Lacazette would be a top signing.

    Think we should be in for Lukaku more than anyone though!!

  13. Subi says:

    Might aswell use Perez instead of spending money on Lacazette imo. Or sell some deadwood and spend a bit more money on a better striker (if someone wants a season without CL that is)

  14. ZEN2OH says:

    Both would be Amazing, if Sanchez leaves, Mbappe and Lacazette i mean, and that is £160 million , then the sale of Sanchez would be £55-60 million , we can use that also to get Costa Douglas or Mahrez, then Idrissa Guaye or Seri, If we loose Sanchez and Replace with 3 of those attackers then we would be very solid. NOTE: Wenger wanted to get 2 world class signing with hoping Sanchez stays, that is Either Mbappe or Lacazette, and Mahrez or Adran Turan or Cousta Douglass(Though not sure we are in for him) We Also need cover for Cazola…Seri or Guaye would be fine for me

    1. Nebsy says:

      Cover for Cazorla will probably be Seri, he’s as short.

  15. fritzy81 says:

    Could our new front 3 actually end up:
    Rodriguez Lacazette

    No worries about selling Ozil and Sanchez among others to fund transfer

  16. Nebsy says:

    Probably any over 35 million pound transfer will happen only if Sanchez leaves. But Wenger didn’t expect that Bellend will want to leave, now he has to think about the fourth bloody transfer, how cruel is that?

  17. Wenger Out says:

    I would take Alexis anyday . Lacazette is the most overrated strikers in Spain . Now some people might argue he has scored 20+ in every last 3 season but guess what it counts penalties too.

  18. Chris Gunner says:

    Even if Wenger were to buy Diego Costa, id be happy, controversial or not, the man is a great striker, one that will up our goals tally

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